How to Use Microsoft Copilot in Visual Studio [2024]

August 30, 2023 5.7K views

Microsoft Copilot, a revolutionary AI-powered coding assistant, has gained significant attention in the development community. However, many users still struggle to harness its full potential and are unsure about how to integrate it seamlessly into Visual Studio 2023.

In this article, we will delve into the capabilities of Microsoft Copilot and provide you with a comprehensive guide to unlock its true power within Visual Studio. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting, we aim to help you make the most of this cutting-edge AI tool and elevate your coding experience. Let's dive in and explore the wonders of Microsoft Copilot together!

Part 1: Microsoft Copilot in Visual Studio

What is Microsoft Copilot?

Microsoft Copilot is a groundbreaking AI-powered coding assistant developed by Microsoft. It revolutionizes the way developers work by providing intelligent suggestions and automating repetitive tasks within the Visual Studio 2023 environment. Built upon advanced natural language processing and machine learning technologies, Copilot aims to enhance developer productivity, reduce coding time, and assist programmers in producing high-quality code.

Features of Microsoft Copilot:

  1. Intelligent Code Autocompletion: Microsoft Copilot leverages its vast knowledge base to offer intelligent code suggestions as developers’ type. It can predict entire lines of code, saving valuable time and reducing the likelihood of errors.

  2. Context-Aware Recommendations: Copilot understands the context of the code being written and provides contextually relevant suggestions, making the coding process more efficient and accurate.

  3. Code Generation and Refactoring: This AI-powered assistant can generate entire functions or refactor existing code based on developer input, streamlining the code-writing process and improving code quality.

  4. Support for Multiple Languages: Microsoft Copilot supports a wide range of programming languages, making it a versatile tool for developers working on various projects with different language requirements.

  5. Collaborative Coding: Copilot can work collaboratively with developers, assisting them in pair programming scenarios and promoting knowledge sharing and best coding practices.

With Microsoft Copilot by their side, developers can expect to experience a significant boost in their coding capabilities and unleash their creative potential within Visual Studio 2023.

Function of Microsoft copilot in Visual Studio

Microsoft Copilot in Visual Studio is an innovative AI pair programmer designed to bring back the joy and creativity of coding. By intelligently analyzing code and comments, Copilot offers instant suggestions for individual lines or entire functions, streamlining the coding process. It understands the context of the code being written and provides relevant suggestions that developers can easily accept by hitting the Tab key. Copilot's adaptability allows it to update its suggestions as the context changes, ensuring accurate and efficient coding.

One of the remarkable features of Copilot is its ability to comprehend plain English comments, allowing developers to request specific code and receive accurate suggestions. Additionally, Copilot can even generate code comments, creating a self-reinforcing loop of code suggestion and documentation. With its intuitive and collaborative nature, Microsoft Copilot enhances the coding experience in Visual Studio, making it an invaluable tool for developers seeking increased productivity and coding excellence.

Part 2: How to Install Microsoft Copilot in Visual studio?

Here's a concise version of the steps to install and use Microsoft Copilot in Visual Studio Code:

How to Install Microsoft Copilot in Visual Studio Code

1. Go to GitHub: To add GitHub Copilot, head over to your GitHub and go to settings.

2. Select GitHub Copilot in Settings: Choose GitHub Copilot on the left menu and simply allow it, then click the Save button.

3. Install Visual Studio Code: Download and install Visual Studio Code from the official website (

4. Install the Copilot Extension: Open Visual Studio Code, go to Extensions (Ctrl + Shift + X), search for "GitHub Copilot," and click "Install."

5. Restart your Visual Studio Code: Now, you will see that GitHub Copilot has been activated.

With these simple steps, you can harness the power of Microsoft Copilot and elevate your coding experience in Visual Studio Code. Happy coding!

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Part 3: How to use Microsoft Copilot in Visual Studio?

1. Open Visual Studio and load your project.

2. While coding, ask questions in natural language right in line with your code.

3. Get analysis and explanations by typing questions like "How does this method work?"

4. Explore troublesome code by asking specific questions about it, e.g., "What does this do?"

5. Fix potential issues by asking Copilot for help, and it will offer code suggestions.

6. Generate unit tests by typing "add unit," and Copilot will provide the tests you need.

7. While debugging, Copilot can offer hints, explanations, and proposed fixes based on the context.

8. Review and apply code changes directly to the middleware using Copilot.

Part 4: Best Alternative to Microsoft Copilot - WPS AI

WPS AI, developed by WPS Office, is a powerful AI-powered writing and productivity tool that serves as a viable alternative to Microsoft Copilot. WPS AI is part of the WPS Office suite, a comprehensive office software solution used by millions of users worldwide.

Main Features of WPS AI:

  1. AI-Driven Content Generation: WPS AI offers advanced AI content generation capabilities, allowing users to create high-quality articles, essays, and documents effortlessly. With its natural language processing capabilities, it can generate coherent and well-structured content based on user inputs.

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  7. User-Friendly Interface: WPS AI offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for both novice and experienced writers to harness its AI capabilities effectively. The seamless integration with WPS Office ensures a smooth writing experience within the familiar office suite environment.

WPS AI empowers writers, students, and professionals alike with its cutting-edge AI features, enabling them to create polished and compelling content efficiently. As a robust alternative to Microsoft Copilot, WPS AI stands out as an essential tool for anyone seeking enhanced writing productivity and accuracy.


How to use GitHub Copilot in Visual Studio C#?

GitHub Copilot can significantly boost your coding productivity in Visual Studio C#. To use Copilot with C#, follow these steps:

  • First, ensure you have Visual Studio Code installed on your computer.

  • Install the GitHub Copilot extension in Visual Studio Code from the Extensions marketplace.

  • Open a C# project in Visual Studio Code.

  • While writing code, GitHub Copilot will automatically suggest code snippets based on your context and code patterns.

  • To accept a suggestion, simply press Tab or click on the suggested code snippet.

  • You can also trigger Copilot manually by pressing Ctrl + Space and exploring the suggested completions.

  • Copilot can help with code generation, refactoring, and providing relevant code suggestions, making your C# coding experience is more efficient and enjoyable.

Microsoft 365 Copilot: the good, the bad, and the ugly?

Microsoft 365 Copilot, also known as Microsoft Copilot, is an AI-powered coding assistant designed to enhance developer productivity. Here's a brief overview of its aspects:

  • The Good: Microsoft Copilot can significantly speed up coding tasks, offer intelligent code suggestions, and help developers understand complex code segments. Its context-awareness and support for multiple languages make it a valuable tool for programmers.

  • The Bad: As with any AI tool, Copilot may sometimes generate code that doesn't align perfectly with project requirements. It's essential to review suggestions to ensure they meet coding standards and project specifications.

  • The Ugly: In rare cases, Copilot might suggest code that infringes on copyright or licensing issues. Developers must exercise caution and verify code snippets' legality and compliance.

While Microsoft Copilot offers many benefits, it's essential to use it wisely and complement it with human judgment and expertise. When utilized appropriately, Copilot can be an invaluable coding assistant in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Final Thoughts on Using Microsoft Copilot in Visual Studio

In this article, we explored the remarkable capabilities of Microsoft Copilot, an AI-powered coding assistant integrated into Visual Studio. We learned how Copilot provides intelligent code suggestions, analysis, and explanations, making it a valuable tool for developers seeking enhanced productivity and efficiency in their coding workflows.

Emphasizing on WPS Office, we introduced WPS AI as a compelling alternative to Microsoft Copilot. WPS AI, part of the WPS Office suite, provides powerful AI-driven content generation, sentence reorganization, grammar checks, and plagiarism detection. With multilingual support and user-friendly interface, WPS AI is an excellent choice for writers and professionals looking to enhance their writing productivity and produce polished and authentic content.

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