Use PivotTable to analyze data 2

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Use PivotTable to analyze data 2

Use PivotTable to analyze data 2

In this lesson, we continually introduced relevant knowledge of PivotTable:

1. The use of PivotTable requires attention to several matters:

In the source data table, the blank cells or merged cells should not appear in the header field, or the pivot table cannot be created.

In the source data table, if the data has irregular date formats, it will affect the combination function of the PivotTable.

In the source data table, pay attention to the format specifications of the data area. If numeric text is mixed in, the output data may be incorrect.

2. How to create a PivotChart?

Select the data area, click the Insert> PivotChart, select the desired chart type in the pop-up dialog box, click Insert, and the pivot chart is created successfully. The operation method is the same as PivotTable, which is to drag the fields into the four major areas and generate different charts by different combinations.

According to different needs, people can click the Filter button on the pivot chart to view and compare the specified data.

3. What is Slicer?

When there are too many categories of data that you want to display, and the pivot chart cannot display too much data at the same time, you can try inserting the Slicer.

Select the field corresponding to the data you want, click on it, and then it will show on the pivot chart. The slicer can perfectly solve the problem of too many categories displayed in the chart. 

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