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WPS Top 10 Cash flow dashboard Excel Templates

April 27, 2023

Cash flow dashboard excel templates is used for exchange of cash starting with one business then onto the next throughout a time span; it is really an income dashboard utilized for the development of cash inside the business circle.

Cash flow dashboard excel templates provide you with an unmistakable image of your installments, and where the cash has been flowed. WPS Office has made life simple for organizations and people working life; it records and examinations incomes throughout recent months.

Among the most famous cash flow excel templates are:

1.Cash flow table excel template

This excel template is beautiful orange and pink in colour, it is a cash flow table template which contains two columns i.e. the project and the recapitalization of material and its sums.

2.Cash flow statement excel template

Cash flow statement is the excel template which is used for the enterprises, its columns includes items, the line time and the amount.

3.Cash flow report excel template

Cash flow excel template is used for calculating the amount of the project through direct method. Its columns consist of options for cash receipt and cash payments.

4.Cash flow statement excel template

This excel template is the detailed form of cash flow statement,  columns are cash received from, paid for, net cash flow operations,  cash flow investment activity .

5.Cash flow report chart excel template

It is the annual cash flow chart template. It is used for operating activities. It is the simplest form of template that you can use for calculating cash flows.

6.Basic cash flow chart excel template

It is the basic cash flow template which is used for income and expense of the balance, it also has column for summary, and remarks.

7.Simple cash flow chart excel template

This cash flow template calculates your data and gives you data in graph form. It is easy to understand. One can easily get an idea of the cash flow from just looking to the graph status.

8.Statement of cash flows excel templates

This excel template calculates your current and last year cash flows.

9.Daily financial statement excel template

As the name suggests it the daily calculator for the cash flows, it is mainly used by the cashier in finance departments for their own easiness. It is mostly used in banks for daily financial statements.

10.Blue balance sheet excel template

It is the blue excel balance sheet template which contains the columns for date, income details, and expense details. It is the simple form of cash flow sheet which anyone can use it without any knowledge; all you have to do is to just put the numbers.

Cash flow dashboard excel templates give a detailed record of what happened to the business cash that where was it utilized over a specified period, these templates are very helping hands for businessmen, sellers, lenders, executors, etc.

For additional cash flow dashboard excel templates, go online or download WPS Office for hundreds of templates of your choosing.

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