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WPS Top 10 Manpower budget Excel Templates

September 28, 2022

Manpower budget excel template is actually the assessing of the quantity of representatives required for a particular task to do. It is utilized to break down how much assets are need for do that work. It gathers the efficient data for business targets. It is really a total synopsis of business goals and business targets.

Templates are utilized to gather the information and meet the objectives in a given time span. WPS Office has planned numerous manpower budget excel templates for working out labour supply spending plan; it gives you a timetables of spending plan and business assets. The most well-known templates of Manpower budget are…

1.Manpower budget control excel template

This excel template calculates the budget of the manpower; it keeps control of the budget of the employees of the company. It contains estimated budget, actual and difference i.e. It calculates how much budget was used and how was estimated and it helps you find out the difference.

2.Annual manpower budget excel statement

This excel template is used for managing company budget on yearly basis. It calculates sales revenue, the cost of sales and the gross profit.

3.Sales revenue budget for 20XX excel template

This excel template is used for calculating the sales revenue of the products of a specific company. It is used for calculating annual sales budget and tabulation time.

4.Manpower financial statement excel template

This template is used for calculating financial statement of the employees; it is used for managing income, expenses and the parameters. It is very simple to use and easy to edit.

5.Manpower financial income and expenditure accounting statement excel template

It is used for calculating total income and total expenses. It is the account statement which is used to calculate the budget of the company.

6.Budget of administration Department excel template

This template is used to administer the executive, internet and human resources of a specific department in a company.

7. Manpower budget excel template

This template is the graphical illustration of calculating the budget of the company; it calculates monthly income, monthly expenditure and summary. It also gives data in the form of bar chart.

8. Modern Basic budget excel template

This excel template is used by the inventories or any organization which design doors and windows. It gives detailed information of the structure, frames etc. this template is easy to use and edit, you can also customize it according to your needs.

9.Manpower salary budget form

This excel template is used for managing salary of the employees, it calculates monthly wages and working time, the categories of the template is also customizable.

10.Salary slip excel template

This excel template is used for calculating salaries of employees, it contains earnings and deductions. It also gives you summary of the total wage.

These manpower budget templates helps the company finance department in easily calculating the wages of the employees, it  helps them get a clear idea of their working hours, absentees, part time and many more.

For more templates visit online or download WPS Office for free.

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