How to Use WPS AI/Chatgpt to Write Research Papers: Guide for Beginners

April 17, 2024 1.9K views

Many students are unaware of the incredible potential AI holds to revolutionize their work. By harnessing the power of AI, they can enhance the quality and efficiency of their research, ensuring a higher grade and solidifying their academic credibility. In this article, we will explore numerous ways you can leverage the two powerful AI tools for writing research papers: WPS AI and ChatGPT to learn practical prompts that can be customized to suit individual needs.

Part 1. How to Use WPS AI to Write Research Papers

Among the Writing AI tools, WPS AI emerges as a revolutionary tool specifically designed to enhance the research paper writing experience.

WPS AI empowers researchers to delve into their subjects with greater depth and efficiency, catalyzing productivity and enabling the pursuit of scholarly excellence

How to Download WPS AI

Step 1 To download WPS AI, you can visit the WPS AI website:

Step 2 Click on the Free Download button

Click Free download

Click Free download

Step 3 Select the operating system that you are using.

 Choose your option

Choose your option

Step 4 The file will be downloaded automatically

Downloaded file

Downloaded file

Follow the instructions on the screen to install WPS AI.

How to Use WPS AI to Write Research Papers

WPS AI, with its user-friendly interface and other advanced functionalities makes the process of writing research papers a piece of cake.

The following methods are ways in which WPS AI can assist you in your research paper writing:

Step 1: Open WPS Office to create a new document in WPS Docs.

Step 2: Click on the "WPS AI" in the ribbon menu or simply type "@AI".

Step 3: In the prompt box, type "write a paper on {enter title of research paper}” OR “Write a research paper about".

Step 4: You can alter the response or change the question once it has been generated. To do this, select "Return" from the response's menu.

Step 5: Users can simply Continue/Rewrite/ Accept/Discard the results



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Part 2. How to Use ChatGPT to Write Research Papers

Writing research papers can be time-consuming, involving tasks like summarizing findings and describing methodologies. But now, researchers have a powerful ally in ChatGPT. By entrusting repetitive tasks to ChatGPT, users can streamline their workflow, saving valuable time. This allows researchers to focus more on enhancing their papers and conducting core research, leading to stronger and more insightful results.

Way to use

With the help of ChatGPT, researchers can create more compelling title for their research papers

Step 1: Open ChatGPT in your browser.

Step 2: In the ChatGPT chatbox, type in a prompt asking ChatGPT to create a title for your research paper using your paper’s abstract

Researchers can also ChatGPT to write an abstract by providing the title of the research paper

Step 1: Give ChatGPT a prompt asking it to write an abstract based on the title. ChatGPT will craft an abstract following the correct formatting and pattern of an abstract.

Similarly, researchers can utilize ChatGPT as an AI assistant while writing research papers for Research gaps, research questions, Literature review.

Step 1: Ask ChatGPT to write a research gap with help of your Research paper title

Step 2: To write better research questions, give a prompt to ChatGPT to write research questions using your research gap. Chatgpt research questions are very specific and follow the proper format.

Step 3: By providing your topic and asking for key publication, researchers can eliminate the process of manually searching for key publication.

This is how researchers can make use of ChatGPT to help them out craft insightful research papers.


Prompt 1:

"Please provide a summary of the key findings and conclusions of this research paper."

This prompt asks the AI to generate a concise summary highlighting the main findings and conclusions of the research paper.

Prompt 2:

"Can you give a brief overview of the methodology used in this research paper?"

This prompt focuses on the research methodology employed in the paper, asking the AI to provide a summary of the approach or methods used.

Prompt 3:

"Summarize the main contributions and significance of this research paper."

This prompt seeks to extract the primary contributions and significance of the research paper, capturing its unique value or impact in the field.

Prompt 4:

"Provide a summary of the literature review presented in this research paper."

This prompt directs the AI to summarize the literature review section of the paper, which highlights the existing knowledge and previous studies related to the research topic.

Prompt 5:

"Can you briefly outline the experimental design and results of this research paper?"

This prompt requests a summary of the experimental design or methodology along with a concise summary of the research results obtained.

Prompt 6:

"Summarize the theoretical framework and hypotheses explored in this research paper."

This prompt focuses on the theoretical framework and hypotheses put forth in the paper, asking the AI to provide a summary of these foundational elements.

Prompt 7:

"Summarize the limitations and future directions discussed in this research paper."

This prompt directs the AI to summarize the limitations or constraints of the research study and any potential avenues for future research identified by the authors.

Prompt 8:

"Summarize the implications and practical applications of the research findings presented in this paper."

This prompt asks the AI to highlight the practical implications and real-world applications of the research findings discussed in the paper.


Q1. Will ChatGPT replace technical writing?

ChatGPT is an AI tool that can be used to streamline and enhance certain aspects of technical writing, however, it is unlikely to replace humans. Technical writing involves complex and specialized knowledge, which ChatGPT currently lacks. It can help users with structures, provide a format for technical writing and various other aspects, but the information provided could be factually wrong. Furthermore, ChatGPT produced content misses the human touch, which is vital to connect with your readers.

Q2. Does Google penalize AI written content?

No, Google does not penalize AI-generated content. Google has stated that AI material adheres to its policies. Google wants its users to get information and high quality content, and it wants content producers; websites, to provide this quality to them.

Q3. How can I effectively utilize ChatGPT for technical writing?

Users can utilize ChatGPT for technical writing by providing clear and detailed prompts. This would allow ChatGPT to produce a technical document with utmost details. Any missing information or errors can be fixed by providing further prompts asking ChatGPT to enhance and fix the document. ChatGPT can help the users to proofread their documents, provide guidelines on how to write a technical document, provide useful information, summarize long text, along with many other useful tasks.

Q4. Can ChatGPT help with formatting technical documentation?

Yes, ChatGPT can be very useful while formatting technical documentation. It can help in areas such as structuring sections, headers, and lists. However, because it may be unfamiliar with industry-specific formatting guidelines or style manuals, human input is required to ensure proper and comprehensive formatting.

Transform Your Research Papers with WPS AI

With the advent of AI, the once laborious task of working on research papers has now become remarkably streamlined, allowing for seamless progress and alleviating the burden of tedious efforts. While the market is brimming with AI solutions, one particularly promising tool emerges: WPS AI. Despite being in its beta version, it is predicted to make substantial strides, particularly in the realm of research. So integrate WPS AI with your WPS Office Suite today and discover more on how to use wps ai/chatgpt to+Research papers.

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