Use PivotTable to analyze data

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Use PivotTable to analyze data

Use PivotTable to analyze data

In this lesson, we've learned about PivotTables.

1. How do we use PivotTable?

Select the source data table needed, click Insert> PivotTable in the pop-up dialog box, select a location to create, and click OK, then the pivot table area is created.

The key to PivotTable is the four major areas. The ROWS and  COLS areas mainly control the structure of the report; The VALUES area is responsible for statistics; The FILTERS area is responsible for filtering, which can generate different reports through the combination of different fields.

2. Several useful functions of PivotTable are given:

PivotTable can combine dates in any way, such as yearly, monthly, or quarterly, making it easy for people to view comparative data.

You can insert calculated values directly into the pivot table. Just click the Fields, Items> Insert Calculated Field, and enter the calculation formula and the inserted field in the dialog box.

By dragging fields into the VALUES area for statistics, we can modify the calculation and format of the fields flexibly. For example, modifying ordinary values into percentages makes it easier for people to analyze the data. 

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