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July 31, 2023 1.8K views

Are you stuck with a non-editable PDF document? There’s no need to purchase an expensive PDF converter. WPS offers multiple PDF tools to compress, modify, and of course, convert PDF into editable text files. Experience our PDF to Word (Text) converter, which has state of the art Optical Character Recognition (OCR) embedded to transform all the content of the original file into an editable text document. As its OCR efficiency is continuously tested over time, we try our best to keep the formatting as close to the original file as possible.

On the other hand, if you want to convert PDF to .txt format, this article will also shed some light on the best online. PDF to .txt converter.

Steps to Convert a PDF to Word - Editable Text Format


  • After clicking on the “PDF to Word” option, a pop-up window will open. Click on the “add files” button to add your PDF to be converted. 

  • Choose one of the editable text format options (doc, docx, rtf) from the “Save as type” tab.

  • Then click “start”and it will eventually provide you with an editable text file.


  • To convert your PDF into Word (editable text format). For this, you will need to find WPS online PDF to Word converter. 

  • When you find it, click on the “Select PDF File” button or simply drag your file and drop into the box.

  • When your PDF file is uploaded, it will take 3-4 seconds (depending on your internet speed) to convert it to Word ( editable text) format. 

  • Simply click on the “Download” button.

Steps To Convert PDF to .txt Format

Using an online conversion tool is the simplest approach to convert PDF to txt. Zamzar's conversion tool is free, simple to use, and completes your conversion in three simple stages without the need for any software download. It allows you to extract all of the text from a PDF document and save it to any folder or location without changing the original PDF document. Thanks to the built-in OCR tools, you can also convert scanned PDFs to editable text with Zamzar.

  • Upload the PDF file that you want to convert by clicking on the “Choose File” button.

  • Select .txt as the end file format while converting. 

  • Click Convert and your file will be converted to .txt in seconds. Now download it.

Final Suggestion

When you get a scanned copy of a PDF file, it is in image format and hence the text is not editable. However, there are multiple solutions to convert a PDF to text and modify the document. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the technology mostly tools are using to complete this operation. Any PDF picture may be quickly converted into text using any PDF App with OCR tech, allowing you to modify the document. This article discusses three methods for converting a PDF to text using OCR: Converting PDF to Word format which is the mostly used format for document editing, and also discusses quick steps on how to convert PDF to .txt format.

WPS Office - More Than Just a PDF to Text Converter

You can use WPS Office to convert PDF to text files regardless of the operating system as its cloud platform works directly within your internet browser. Other than PDF conversion capabilities, there are dozens of PDF tools (built- in) in WPS Office, where you can:

Edit PDF text and shapes eSign your PDF documents online with an electronic signature Split a PDF into multiple pages or extract the one from them you need Merge or combine multiple PDFs together Convert various image file formats into PDF

Using WPS PDF To Text (Word) converter is entirely free of charge for up to five times per day. However, these limitations can be removed with a WPS Pro subscription, which also unlocks other additional features like batch processing and converting file formats. You can even convert PDF files into other editable file formats like Excel and PPT.

The main goal of WPS Office is to make your work with PDFs easier and hope this article archives just that.


How can I convert a PDF to a text file?

Search for online WPS PDF to Word converter, upload your PDF file> Press Convert> Press download.

How do I convert a PDF to Word and edit text?

Open WPS Office app (Available for both mobile and laptop) and click on Tools> PDF to Word Converter> Choose your PDF file and Convert it to many editable file formats including Word, ppt and excel.

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