How to Make a PDF Resume for Freshers?

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In order to effectively showcase your abilities and accomplishments, the pdf format of your cv is critical when you are just starting. A few resume types can help you get noticed when you've just graduated from college or are starting your first job. To help you get started, we at WPS Office put together this guide to help you understand what a pdf resume for freshers is, why it's important, and some pointers on how to build a top one in 2022.

What is a fresher resume?

Resumes written by recent high school and college graduates or those with little work experience are "fresher resumes." A functional pdf resume structure for freshers emphasizes your talents and abilities rather than focusing on your work history or lack thereof. In contrast to the increasingly popular chronological format, functional resumes are more typically seen among job seekers just out of college.

Why is the structure you chose for your fresher resume significant?

Since most job seekers utilize a chronological resume format emphasizing relevant work experience, freshmen require a resume format emphasizing their skills while also emphasizing their qualifications as top contenders.

How to write a pdf resume for freshers

This guide will walk you through the process of creating a pdf resume tailored for freshers. You may download all editable templates and samples online with the free WPS Office trial.


1.Go over the job description

To land a job, your cv should be tailored to the position you're applying for and indicate that you share the company's values. You'll be better able to determine the keywords to use in your resume if you read the job description beforehand.

2.Include a way to reach you

The first section of the pdf resume for freshers should include all your contact information, including your name, address (or city and state), phone number, and e-mail address. Some people prefer not to disclose their full address when applying for a job, but if you live close to the company's office, you may want to consider doing so.

Links to social media profiles, personal websites, personal blogs or portfolios may also be included in this section by candidates who prefer to. These links should only be included if you are confident that your profile depicts the professional image you wish to project.

3.An effective summary should be written

You should follow this portion of your resume with a personal summary that explains who you are as a professional and why you're the ideal candidate for the job in question. Your resume summary statement should demonstrate your expertise and enthusiasm for the position you seek and your worth to the company.

4.Make a list of the skills that you want to emphasize

The next stage is to determine which of your hard technical talents and soft skills are most important to your success in the position you're applying for. Employers frequently indicate specific abilities they're seeking in their job postings. A one- or two-column format is the best way to list your skills, stating your expertise and your level of experience with it.

5.Describe your education, and certifications

Your education, training, and certifications should focus on the next portion of your pdf format resume for freshers. Highlight any distinctions, outstanding grades, or scholarships you've received in this section. Professional licenses and certificates, as well as college-level certificate courses and supplementary professional training could all be included in this category.

6.Inclusion of relevant experience

Having no prior professional employment experience does not rule out the possibility of having any relevant volunteer or internship experiences that you may put on your CV. These experiences, like internships, volunteer work, educational projects, or relevant courses, are not the center of your cv, but they can still be included if they demonstrate your abilities and knowledge. When submitting this area, list any projects or experiences you've worked on that are relevant to the position you're applying for.


This is the final stage in producing a pdf format resume for freshers: proofreading. A friend or family member might help you best proofread your resume by reading it aloud or checking it for spelling and grammar. Correcting spelling and punctuation problems and checking for consistency will help your resume stand out from the competition and make you the ideal choice for the position. It's possible to download and change all editable online templates and samples with a free WPS Office trial 2022.

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