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You should make sure the employer goes through the whole customer service resume, rather than just a portion of it. The recruiter will be able to clearly see your offer, increasing your chances of getting an interview. Recruiters will be more interested in your resume if you have an eye-catching customer service objective.

The customer service resume objective describes to the employer what important skills, abilities, and experience you bring to the company that would allow you to be successful in your role.

After reading this post, you will be able to create an effective customer service resume objective or summary that will boost your chances of getting hired for a customer service position. When you use the WPS office, you can create a great resume that includes objectives.

What is a customer service resume objective?

A customer service resume objective describes briefly how you can contribute skills, experience, and abilities to a position. Under your name and contact information, the resume objective should be the first item on the resume. Your resume will be the first section that a hiring manager sees if you place it here. Between two and three lines should be devoted to this section, usually containing two or three sentences.

You may not be able to tailor your resume for specific positions when posting your resume online or attending a job fair. It is best to use a more generic objective that explains your strengths and what you can contribute to a company in these circumstances.

Why is a strong customer service resume objective important?

There can be a lot of competition for customer service jobs, and dozens of people may apply for the same position. You can distinguish yourself from similar applicants for customer service positions by writing strong resume objectives that show how valuable you can be.

In your resume objective, you should include your most notable past achievements, qualifications, skills, and experience. You should be able to condense all of the relevant information into one attention-grabbing sentence. Employers are able to quickly and easily see how qualified you are for the job this way. Therefore, it is crucial to have a strong customer service resume objective.

How to Write an Effective Customer Service Resume Objective Statement?

When applying for customer service positions, your customer service resume objective or summary must demonstrate that you would be an effective customer service representative.

1. The positioning.

The objective of your resume should be placed at the top of your resume immediately below your name and contact information. In order for a hiring manager to notice this item on your resume, you should make it the first thing he or she notices.

2. Take your qualifications into account

You should evaluate your skills, qualifications, and experience, along with incorporating into your objective statement some of your most impressive achievements.

3. Relevant skills should be highlighted

Describe how you can benefit the company with your skills or qualifications. You can choose from the following skills that are relevant:

  • Exceptional customer service skills and conflict resolution abilities

  • Multitasking skills of the highest order

  • Experience using Microsoft Office products and spreadsheet programs

  • Ability to listen and comprehend

  • When faced with frustrating situations, capable of remaining calm and patient

  • Focused under pressure and capable of working well

  • Detail-oriented and organized

  • Critical and creative problem-solving skills

  • An engaging and friendly personality

  • No matter what type of conversation you are having, you will remain positive and upbeat

  • Documentation skills and recordkeeping

  • Communication skills, both written and oral, are excellent

4. Make sure you use relevant keywords.

Review the job posting several times before applying. Find keywords that will help you describe what you have done. The following statement can be added to your objective in the event that the job description mentions technical support: “A four-year contract for customer technical support.”

5. Describe your education, certification, and experience

When applying for a leadership position, you might consider stating the number of years you've worked in customer service. If there are any relevant education, certifications, or licenses for the position, include them. You should be able to demonstrate to hiring managers that you meet the role's minimum requirements immediately.

6. Use a relevant font and keep it concise

Two to three sentences should be your objective. The purpose of this space is to showcase your professional credentials and abilities. Make sure you use a readable font in a professional size. The most common font sizes are Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri between 10 and 12. As long as it is still easy to read, consider using a smaller font to maximize space.

7. Demonstrate your achievements with numbers

Show quantifiable data or metrics explaining how you contributed to your previous employer by opening new accounts, generating revenue, or helping retain customers.

Keeping these points in mind will help you write an effective customer service resume objective. For each job you apply for, write a new objective. You can demonstrate your interest in the position by tailoring your objective to the position you are applying for. Make use of key terms and language from the job description in your objective.

Customer service resume objective examples using WPS office Resume Templates

The following are some examples of customer service resume objective examples to help you get started. Customer service resume objective samples are helpful for writing a specific and targeted objective for your resume.

Using the examples below, you'll be able to write a strong objective statement no matter what career field you're in. The following WPS Office resume templates are especially designed for job seekers seeking customer service positions. The resume templates below provide you with the opportunity to add your skills, experience, and customer service resume objective examples in these resumes.

1. Resume for work.docx

If you're applying for a customer service job, you'll need a resume that showcases your skills and experience in the industry. WPS Office's resume template Resume for Work.docx is a great choice for those in the customer service field. This template features a clean and organized layout that highlights your work experience and skills. It also includes a section for your education and certifications. Simply download the template, fill in your information, and you're ready to apply for your dream job!

Customer service resume objective examples

I would like to secure a position with Seven Seas Company as a customer service representative, where I would be able to utilize my interpersonal and communication skills. Good at solving problems, multitasking, and consistently completing projects on time.

2. Black Creative Resume.docx

Black Creative Resume.docx, a resume template by WPS office for customer service job is a stunning example of what a resume can be. It is perfectly suited for any customer service job, and will leave a lasting impression on potential employers. The sleek, black design is both modern and professional, and the template comes with all the necessary fields and sections for a customer service resume. Plus, it is easily editable in Microsoft Word, so you can tailor it to your specific needs. Black Creative Resume.docx is sure to help you land the customer service job of your dreams.

Example of Customer Sevice Objective for Resume

As a reliable, experienced customer service representative, I am seeking a position to grow with a growing online business. Training in conflict resolution, certification in first aid, and a typing speed of 80 words per minute are some of my qualifications. With every interaction with a customer, I strive to provide exceptional service.

3. Business Style Resume.docx

This resume template from WPS Office is designed for customer service jobs, and it includes all of the necessary sections and information that should be included in a customer service resume. This resume template is easy to use and it can be customized to fit your specific needs. Simply enter your information into the template and save it as a Word document.  So if you're looking for a resume template that will help you land a customer service job, be sure to check out Business Style Resume.docx from WPS Office.

Customer service resume objective examples

In addition to the ability to provide excellent customer service and sales skills, the ability to assist and retain customers, and the ability to be part of a winning team, a Customer Service Representative must possess.

4. Yellow Mordern Resume.docx

This resume template by WPS office is designed with customer service in mind. It highlights your ability to handle customer inquiries and complaints, as well as your experience in managing customer accounts. Plus, the yellow color is perfect for catching a potential employer's attention. So if you're looking for a resume template that will help you land a customer service job, then be sure to check out Yellow Modern Resume.docx by WPS office.

Resume objective examples customer service

An IT support professional with Microsoft Office Specialist certification who has moved to Ann Arbor recently. Ability to communicate effectively, work in a team, and resolve conflicts. With my experience and certification, I am seeking a position with Geri Solutions, Ltd.

5. Urban Style Resume.docx

This resume template by WPS office is perfect for customer service jobs. It features an urban design with a professional layout that is sure to make a good impression on potential employers. The template is easy to edit and can be customized to your needs. Simply download the template, open it in Microsoft Word, and start filling in your information.

Example of customer service resume objective or summary

As an experienced customer service representative, I am looking for a position where I can combine my problem-solving and communication skills. Fast-paced environment requires the ability to handle multiple tasks. Ability to resolve customer issues in the shortest time possible while keeping customers happy and smiling.

6. Dark Blue Resume.docx

WPS office's Dark Blue Resume.docx is a great option for those in the customer service field. The resume template is clean and concise, and it highlights your relevant experience and skills for the job. Plus, it's easy to edit and customize, so you can make it your own. Whether you're just starting out in customer service or you're looking to move up the ladder, this resume template is a great way to get your foot in the door. So why wait? Get started on your job search today with Dark Blue Resume.docx.

Example of customer service resume objective or summary

I'm excited about my opportunity to serve in a fast-paced environment where I be able to provide excellent customer service, negotiate effectively, troubleshoot efficiently, and solve problems efficiently, along with providing excellent customer service to the general public.

7. Creative Resume with Self Recommendation.docx

This resume template is designed for customer service jobs. It includes a section for your objective or summary statement, as well as sections for your work history, education, and skills. The creative resume with self recommendation template is formatted for A4 paper and can be easily edited in Microsoft Word.

Resume objective examples customer service

Supervisor with extensive experience in call centers. Provide friendly and efficient customer service to a team of 10 customer service representatives. Customer satisfaction was the highest in six quarters because of the team's quick response time. A remote customer service supervisor position would be a great opportunity for me to use my proven skills in a positive way.


So there you have it. It is now clear to you not only what a customer service resume objective includes, how to craft one, and when it should be used. You can stand out from the crowd when properly executed, which is powerful stuff. You will have a better chance of getting a customer service job if your resume has a strong objective statement. Using the customer service resume objective examples provided here will help you create an effective resume objective.

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