How to Add PDF to Google Docs – Read the Article Completely!

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We need a pdf for secure information transfer from one mail to any other mail. Now, there are many organisations, banks, and institutes that prefer pdf files for sending information. You should know about how to add pdf to google docs properly. It’s a secure file format but people also need a good pdf editor. The main goal of a pdf is to preserve and protect the content. That’s the main reason pdf is very tough to edit. Now, if you are using pdf, then you should know How to add pdf to google docs or download pdf file,, how to edit and delete text and phases from documents, etc.

How to Add PDF to Google Docs with

If you want to add pdf to google docs then you should know the proper process. This is one of the best pdf editor tools and if you will use this tool properly then you will be able to add pdf files and insert those files into google docs.

First, you have to click on the upload file option and select the file where you want to insert the pdf file! Once your file has been uploaded, click on the right side and then select the Open with google doc option. Now, one popup window appears and you have to select the target image or pdf text and then click open to import the file.  Once you click on the import file, the text or pdf file will be inserted into your google doc.

How to Add PDF to Google Docs Using WPS PDF Tools!

WPS Pdf tools are simple tools through which you can add pdf to google docs. There are two ways, first convert the pdf file into word and then paste those to google Docs and then the second way is to add pdf to google Docs using this tool.

Whether you want to convert words to pdf or excel to pdf, you can do this easily. Even if you want, you can add a pdf into a google doc simply. For this, you have to log in to google Docs and upload the selected pdf file which you want to insert. Once you click on the uploaded file it can add to the doc file directly. And your pdf file will be added to your google documents.

Google Drive – Know How to Add PDF to Google Docs!

Using google drive you can easily insert or add a pdf file into a google doc.  Millions of people every day are using Google Docs for sharing important information. Now, if you want to add a pdf to a google doc, then

  • Open Google drive first and click on the new option on the left side of the top and select the “file upload” option.

  • Now, you have to click on the browser and select the pdf and add pdf to google docs .properly. .

  • Once you uploaded, select the pdf from the drive and then click right to get the link

  • Now, click on the link and copy it and go to the doc file and paste it and your pdf file will be added in the google doc.

Tips for PDF Users

If you are using pdf documents for your business purpose, then you have to select a pdf editor for editing purposes. Now, there are a few things you have to consider while selecting the pdf editor. First, you have to choose a pdf editor which supports all types of browsers and any system like windows, mac, or Linux. Second, check whether you have to pay initially any amount or not! Third, you have to select whether the site is user-friendly or not! After complete analysis choose the best pdf editor for your use.


Q. Can I trust an online pdf editor?

Yes, you can trust an online pdf editor but after complete analysis. Always choose a pdf editor which supports all browsers and systems and offers a hassle-free editing platform. WPS pdf tool is the platform through which you can edit pdf files securely. It helps to build trust for online pdf editing.

Q. Where can I edit pdf online for free?

If you are looking for pdf online free then you should try WPS pdf tools. This is one of the best pdf tools which offer their service free of cost!

Choose the Best PDF Editor

Select always the best pdf editor for your purpose. If you are using pdf for sending important information then you must choose WPS pdf editor. This is one of the best tools for edit, splitting, merge pdf files.

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