[2024 Updated] Amazing AI Content Writer! - Saving You from the Pain of Blog Writing

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Blogs have been the bloodline of online conversation since the inception of the internet. From sharing personal stories to business information, blogs have helped individuals and brands develop and have a strong presence online.

Whether you are an individual or a marketer, it can sometimes get difficult to create persuasive blogs. You can use any of the ai content writer tools to handle your blog creation process easier. Keep reading to find different ai tools and choose the one which suits you most.

Part 1: Why Use an AI Content Writer

If you are wondering about the benefits you can avail yourself of by using an ai content writer tool, you are at the right place. Here is how using such a tool can make your life easier as a content creator:

  • Using an ai content tool can speed up the writing process.

  • You can use any of the ai content tools for doing research.

  • An ai content writer tool is a super affordable option.

  • Using these tools can help with creating SEO-optimized content.

  • These tools can develop persuasive headlines.

Part 2: 5 Best Free AI Content Writers For 2023

Here are the reviews of five of the best ai content writer tools in the market:

copy ai homepage


The process of blog content creation can become simpler with Compared to the other tools, this one is considered the only one that has everything needed for creating amazing blogs.


These are the features of

  • is great for creating all types of blogs.

  • This tool can help you paraphrase your ideas easily.

  • The user interface of is super easy to use.


Here are the pros of using

  • You can use to format blogs easily.

  • It allows you to personalize the tone of your blogs.

  • You can rely on customer support to use the right way.


These are some of the downsides of

  • It is not the fastest blog creation tool in the market.

  • can sometimes provide factually incorrect information.

  • The tool is not the most affordable available in the market.

How To Use an AI Content Writer?- Take Copy.Ai As An Example to Write A Blog for WPS

You can use the tool to write amazing blog posts within minutes. Here’s how you can get started with blog creation using

Step 1: Open your preferred web browser to visit the website.

Step 2: Proceed by providing your login information.

Step 3: Choose the blog creation tool on to get started.

Step 4: Enter your blog title, plug in the keywords, choose the Tone and Goal you want to achieve with your blog post.

copyai blog tool for generating content

  Step 5:Proceed with the steps like “Generate Outline” and “Generate Talking Points.”

copyai blog reviewcopyai blog reviewcopyai blog review

copyai blog review

copyai blog review

 Step 6: At the end, choose the “Review Content” button to finalize your blog.

contentbot ai dashboard


As the name suggests, ContentBot is a great tool that can help you with generating blogs and streamline your overall content creation process. This tool is best if you want blogs that are highly coherent with your branding goals.


Using ContentBot is the best option for marketers who want to create long-form blog posts. Compared to some of the other tools, this one allows you to edit your content faster.

Pros has these advantages:

  • You can use the plagiarism checker within the tool.

  • This tool is super easy to use, even for people with minimal tech skills.

  • It is a reliable tool for creating blogs that are factually correct.

Cons has these cons:

  • This tool isn’t good for developing marketing copy.

  • Using this tool can be expensive for small marketing teams.

  • The features provided in the free plan are very limited.

3.Scalenut AI Writer

scalenut dashboard


Scalenut is considered one of the best tools for creating content that can help you with your marketing needs. It is fit for users who want to rank their content higher on SERPs.


Scalenut allows marketers to create content workflows that fit specific criteria. The good thing about this ai content writer tool is that it is super easy to use. This tool makes it easier to create content that is optimized for SEO.


Scalenut comes with these amazing perks:

  • The free plan is fit for basic content creation needs.

  • Using Scalenut is not difficult at all.

  • This tool can be integrated with leading marketing software.


Scalenut has these downsides:

  • This tool is not an affordable option for people with a tight budget.

  • Scalenut is not fit for creating sales copy or other forms of marketing copy.

  • It is not a good choice for marketers who want to establish a brand voice through content.


rytr tool homepage


As the name suggests, Rytr is a great tool that can help you with blog creation and your overall writing needs. The feature-rich dashboard of this tool makes it a great choice for marketers who need to develop tons of blogs at scale.


The best thing about using Rytr is that it is perfect for those marketers who have a keen eye for content creation. By using this tool, you can create blog content that is fit for all your marketing needs.


These are the amazing pros of the Rytr tool:

  • The paid subscription to this tool is affordable.

  • The Rytr tool has a great user interface.

  • You can contact Rytr support to learn how to create better blogs.


These are the downsides of using the Rytr tool:

  • The built-in editing dashboard isn’t the best for editing blogs.

  • It can be difficult to generate long blogs with simple clicks.

  • Using this tool for creating blogs can take a lot of time.


simplified tool homepage


Simplified really simplifies the whole process of content creation. It is considered one of the best ai content writer tools because it provides all the features that are needed for creating quality content at scale.


Simplified allows you to create plagiarism-free content at scale. This tool is fit for creating long-form content. However, it can also be used for rewriting existing content easily.


Simplified has these amazing perks:

  • This tool provides access to all amazing content creation features.

  • You can use the Simplified tool to manage your graphic design needs.

  • The free version of this tool is fit for a marketer that has limited content creation needs.


Simplified has these downsides:

  • The free version of Simplified has limited features.

  • It requires a lot of supervision to create good content.

  • The simplified app has some features every marketer might not need.

Part 3: How to Write a Blog Using Chat GPT

If you are a content creator, you must have heard about the all-famous ChatGPT tool created by OpenAI. This tool uses the unprecedented power of the GPT-4 model that is built by OpenAI and now has the backing of Microsoft.

chatgpt content generation

Here, we will show you how you can use this new tool for blog creation.


Here is why you should use ChatGPT for your blog creation process:

  • This AI-powered tool can help you save a lot of time.

  • You can rely on ChatGPT for generating blog ideas.

  • By using ChatGPT, you can rewrite and repurpose content.


Here are some of the downsides of using ChatGPT:

  • It is not a perfect tool for creating blogs that need fact-checking.

  • Learning how to use ChatGPT for blog creation can be time-consuming.

  • This tool is notorious for providing biased output in the blog creation process.

Part 4: How to Use Blog Writing AI Wisely to Help You Create Content

The process of blog creation can become more efficient if you start relying on ChatGPT. Here is everything you need to know to get started with ChatGPT for blog writing, even if you don’t have any experience:

1. Advantages of Using Chat GPT for Blog Writing

It helps you beat writer’s block with the help of tech.

  • You can rely on ChatGPT to get creative blog ideas.

  • The personalized suggestions you provide can tweak blogs.

  • This tool can save you a lot of time without compromising on creativity.

2. How to use Chat GPT to write a blog?

Follow this simple process:

Step 1: Log into the ChatGPT website.

Step 2: Enter your customized prompt in the box.

Step 3:Give your personalized instructions to tweak the output blog.

3. Chat GPT Prompts to Write Blogs

Here are some of the amazing prompts for creating blogs:

  • Beginner’s Guide Blog

Create a beginner-friendly article on this (title). Keep the word count under 1000 words. Avoid using any technical terms in the blog. Add proper headings and subheadings to simplify the blog. Add a strong conclusion, to sum up the whole blog post.

  • Inspiration Story Blog

Write a convincing crossover between a blog and an inspirational story on (title). Keep the blog under 1500 words. Use idioms and creative phrases to make the content interesting to read. Try to keep the content relevant for the readers.

  • Personal Story Blog

Write a persuasive blog that covers my personal story on (title). Use passive voice where needed to refer to the elements of the story. Avoid using jargon to keep the blog simple to read.

  • News Story Blog

Write a blog of under 500 words on (title). Use active voice and technical terms to make the blog relevant to a news story. Make sure to use all the relative keywords in the blog and follow the SEO practices.

  • FAQ Style Blog

Address all the questions of the readers on (title). Use proper subheading formatting on all questions. Give actionable answers to all the questions in an active voice and avoid using jargon.

  • Expand Text

Expand the given content on (title). Keep the voice of the content consistent and avoid oversimplifying the topic.

  • Standard Blog

Write an easy-to-read blog on (title). Focus on the queries and challenges of the beginners and avoid using any technical words. Keep the word count under 1000 words and optimize the content according to the best SEO practices.

  • Keyword-Focused Blog

Write a blog on (title) that satisfies the intent of all keywords. Avoid keyword repetition in the content. Try adding keywords in the title and subheadings. Add subheadings where needed to adjust keywords.

  • Blog Post Outline

Develop a proper blog outline for (title). Make sure to cover the whole topic in detail without repeating the same ideas. Structure the article in headings and subheadings to make it actionable.

Part 5: WPS AI for Blog Writing

wps ai coming soon

Kingsoft Office, a company that is known for developing WPS Office, is going to launch a new AI content creation tool. The new product, under the codename WPS AI, will use the power of a reliable large language model.

This new tool is going to offer a new option called Light Document to help people manage all their content needs in one place.

1. Features & Highlights

These are the amazing features of WPS AI:

  • This tool can work with natural language easily.

  • Users will be able to use it for blog creation.

  • It will help users translate blogs into many languages.

  • This tool will provide real-time responses to questions.

  • Users will be able to use their voice to write blogs with this tool.

2. The Future of WPS AI

As this tool is powered by a strong large language model, experts hint that this tool might develop in one of these areas:

  • This tool might have strong features for content creation, like AIGC.

  • It might be equipped for managing software tools with simple human input.

  • The developer might train this tool for assisted reading retrieval.

  • Rely on AI tools only for idea generation.

  • Make sure you nitpick the blogs generated by AI before publishing.

  • Try adding your unique POV angles and using the brand voice in your blogs.

  • Check all the information generated by the AI that is included in the blogs.

As of now, there is no official news from Kingsoft about the real name of WPS AI. The name of the product released might be different from the rumored name making rounds in creative and tech circles.

Part 6: Avoid Plagiarism and Successfully Passing AI Detection

The blog creation AI tools are still unable to produce content that is free from plagiarism. Whether you are using these tools to get blogs for personal or business needs, you have to ensure that the blogs are free from plagiarism to avoid getting blacklisted by search engines.

You can follow these to remove plagiarism from blogs generated by AI:

  • Make sure you don’t trust the AI tools blindly.

  • Add your unique input to make blogs persuasive.

  • Use plagiarism detection tools like Grammarly to remove plagiarism.

Part 7: Useful AI Video Generators in 2023

The reality is that people now prefer video content over written content. As a content marketer, if you want to enrich your content strategy, you should prefer using a tool that can help you create video content faster.

Out of many ai video generators available in the market, Peech is the one that stands out for content marketers. Here is a brief overview of Peech to help you decide if it’s useful for your needs or not.

1. Peech

ai video generation platfrom peech

2. Features

Peech has these amazing features:

  • Brand all your marketing videos easily.

  • Peech can make it faster to create short videos.

  • Getting video testimonials becomes easier with this tool.

  • Using Peech can help you speed up the video creation process.  

3. How to Use

Here is how to use Peech:

  • Open the Peech website on your desired website.

  • Click on the “Get Started” button to start the process.

  • Follow the instructions on the Peech website to create videos.

4. Price

You can use Peech for free by creating your account. However, based on your specific needs, you can use the $49/month plan to use this tool for all your video creation challenges in one place.


These are the answers to your questions:

Q1. How to make money with AI?

A. Here is how you can rely on AI tools to make money easily:

  • Write articles using AI.

  • Use AI to offer social media management services.

  • You can use AI to create and publish a money-making app.

  • AI can help you offer reliable marketing services to your clients.

  • Some AI tools can allow you to develop amazing websites.

  • You can use AI to create and sell memes.

  • AI can allow you to create custom chatbots easily.

  • You can use AI tools to generate art and sell it online.

Q2. Will AI replace creative writers?

A. As of now, the new ai text generation tools are making it faster to create content at scale. But keep in mind that these tools are far from perfect. Experts suggest that ai tools will take a long time to get on par with creative writers.

Q3. Will content writing be automated?

A. AI tools make it easier to generate content faster. But keep in mind that content creation with AI is not fully automated. These tools still require human effort to create effective content. You will need to provide all your details to get content that resonates with your brand voice.

Manage Your Content Writing Needs with AI Tools

The ai content writer tools mentioned in this blog can help you automate the writing process. You can compare the reviews given above to choose the tool that suits you most.

However, if none of the tools have helped you with your needs, you should wait for the release of WPS AI. This tool is expected to provide a better content creation framework compared to other tools.

WPS AI is based on one of the best large language models. Being backed by a reliable tool, experts suggest that WPS AI is going to disrupt the content generation and overall AI landscape.

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