Apple Preview Vs. Adobe Acrobat Reader Dc for Mac

July 31, 2023 3.3K views

Apple's Preview application and Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for Mac have been engaged in a quiet but top-arms battle for PDF supremacy for years. The problem arises whenever a Mac user attempts to access or edit a PDF file using Adobe Reader, which has long been recommended for both Mac and Windows users.

For most consumers, the Preview app on Apple's iOS devices provides all the features they need to work with PDFs. If you're constantly working with PDFs, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC may be your best bet for your mac. Compare and contrast how Apple Preview and Adobe Acrobat handle PDF files online or offline.

What You Should Know about Apple Preview

Apple's Preview program is included with macOS and is free. It started as a simple graphical software that could do many different things, but it's evolved into something much more helpful over time.

Using the PDF markup capabilities included in macOS Monterey 12.4, we can easily mark up PDF files in version 11.0 of Preview. When using Preview to edit PDFs, you can do the following things:

In a multi-page PDF file, you can easily remove or reorder individual pages.

  • Pages should be merged, and new ones should be added.

  • Annotate and highlight individual words and phrases by adding shapes and text boxes to them

  • To edit a piece of writing

  • Fill out PDF forms that you can edit.

  • Create a signature on documents using a mouse, trackpad, or stylus to sign them.

  • The tool isn't flawless, but it gets the job done and reduces the need to subscribe to Adobe's subscription-based service for altering PDFs outside of Acrobat.

To make things the best, Preview is lightning-fast and opens just about any file type you can think of.

A workaround for Preview's inability to open the. webp graphics file format is to remove the webp file extension from the.jpg,.gif, or.png file name and replace it with the file format that works best for you.

What Is Adobe Reader DC, Standard DC, and Professional DC for Mac


For PDFs, Adobe provides three programs. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, PDF Standard DC, and Adobe Acrobat Pro DC are the three versions of Adobe Acrobat available to download for mac online or offline. We'll start with a quick rundown of each app before diving deeper.

To put it another way, Acrobat Reader DC offers a limited set of top functionality than Apple Preview for free. This software can read, annotate, sign, and print PDFs. It also keeps track of comments left by users. It's done for nothing.

As a result, Acrobat Standard DC could offer a wider range of features than Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for mac. Each month, you'll pay $13.

Even more creative features than Standard DC, including comparison tools, the ability to scan and convert scanned documents to PDF, and more. $15 per month

Why Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for Mac


There are many positive aspects of free Adobe Acrobat Reader DC download for mac and Acrobat Standard/Pro DC, despite being tied to Adobe's membership services. Acrobat DC and Acrobat Standard/Pro DC can open and export a wide range of file formats, including Microsoft Word documents, text files, HTML files, Corel WordPerfect files, OpenOffice/ StarOffice files and Autodesk AutoCAD files.

Regardless of whether you use the Acrobat DC app, Adobe has a nagging membership solicitation message. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC will attempt to become your default app for mac for opening and working with PDF files online or offline.

Suppose you'd like to edit and mark PDF files in a way consistent with other Adobe applications like Illustrator, Lightroom, and InDesign. In that case, you'll need a subscription to Acrobat Standard or Pro DC. In exchange for your subscription fee, you'll have access to a variety of useful tools, such as the ability to edit PDFs, add comments, use text recognition, convert files to PDF format, and use signature tools, such as the ability to request signature, create signable sections of a PDF file, and create forms.

Why You Should Consider The Best Option: WPS PDF Tools for Mac

You can read, modify, split, convert, and sign PDF files using the WPS PDF tools. It doesn't matter if you're a high school or college student or a working professional. The WPS Office PDF tools are excellent for students, professionals, and educators. In addition, it is the most convenient option because it is compatible with Microsoft Office, Google Docs, and the Adobe PDF file format. The most recent version of 2023 is available for download.

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