How to Convert RAR File to PDF Offline and Online

July 31, 2023 1.5K views

ZIP file is a compressed file and has less size but RAR is the most compressed form as compared to normal or ZIP file. Windows supports ZIP files only. You can not open RAR files without RAR software. For making text files (available in the RAR folder) readable and easy to share you have to convert RAR to PDF. There should be at least one text file so the tool can extract that text and convert to PDF. Converting RAR to PDF is comparatively a complex process because RAR is a binary compressed file format and PDF is text-formatted file.

But! Don't be fret, there are several methods to convert your RAR file to PDF. You can make a RAR file converted to PDF for easy viewing on windows or apple systems. This article will discuss

  • How to convert RAR to PDF Offline
  • How to convert RAR to PDF Online

How to convert RAR to PDF Offline

Steps to convert RAR to PDF Offline for free

1-Open WinRAR.

2-It will display some RAR folders or files that are available on your computer.

3-Right click on your file that needs to be converted and choose the “Print” option from the drop down window.


4-Then click on “print as Microsoft PDF”.


5-Enter the desired file name from the dialog box and click on the “Print” option to save your PDF.


How to convert RAR to PDF Online

Steps to convert RAR to PDF Online for free

1-Search and find ASPOSE RAR to PDF converter.


2-Upload your RAR file.

3-Click on the “convert” option.

4-Download your text file as PDF.


Finding text files and manually extracting them is a hard task. Easily convert all your text files to PDF with the help of offline WinRAR application and also online RAR to PDF converter. You can convert all text files from a single RAR folder to separate PDFs in just seconds with the help of ASPOSE RAR to PDF online converter. This article discusses both offline and online methods.

Apart from converting RAR to PDF you can convert more file formats to another with the help of WPS Office app. Download the WPS Office app to edit and convert files of special formats like .pub, .tiff, .docx and many more.

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