WPS Top 10 Excel Lesson plan Excel Templates

September 28, 2022

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The lesson plan template is a detailed description of the course. A detail of the lesson plan varies with time; these plans are documented in order to get a clear idea of what actually students need to learn in a particular time period. These lesson plans excel templates keep the teachers active because they have to deliver the lesson as soon as possible in the given time period.

Lesson plan excels templates are the step-by-step process in which a teacher delivers a lecture. WPS office excel lesson templates organize class content and identify aims and objectives for the students. Some of the most used templates are as follows

1.Useful weekly lesson plan excel template

This excel lesson plan template is used for one week schedule. You can add your courses, topics what you actually want your students to learn this week.

2.Course plan form excel template

Course plan excel template can be used by teachers and instructors to plan the schedule objectives, what course will be taught in the given time period.

3.Class work plan excel template

It is simple excel class work plan used for noting your goals for a day, what you will do in the class the whole day. This template is very simple and easy to edit. It also contains columns for start time and end time and to do list.

4.Grey teaching plan excel template

It is simple grey teaching plan spreadsheet used by the teachers for planning courses for the higher class students.

5.Daily learning plan excel template

This excel template is used for daily learning plan, this template divides the day into different sections that are course schedule, study tasks, sports and entertainment and other activities.

6.Light blue and white study plan excel template

This excel template is light blue and white in appearance, it is used for study plan, it contains day of the week, time and the course subjects.

7.Personal weekly study plan excel template

This excel template can be used for personal use; it is a weekly study plan which contains all days of the week, progress bar, duration of study and reflection today.

8.Undergraduate study plan excel template

It is used for undergraduate students, this excel template is in detail format. You can customize it according to your needs.

9.Weekly study timetable excel template

As the name suggests this excel template is study timetable, it contains tasks and seven days of a week, you can edit it very easily and enter your data.

10.Daily learning plan excel template

This excel template is used for daily tasks; it is used by the instructors for outlining activities throughout the day. Templates are handy and ready to use, you can use them according to your requirements.

You can choose daily, weekly or monthly lesson plan excel templates for outlining lesson objectives. WPS Office has many other multipurpose and effective templates for direct guidelines. For more templates visit online or download WPS Office to get exciting excel lesson plan templates