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Suppose you are an entrepreneur or a business person. In that case, you know what the worth of having a business plan for your business is. Sketching out a plan before starting with something new. It is always wise to lay out your plan instead of running around in every direction with just a vision and no sound plan. This is a waste of your time, energy, and capital, and that is not what we want, right? So WPS has brought for you a huge range of business plan templates that you can use to set out new ventures with a blueprint assuring you a 100% success and profit. Losses are something that we cannot afford. These business plan templates will help you put down a plan in an easy way so that you don't have to start something in the air that could lead to a potential failure in the future.

Benjamin Franklin once said. If you are failing to plan, then you are planning to fail. That is as real as it can be. No one has ever succeeded without laying down a plan. When you plan something out, you look into it thoroughly and can figure out the strengths and weaknesses present in the plan. You are also able to analyze whether you yourself have the ability to work at this level or not. In addition to that, you can predict the outcomes from your planning. It will be easy to state the duration of completing that project. Once you finalize everything, you can also estimate the investment and labor required. All this will require business planning, and how will you do that? Don't worry because WPS has got you covered; it has business plan templates that are available freely on the WPS website. The business plan templates are designed to ease your way through the planning phase and provide you with a direction.

What is a Business Plan Template?

Well, a business plan template is just like any other common template, like an invitation card template. It may sound like something that requires some professional help, but no, if you go to the WPS website and download a business plan template, you will see that it is as simple as using a Word document! You can get business plan templates for Word on the WPS website and edit them simply!

The business plan templates are designed aptly to facilitate the users in sketching a plan for their business endeavors. The business plan templates are designed in such a way that they already have the headings for all the basic and essential requirements a business person must need to take into account when planning out a new product line, marketing strategy, or expansion.

The business plan templates are not only easy to use but also are available for free! Yes, you can download a business plan template for Word without any charges. So without any further delay, bring a revolution in your business enterprising by adding free business plan templates to your ventures.


A business plan template can be used by anyone who is interested in laying down a plan for their business. If you are thinking of setting up a business, then these business plan templates are for you! If you have an established business and want to keep a 5-year plan for managing your business, then these free business plan templates are for you! If you have had a business running for 5 years but want to launch a new product, service, or expansion, then these business plan templates are perfect for you too!

Suppose you are a student and your mind is circulating with ideas of setting up a small business as a side-gig, then we must tell you that you are going in the right direction! Small businesses turn into huge enterprises with time. All the big names started off in a small room. You are thinking right, but where should you start from? You have all these fantastic ideas, but how to execute them? You don't need to download those hectic apps that can have you in circles with their complex planning databases. You will get more confused. Instead, you simply go to the WPS website and download small business plan templates for free without any hustle. After you have downloaded your favorite free business plan template from the WPS website, all you have to do is open it, edit it according to your requirements and save it. You can re-edit your template whenever you need, and after it is completed, you can either print it or keep it on your device. Now you have a direction jotted with your ideas to set up your very own small business. How easy was that?

If you are a business person and have an established business in hair products, but now the hair product line is not bringing you more clients, the growth of your business is stagnant, so what will you do now? Will you and your team sit and see the hard work of all these years go down? No way! You should get up and start working on a new product range that can deal with skin products or make-up. You should start planning on growing your business, and how will you do that? You will go to the WPS website and download a business plan template. This business plan template will help you jumps start your planning towards a smashing comeback!

How to Use a Business Plan Template?

Setting up a business is a hectic task but using a business plan template is certainly not! Go through the steps and you can use the free business plan templates like a pro!

  1. Go to the website of WPS for templates. You will be redirected to the templates collection by WPS.

  2. You will see a search bar on the window's upper right section. Type ‘Business plan templates,' and you will be forwarded to the business plan templates to download for free. Now that you have reached the business card templates, you will see a vast collection of templates with different formats and design schemes.

  3. Go through the ample choices and select the template that appeals to you the most.

  4. Click on the desired business plan template, and it will load a sample image for the template that you chose. You can see the thumbnails of the template for your reference.

  5. Now, if you like that template, click on the big ‘download’ tab on the right of the sample images, and with that simple step, you have downloaded the free business plan template.

  6. Open your business plan template and start planning!

  7. The formatting is already done; the business plan template is designed to provide you with the ultimate guidance and ease of planning.

  8. Put in all your planning ideas.

  9. After finishing up, don't forget to save the business plan that you just made by using the business plan templates by WPS!

Where to Download a Business Plan Template?

Downloading a business plan template was never this easy, and finding that for free was a head-turner, but now it is super easy without a fuss! WPS wants its user experience to be user-friendly. The templates can be downloaded hassle-free, and that too for free! To download these business plan templates for free, go to the WPS templates website or directly go to the business plan templates by searching the same in the search bar that appears on the WPS window.

If you are still unable to find your way through, consult the ‘HOW TO USE A BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE?' for a more comprehensive guide step-by-step.

Best 5 Business Plan Templates

WPS has a massive range of business plan templates that are free and easy to download. It was not an easy task to pick the 5 best templates out of the amazing collection, but here are some business plan templates that will give you an overview of what to expect!

  1.  Business Career plan

The very first choice is for the students out there who are a major in business and plan to make a career out of it! The 'Business Career Plan' template has all the essentials laid down in this template's different slides, which can be easily edited in PowerPoint. Each slide highlights one crucial aspect that you need to consider when taking up business as your profession. This template has got it all covered. It will provide you with the motivation you need! Along with that, it will prepare you for standing out in the business market.

There will be a lot of competition when it comes to business careers, but if you have the required vision, education, and plan, then you are bound to succeed!

So don’t wait up and download this template from the WPS business plan template range by clicking on the highlighted template name and get going!

2. Fashionable Business Plan

Next up is a different sort of business plan template that is designed to provide you with a shot of vibrancy, radiance, and spark. This business plan template will remind you that you need to live too and not lose yourself in the hustle! Whenever you will look up this business plan template, you will hit with the color and feel alive! This will make you relaxed and you will be able to generate new ideas when you sit down to plan using the 'Fashionable Business Plan' template.

You can see the other thumbnails on the WPS website by directly clicking on the highlighted template name and downloading it using the 'download' tab beside it!

3. Business Marketing Plan Timeline

Our third pick is a 'Business Marketing Plan Template.' If you are a marketing team player for any firm, then this business plan template is for you! The template very efficiently puts together a timeline chart for the progression of a project along with milestones and phases which you can adjust according to your planning. If you present your marketing plan using this business plan template then your colleagues and certainly your boss will be impressed! The design and layout of the template are concise and modern! So what are you waiting for, you are just a template away from blowing away your fellows and boss!

Download this free business plan template by clicking on the template head, and it is ready to use it!

4. Simple Business Itinerary Plan

The following business plan template is a significant planning template that is a must for any business. It is a ‘Simple Business Itinerary Plan’ template. This business plan template for Word has been designed to keep a check on your flights and maintain your flight schedule. If you are a personal assistant, then this template will make your life easier when it comes to remembering the flight schedule of your boss. You can use this free business plan template to record the flights of your boss and put down the dates, timings, destinations, and other vital details in this business plan template.

Download this amazing business plan template for Word by simply clicking on the template name and never miss a flight again! You will thank us later!

5. Blue Business Plan

Our last entry is a 'Blue Business Plan' template. This comes in a simple business plan template for those who want to keep their planning minimal and basic. It has some fantastic graphics that will make it easier for you to categorize your needs and ideas. The template is free and can be downloaded easily by clicking on the name of the template. So if you like this simple business plan template then download it right now!


Planning is as important as execution. Business plan templates help you to set up a systematic scheme for both finance and management. Before you take the risk of investing your time, efforts, and money into something, it is always better to design a master plan. Now, the business plan templates introduced by WPS assist you in that! If you want to succeed and get ahead with planning, then download the WPS software on your device and have any business plan template on your device for free! You will not regret downloading WPS software. If you don’t trust us try it for yourself!

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