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Some ancient, cheapest, and safest marketing strategies are brochures, flyers, and pamphlets. Flyers are widespread; we frequently find them in our letterboxes, markets, superstores, and cafes. However, do you think these are still useful today? The answer is yes, they are. Also, designing flyer these days have become more straightforward. Now. We can easily find free business flyer templates on the internet that you can readily customize.

This article is a must-read if you want to learn about free printable business flyer templates and their use. You will learn about some of the best free business flyer templates here.

What is a Business Flyer Template?

A business flyer is comparable to a brochure that is put up or distributed among common people to promote a company or product. It has multiple dimensions and sizes. It is accessible digitally and printable. It comes in different colors and fonts and consists of high-quality images, icons, illustrations, and much more.

Why/ When and Where to Use a Business Flyer Template:

Every business, regardless of its size, needs a promotion strategy to lead to the road to success. You can generate a lot of valuable customers just by designing flyers for your business. These flyers can do a fantastic job if they are customized appropriately. They are certainly one of the most effective marketing strategies.

You can use business flyers for various purposes. It helps to make people aware of your brand. Most companies distribute flyers among their customers to educate them about their new products. They are also used digitally or printable to announce a launch of new technology or product. They effectively gather an audience for different types of seminars or events. But they must be appealing to your viewers; only they will produce the most effective results.

How to Use a Business Flyer Template?

Many graphic designers are offering their services for creating eye-catching business flyers. They are offering their services in exchange for a handsome amount of money. But now, you can create these business flyers by utilizing free printable business flyer templates.

Here, we will explain to you step by step how you can download and utilize these free business flyer templates without difficulty.

  • The first step is to visit the WPS office template store to get some unique templates.

  • Please click on the heading Download a business flyer template to reach the WPS office template store webpage directly.

  • You will see several options on the website. On the top right corner, you will find a search tab.

  • You can use the words like Business flyers and Free business flyer templates to search for the flyer templates you require.

  • Several flyer templates will appear on your screen. You can choose the business flyer template from the list provided.

  • If you have a real estate business, go for the real estate business flyer template. If you need to conduct a seminar for your business, you should go for business seminar flyer templates. If you need to promote your business, go for promotion business flyer templates. You will find a range of templates for free.

  • Click on the template of your choice and start your work. You can edit these flyer templates in the browser or download them easily after you sign in to WPS.

  • If you have WPS Office installed, you can also search for a free printable business template in the WPS application and start editing.

  • After you have downloaded the best business flyer template for your choice, you can personalize it the way you like.

  • Insert your company name, your company slogan, if available, and your company's logo.

  • You can utilize the space provided and add different elements, icons, and high-quality images to attract your target audience.

  • Introduce your brand using catchy words, headings, and unique styles. Make it interesting for the public.

  • Don't forget to add your complete contact information, such as your phone number, address, and email.

  • Proofreading is an essential step to be carried out once you are done.

  • Save the changes you have made to your flyer.

  • Order a huge amount of printouts for your business flyers.

  • Lastly, distribute your flyers among your target audience and in rush areas.

Download a Business Flyer Template:

WPS Office has always worked hard to facilitate its users and make their work easy. Those wondering where to download the free best business flyer templates to promote their business can download these templates from the WPS office store by clicking on the heading Download a Business Flyer template .You will find amazing templates on our WPS office template store.

Best 5 Business Flyer Template:

Most of the people get attracted to the flyers. That is why business flyers have always been one of the leading promotional strategies. To capture a wide range of the public, you need to make the best flyer for your business. To solve your problem, we have compiled a list of our 5 best free printable business flyer templates for you. Don't forget to check these out to enhance your business exposure.

  1.  Company Business Flyer:

Company business flyers are a significant promotional strategy, particularly for new businesses. These allow you to spread business information and grab buyers' interest using high-quality images. With limitless creative abilities, you can generate new flyers in quickly.

Suppose you are new to the business and looking for unique ways to promote your business. WPS office is here to help you. With our elegant Company business flyer, you can attract many customers. It follows an attractive and professional color scheme. You can personalize by using high-quality images, fonts of your choice, and much more.

It is suitable for all types of businesses and gives you ample space to describe your business and add your business portfolio and success rate. It allows you to edit your contact information and add high-quality images to make your company flyer more attractive to your customers.

Being a small businessman, you evaluate the possible advantages of each promotional effort, and your finances don't always allow for the appointment of a professional to generate flyers for corporations. Utilizing this template will increase awareness of your business for no cost if you like to download this template. You can download it from the WPS office store for free. It is compatible with Mac, windows, and android.

2. Real Estate Business Flyer:

A real estate business brochure is essential to every estate agent's advertising plan. These flyers are useful in advertising new properties for sale. Generating leads is among the most difficult aspects of operating in the real estate industry. Real estate business flyers may be an effective technique for locating targeted leads. Flyers could be tough to overlook if they are designed appropriately.

WPS has created a real estate business flyer template for marketing your real estate firm. This template is perfect for you if you are a real estate agent and wish to attract more clients. It doesn’t matter if you are a broker or selling your property. Post this attractive flyer in advertisement magazines. It will surely attract a huge number of customers.

Use this brochure whenever a property is available for sale to spark discussion with prospective customers in your neighborhood. Take advantage of the vast area to showcase a few powerful images, a brief description of the property, and your address and phone number. Obtain maximum benefit from this flyer, generate a few copies each time you advertise a house, and distribute it among the potential buyers.

Why spend money on flyers templates if you can get an elegant template free of cost? WPS Office Real Estate Business template can be downloaded free of cost on the WPS Office store. It is compatible with windows, Mac, and android.

3. Business Seminar Flyer:

A significant amount of effort and resources are required to organize seminars. No matter if you're offering a service, advice, or exchanging any information. Because your time is precious, we've provided you with business seminar flyer templates you may personalize for your meeting.

Use a WPS business seminar flyer to increase awareness of your seminar. This flyer is ideal for any seminar. It offers a unique layout for advertising trade shows, conferences, marketing activities, or any other product launches. You may easily change colors, typefaces, icons, components, or photos.

Suppose you conduct business seminars more frequently. Then spending money on business seminar flyers can add to your budget. Try saving money and create your seminar flyer using this template. It is designed in a blue and black combination that gives a quite professional look. It is easy to edit and requires no prior training to use it. You can easily customize it.

It gives you ample space to describe your business seminar. It provides an easy template, and you can better predict what you should write in your flyer to boost your organization. Although it has a good color scheme and font, you can edit it as per your choice if you don't like it. It is easy to save and print.

You can download it for free at the WPS office store. It is compatible with MacBook, windows, and android.

4. Creative Business Flyer:

Are you looking for a two-page promotion business flyer template to boost your services? Then you don't need to search further as the WPS office has made your research easy by designing one. Create a huge impression for your small firm with our attractive marketing flyer.

This template has all the features that a professional business flyer must have. It includes icons to make your flyer more visually appealing to your customers. So put aside all the old and boring templates and just stick to this overwhelming, easy-to-use template. You can personalize it the way you like. It comes in a unique color scheme. You can also choose to edit and customize the colors to match your brand colors. It will give a more professional look to your flyer.

This template allows you to add attractive imagery to your flyer. You can add all the vital details about your organization that your readers or buyers must know about you. You can add your company's name, motive, logo, address, and contact number. All the elements are easy to resize, and you can also remove anything you don't require. It's quite handy and can be customized in minutes.

You can download it free of cost from the WPS office store. It is compatible with MacBook, windows, and android.

5. Creative Corporate Flyer:

Although distributing flyers has become a commercially successful way to advertise, not all flyers are effective in the present competitive industry. The idea is to catch and attract individuals' interest hard enough so that they read your pamphlet and act afterward. Can this be accomplished? Yes, you can achieve it by using the WPS office Creative Corporate Flyer that will compel the public to take an interest in your organization.

A creative Corporate Flyer is a fantastic option regardless of what corporation you operate or which type of services or goods you would like to market. The purpose of this two-sided template is to increase your visibility. It has a wide heading section and sufficient space to highlight a variety of goods or employees. The size is big enough to accommodate a beautiful, attention-grabbing picture.

This pattern has a basic and pleasing structure that aids in modifying the flyer template format per your needs. It includes an A4-sized framework with elegant objects, many color options, and unique fonts or illustrations. You can enjoy all the features of this template free of cost. So don’t worry about your budget. Download this template from the WPS office store and capture the attention of the majority of the people. It is compatible with MacBook, android, and windows.


In this article, we have tried to educate you about free business flyer templates, their advantages, and how and where to use these free printable business flyer templates. This article also explains in detail all the features of our 5 best free business flyer templates. You can free download business flyer templates on the WPS store. If you didn't find the template of your choice, you could visit the WPS office template store to find one. Also, do subscribe to the WPS office academy to know more about the WPS office.

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