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As of 2020, over five million businesses worldwide depend on Adobe Acrobat full versions to view, edit pdf files, and generate, as well as convert them to Microsoft Office formats and do a lot more.

Download Adobe Acrobat DC

In comparison to other Adobe Acrobat full versions now on the market, Acrobat DC has the most features. It had a surge in popularity in 2021 as a result of the pandemic when everything shifted online.

Acrobat DC's most user-friendly features include:

  • Converting pdf to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint formats and vice versa.
  • Ability to combine, split, compress, rearrange, and delete pdf pages.
  • Connecting to Adobe Document Cloud so you can access everything online and collaborate with others while working on the same task.
  • Enabling OCR recognition for scanned copies, password protection for pdfs, side-by-side comparison of two versions of identical pdf files, and more!

Acrobat subscription Standards for individuals start at $12.99 (per year, paid monthly for Windows)

Acrobat Pro for individuals starts at $19.99 (per year, paid monthly for Windows & Mac OS with a free trial).

You can visit Adobe's official website to download either of these versions. On this website, you can view all the updated prices of each subscription package. These prices may vary from version to versions, such as acrobat 2020 and acrobat 2021.

Adobe Acrobat 2020, a different version of Acrobat DC issued under a perpetual license, will no longer get technical support after 2025.

Download Adobe Acrobat 7

One of the most popular yet older Adobe Acrobat full versions is Acrobat 7!

Acrobat 7 includes several enhancements, including Outlook messages support for pdf exports and the Distiller option, which enables one-click pdf creation directly from the program and supports optional features like bookmarks and live hyperlinks inside converted Word documents.

It also creates pdfs from Publisher and Access documents (only available with Acrobat 7 Standard and Professional versions).

Download Adobe Acrobat XI

The Acrobat xi is another one of the modern Adobe Acrobat full versions. Its standout features include editing text and graphics in pdf documents, adding signatures, and changing forms using any device, including a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

With the ability to generate pdfs from CAD and Visio, the Acrobat XI Pro is excellent for individuals involved in graphic design.

  • Acrobat XI Standard: $299, upgrade $139
  • Acrobat XI Pro: $449, upgrade $199

Download Adobe Acrobat 9

Check out Acrobat 9 if you're seeking one of the most extensively utilized Adobe Acrobat full versions released before 2021!

The online community at, which offers collaborative editing and commenting features and 5GB of file storage, is the most notable features of Acrobat 9.

It also takes snapshots of web pages and saves individual pages or sections as pdfs while preserving links and animations.

3D models can be embedded in pdf files by designers that use CAD software (only available with Acrobat Pro Extended 9, which includes Adobe Presenter).

  • Acrobat 9 Standard: $299, upgrade $99
  • Acrobat 9 Pro: $449, upgrade $159
  • Acrobat 9 Pro Extended: $699, upgrade $229.

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Adobe Acrobat Full Versions or WPS PDF Tools?

The ideal option is to use Adobe Acrobat Full versions if you wish to access several business-related because, despite the high price, it is incredibly functional and provides cutting-edge diverse pdf solutions.

However, if you only require a simple pdf tool that enables the conversion of pdf files to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint formats and tools for signing, merging, and splitting pdf, choose the WPS Office pdf tool.

It is online and accessible for free.


For additional features like posting comments, watermarks, and OCR tools, you can also try out the WPS Office Premium 7-day free trial, which also has pricing options of $3.99 per month and $18.99 for six months, and $29.99 for a year.

After checking out both pdf editors, you can decide which fulfils all your requirements efficiently and download it.

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