How to Combine Password Protected PDF Files without Password Using WPS Office

July 31, 2023 5.6K views

PDF files have become an essential component of our lives in the modern digital age. Important documents are frequently shared and stored using them. Unfortunately, there can be times when you need to combine password protected PDF files without password into one, but you are unable to access the passwords. Take heart! This tutorial will walk you through the process of combining password-protected PDF files without the password using WPS Office. Although merging password-protected PDF files without the password may not be simple, it is achievable with the correct tools. Whether or not your files are password-protected, the free office suite WPS Office has a function that makes it simple to combine numerous PDF files into a single document. The best thing is that WPS Office is simply accessible from any device thanks to its availability for download on a variety of platforms, including Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, and Linux. So let's start right now!

How to Combine Password-Protected PDF Files

While using WPS Office to combine password-protected PDF files without the password, device and content are the two primary factors to take into account.

Combine Password-Protected PDF Files on Different Devices and Systems

Good day! Did you know that WPS Office allows you to merge password-protected PDF files without requiring you to enter the password? It is real! But, your computer must be running the most recent version of the application. Fortunately, WPS Office is free to download from the official website or the app store on your smartphone. Launch the programme when it has been installed, then choose the "PDF" option. Voila! You can mix such files without worrying about passwords now.

Combine Password-Protected PDF Files with Typical PDF Tool

Take note, people! WPS Office is necessary if, like me, you have numerous password-protected PDF files stashed all over your desktop. When it comes to combining many PDF files into one, it's the best. You could certainly try utilizing alternative PDF programmes like Foxit Reader or Adobe Acrobat, but those programmes can be prohibitively expensive or need you to join up for a membership (no thanks!). With WPS Office, you can say goodbye to bothersome passwords and take pleasure in how simple it is to have everything in a single orderly PDF file. It changes the game, I assure you!

Using Tips to Combine Password-Protected PDF without Password

  • Well, so you want to combine a number of password-protected PDF files? No issue at all, my friend! Nevertheless, if they aren't already password-protected, you'll need to grab your go-to PDF editing programme (I suggest WPS Office) and safeguard them first. No one should be peeking in there, am I right?

  • It's time to merge your files after you've password-protected and prepared them all. Look for the "Combine" or "Merge" option under the "File" or "Tools" menu in your PDF editing programme. It typically resides there, skulking around like a ninja.

  • Make sure you select "Merge PDF" from the main interface if you're using WPS Office. You can choose all the files you want to merge in a new window that will open up when you click that. Be selective, my friend.

  • Okay, once you have all of your files selected, click "Combine" and then take a seat. This might take a heated minute, depending on how many files you're integrating and how complex they are. Get yourself a cup of tea, watch your most recent Netflix binge, or, if victory dancing is more your style, go ahead and do it.

  • Save the brand-new merged PDF file to the proper location after the process is finished. And presto! You're finished! You may now easily examine and open that file without having to worry about bothersome passwords. Hooray!

Hold your horses and give it some thought before you start mixing password-protected PDF files. It may be dangerous business, and you wouldn't want to get into trouble for breaking privacy or confidentiality laws. Make sure you have permission to access and merge those files before you start showcasing your IT prowess. It's always better to be safe than sorry, I promise!

FAQs on How to Combine Password-Protected PDF without Password

Q: Does it require a password to merge password-protected PDF files?

A: That depends on the situation. It is most certainly lawful if you have the authority to access and merge the data, such as if you are the owner of the files or have been granted permission by the owner. Yet, it can be against privacy regulations or confidentiality agreements if you don't have the legal authority to access and combine the files.

Q: Can I combine password-protected PDF files without using a password in WPS Office?

A: Yes, you can merge password-protected PDF files without a password using WPS Office's "Combine PDF" feature. You just need to choose the files you want to combine, press the "Combine" button, and then wait for the operation to be finished.

Download WPS Office for Free Trial

We've come to the end of our little excursion, folks. It may sound like trying to scale a mountain without ropes to combine password-protected PDF files without a password, but don't worry! It's not insurmountable! Merging PDF files is simple as pie using the techniques I've discussed in this article (which is pretty darn easy if you ask me). You're in for a treat if you're fortunate enough to be utilising WPS Office. Their PDF tool is reliable and efficient, making the process of merging and editing PDF files simple. So before purchasing the premium or advanced edition, try out the software's free trial. You won't regret it, I promise.

Whether you're a student, a professional, or just someone who has to deal with PDF files on a regular basis, WPS Office has all the resources and information you need to effectively navigate the perilous waters of PDF files. So why are you still waiting? Download WPS Office right away to start handling those PDFs!

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