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Microsoft Co-Pilot is an AI-powered feature that offers remarkable suggestions and helps users in drafting documents. Despite its usability, not many people are familiar with Microsoft Co-Pilot and know how to use it. Do you also wonder how to use Microsoft Co-Pilot in Word? Well, in this article, we will guide you on how to use Microsoft Co-Pilot in Word using three simple steps.

Uses of Microsoft Co-Pilot

Microsoft Co-Pilot is quite a useful tool and has multiple uses. It combines the power of LLMs or large language models with user data in Microsoft Graph and Microsoft 365 apps. Its goal is to improve your productivity and enhance how you do your work. For instance, Co-Pilot can help you enhance your writing with suggestions that improve your argument. It can also summarize texts, add content, and even rewrite sections to make it more concise.

In Word, Co-Pilot creates alongside you. Using only a short prompt, you can have it create a first draft for you. Surprisingly, you even get suggested tones to help you find the right tone for your document. Meanwhile, in Excel, it works with you to explore and analyze your data. You can even ask it to help you evaluate the data. This way, you can identify trends, create visualizations, and ask for suggestions to drive outcomes.

Method 1: Use Toolbar or Ribbon to Activate Microsoft Co-Pilot

Just follow the steps given below to use Microsoft Co-Pilot in Word:

Step 1: First of all, look for the Co-Pilot button on the ribbon or toolbar at the top-right of the Word window.

Co-Pilot Button on the Top Right of the Document

Step 2: Now, click on the button to start Co-Pilot in Word.

Click on Co-Pilot Option

Step 3: Once you have activated it, Co-Pilot will offer you assistance and suggestions as you require.

Using Co-Pilot for Writing


  • It is a very simple method you can consider to use Co-Pilot in Word.

  • It takes only a few seconds to activate Co-Pilot in Word using this method.

  • It does not cause any confusion to the user.


  •  It will not work if an older version of Word is installed.

Method 2: Use Right-Click Menu to Activate Microsoft Co-Pilot

Just go through the following steps to activate Microsoft Co-Pilot in Word:

Step 1: First of all, open a Word document and right-click anywhere in the document to open the context menu.

Step 2: Then, you need to look for Co-Pilot Suggestions or any other similar option in the context menu.

Step 3: Click on the option to activate Co-Pilot in Word and use it as you require.


  • It is a very time-efficient and simple method that you can use in a document.

  • It will only take a couple of seconds to access Co-Pilot in Word using this method.

  • Anyone can use this method without any problem or issue.


  • It may not work depending on the version of Windows and Microsoft Office.

Method 3: Use the Keyboard Short to Access Co-Pilot’s Suggestions

In case you are interested in opening Microsoft 365 Co-Pilot quickly, just follow this method.

Step 1: Open any Word document as you prefer and click on the Win + C key. It will automatically open Co-Pilot suggestions.

Opening Co-Pilot through Win + C Key


  • It is one of the easiest and most time-efficient methods you can use to open Co-Pilot in Word.

  • You will not be confused if you use this method.


  • It may not work depending on the version of your Windows and Microsoft Office.

Thus, it can be said that these are some simple methods you can try if you want to know how to use Microsoft Co-Pilot in Word. In fact, these methods will only take a few seconds you for to try and access Microsoft 365 Co-Pilot.

Compatibility of Microsoft Co-Pilot

The Microsoft Co-Pilot release date is 23 March, 2023 and it has important requirements that must be met before you can use it. All users must have either a Microsoft 365 E5 or E3 license and even an Azure Active Directory account. It will give you access to different Microsoft 365 applications such as Word and Excel among others.

These are some important requirements you need to meet. Otherwise, you may not be able to use Microsoft Co-Pilot on your device.

Best Alternative to Microsoft Co-Pilot – WPS AI

WPS AI is the best alternative to Microsoft Co-Pilot. You can use it to summarize content, write new content, and assess your data. In fact, you can even use it to engage in rather insightful discussions.

It is a revolutionary tool that combines the power of AI with WPS Office to truly help you with your tasks. It is designed specifically to enhance your productivity. In fact, it helps you get the most out of WPS Office. It enables you to not only use WPS Office but also make use of its best features.

How to Use WPS AI

Just follow the given steps to use WPS AI in a document:

Step 1: First of all, create a new document upon launching WPS Office.

Open WPS Office

Step 2: On the top of the window, you will notice a widget named WPS AI. Click on the widget and another widget will then appear on the document.

Using WPS AI

Step 3: Then, just type @AI to activate the feature and input your instructions about anything you want the AI to write. It is just as simple as that.

Writing Prompt

These are some simple steps you can follow to use WPS AI without any problem at all.

Key Features of WPS AI

Highly Productive: WPS AI is an incredible feature as it allows you to be more productive than ever. You can perform tasks like writing texts, arranging data and computing it, and making visualizations easier than ever before. You can even have it offer you suggestions as you continue to work and write your work. It means you not only get to save time but also enhance the quality of your work.

Multi-Functional: WPS AI offers you many functions. It does not just help you with documents but also with spreadsheets and presentations. It means you are completely covered by WPS AI. You can just let it know what you need and it will provide you with the valuable assistance you require without any problem.

Seamless Integration: Unlike Microsoft Co-Pilot, WPS AI is integrated effectively into WPS Office, which means it does not get stuck. Regardless of what you do, you will not face any problems while using it. In fact, you can do whatever you want and it will remain as efficient as you need it to be.

Easy to Use: WPS AI is quite simple and easy to use. It means you can not only use it but it will also not cause any issues and problems for you. Unlike other modern tools, WPS AI is designed to be simple and can be used by anyone without any problem.

Note: If you want to explore how to insert a checkbox in a WPS spreadsheet, how to create a checklist in Word on Mac, or how to create a checklist in Word on Mac, you can just read our other articles. We have even discussed how to insert a symbol in the WPS Office.

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1. How much does Microsoft Co-Pilot cost?

Microsoft has priced Co-Pilot at $30 per month for Business Premium, Business Standard, Microsoft 365, E5, and E3 users. Remember, it is $30 for each user.

2.  Is Co-Pilot available in Office 365?

Yes, Microsoft states that Co-Pilot is indeed available in Office 365. It means you can use it with standard MS Office applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint among others.


By now you would have learned how to use Microsoft Co-Pilot in Word. TWhile most people are still not aware of how to use Microsoft Co-Pilot in Word, it still remains quite an effective feature for most..Still, it has some limitations as well. The prime limitation is all about its pricing. It is quite costly for simple users. It means not everyone can benefit from the feature and enhance their productivity. WPS Office is an all-in-one application that changes the game. It gives you a feature named WPS AI, which works just like Microsoft Co-Pilot. But to use WPS AI, you don’t need to purchase anything or even have any additional licenses. It means when you can use WPS AI, there is no need to learn how to use Microsoft Co-Pilot in Word.

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