How to compose an example resume for Teenagers prominently

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It is said that the first impression is the last. What about your career’s first impression? Your resume should be very masterly designed and composed so that the employer may have a good impression at first. So, your resume should encompass all the necessary ingredients as it will enhance your chances of getting a job.

Here in this article, you will learn how to make a good example resume for teenager. If you are a fresh graduate or undergraduate having no experience yet and looking for an example resume for a teenager, then you are at the right place.

How does WPS academy help in writing a resume for teenagers?

WPS Academy is an excellent solution to make your example resume for teenager. Read these instructions till the end to find out the best way to compile your personal and academic details and skills in a resume for a first-time job. These blueprints will surely be supportive for you to make a good resume.

What are the important factors to inscribe a resume for a teenager?

As a teenager or a fresh graduate, you should write a resume compendiously to attract the employer's attention towards your academic achievements and future goals. Your resume must show your enthusiasm for the relevant job and skills pertinent to the job requirement. Here is a list of steps to be followed:

Follow an appropriate format

You are going to sell yourself with the help of your resume. So, you have to express your expertise and your skill in the proper manner. The recruiter doesn’t bother to work a lot on a single resume as several resumes are received for a single job vacancy. Therefore, employers must take a single shot on every resume to shortlist the candidates. 

The format is of crucial importance in writing a good resume. WPS academy has some extraordinary formats for first time job teenager resume examples for teens. You may use one of them to design your resume for your first job. If you follow the said guidelines to format your resume, you will have the best resume for teenagers, and there will be a maximum chance of you being hired.

How to design the Title of your resume?

The title of the resume is an important thing that fetches the employer's attentiveness to your resume. HR managers are to take an aerial view of the current resumes for the shortlisting. Your resume for a teenager has to be designed to grab the recruiter's attention at first glance.

Here are some essential points to be followed while designing the title of your teenager's resume example.

  • The title should be kept precise.

  • It is to be placed at the top of the resume.

  • Make it bold.

  • Write it in Capital Letters.

  • A title case can be used for writing a title.

  • Transact should be avoided.

  • Experience in years must be entered in the title.

  • Using keywords from the job description proves helpful.

  • Second or third-person pronouns should be used instead of 1st person pronouns.

  • Unnecessary details must be avoided.

  • Concisely mention your expertise.

  • Enlist only relevant points.

Adding your contact details

Your contact detail is the second thing to be put right after your name. Giving incomplete contact information will hinder the employer from getting in touch with you if you are considered for the job. Your contact information will include your mobile number, telephone number, email address, and mailing address.

Some people hesitate to put their address, but it is necessary to add the mailing address because most employers send offer letters to your mailing address. You should avoid linking your social media information unless the employer requires it. It seems unprofessional to add your social media contact details to your resume.

How to Write an Objective Statement?

An objective statement is primarily salient for a fresher or teenager who does not have any experience. If you are a fresh graduate, an objective statement is one thing you can convey to your employer your goals and intentions.

The objective statement must mention your enthusiasm for the employer’s firm and business. Conclude it in 2 to 3 sentences and try to avoid being verbose.

For Example: “A freshly graduated graphic designer, self-motivated to apply my skills and artistic drive as an intern in your company. I will ascend the organisation's goals by putting my expertise in the graphic designing field.”

You may keep following points while writing an objective statement, for example, a resume for a first-time job.

  • The job title should be mentioned in the objective statement.

  • The employer’s company name is to be included.

  • Your featured skills must be involved.

  • Your intentions and future goals can draw the attention of the recruiter.

  • Show your enthusiasm towards the applied job.

  • If possible, add some key ideas to work with the job specification.

  • Academic skills and expertise in a precise and concise manner.

Explain your understanding of the job description.

Writing about your understanding and acknowledging job specifications is a plus point to your resume. It might make the employer feel you are the right candidate for this job. In your resume, you must tell your employer that you are the best fit for this position. 

If possible, show your expertise in the job requirements to the employer. When an employer feels that you are aware of the duties and responsibilities of the job, he will think that comparatively fewer training costs will be incurred on that candidate.

Including your Academic Details.

Include your academic details starting from the recent one while writing your example resume for teens. Mention the degree awarding institute, your passing year, and your grade or CGPA, whichever is applicable.

Enlist these details when writing academic details.

  • Recent qualifications to be written on top and then previous ones.

  • The name of the attended institution must be included along with the location of the institution.

  • Period of qualification or attended dates, including starting and ending dates. (If the degree is not yet completed, then the expected completion date to be notified.)

  • Your field of study along with your primary subject(s).

  • Earned CGPA or grade, whichever is applicable, should be included.

  • Distinctions or honours if received.

Your experience and previous employment status.

Your employment history is of crucial importance while designing your resume. Along with suitable qualifications and academic achievements, experience in a well-known organization is icing on the cake. If you have been previously employed in some firm, you must add its experience to your resume. You should include the following details in the experience section of your resume:

A job title is necessary as it enlightens your role and experience in the organization.The job description describes the key responsibilities you have been performing during your previous employment.Give a quantitative analysis of your achievements, like the percentage of saved costs or the number of excessive dollars earned by your policies and approach.Do bother to leave off the unnecessary or unrelated experiences that do not meld in the scenario.

But if you do not have much experience to be included or you are a fresh teenage student, then what would you do?

As a fresher, your qualification will tell me more about you. But there are a few points that you can add to make your resume catchy.

You express your thoughts and reverence for your work in an objective statement. Moreover, you can add up your extracurricular activities, especially those in which you have been performing a leading role. It will catch the employer's attention that you have good leadership qualities.

You can also add up those responsibilities and activities your employer expects you to perform on this job if you are hired.

Encompassing other relevant detail?

Relevant Skills in Job Description.

You must read the job description in detail so that you may point out the keywords in it. Add the matching skills with appropriate keywords in the resume. Those keywords will draw your recruiter's attention and urge him to consider you a good candidate for the job.

Add your hobbies

You can add your hobbies to the resume if they match the job description and requirements. It will enhance your chance of being considered for the job.

Extra Curricular activities

If you have been participating in co-curricular activities at your school/college, you must mention them in your resume. Being a part of co-curricular activities will bring you to be multitalented. As a fresh graduate, your impression of being diversified and multitalented will help you to get considered for a challenging role.

Mention your awards and distinctions.

Mentioning your academic distinctions will make your recruiter think about your extraordinary performance in your academics and your dedication to your goal. Dedication to your work is a critical factor that any employer wants from their employee.

 But it is necessary to add a separate section for distinctions and awards in the resume. I may include:

  • Scholarships

  • certificates 

  • Other achievements 

While including rewards and distinction in your resume, one must keep in mind to give full detail of those rewards such as date and institute which rewarded you. It also includes the category of reward. It is constantly proven helpful to most employers to judge the capability of applicants through earned extraordinary rewards during a job hunt.

You may compose this section of your resume by considering the following points:

Institutes have their societies for rewarding awards to the students. Mention its name with a great description Describe the purpose and significance of your achievement as it may assist employers in judging your ability in a specific area.Those which are relevant to your job requirement must be focused on.Try to avoid those details which are not pertinent to the job requirement.Awards and achievements are not of primary importance as your qualification and experience. So, it would help if you put it directly next to the qualification and experience section.

Proofread your resume

While you’ve finished making your first time job teenager resume examples for teens, this is the final and essential step to be crossed very diligently. Proofreading is important because once you have ended your typing and insertions, you must recheck it to ensure there is no grammatical or spelling mistake.

Usually, unwanted typing mistakes lead to grammatical or spelling blunders, so it is necessary to watch over the done work to avoid any nuisance. Along with grammatical mistakes, you must take care to mitigate any irrelevant detail if it is added up in the flow.

Take a detailed review of your work and confirm that there is nothing else to be detached.

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In essence, you have to keep an eye few points while making your resume for teens. Yet you have no experience getting a bid to sell yourself except for your qualifications and skills. Your resume should be impressive and divergent, urging your employer to consider you the best fit for the job. 

Your resume should be that majestic to make you most eligible for the job. The title is of crucial importance because it will engage the employer. Write it free of unnecessary details. Be pertinent while adding experience or any other information—only relevant things to be inserted. 

Visit WPS Academy to check various teenage resume examples. Multiple first-time job teenager resume examples for teens will help you to get your resume quickly. If you don’t satisfy, download WPS office and get unlimited resume formats for teenagers. 

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