How to Wrap Text in Excel

September 4, 2023 1.1K views

It can be challenging to deal with large amounts of text in small cells in Excel. Many users grapple with the issue of accommodating lengthy text within small cells, leading to readability problems. The burning question arises - is there a way to elegantly wrap text in Excel, making it clear and easily digestible? The answer is Wrap Text! This article is your ultimate guide on how to wrap text in Excel, making it neat, clear, and effortlessly readable. Learn how to wrap text in Excel for better data presentation and readability. Let's dive in!

How to Wrap Text Automatically

Do you want to know what wrap text in Excel is? It is an amazing feature provided by Excel. Using this feature, users can display lengthy sentences or paragraphs without having the text spill over into nearby cells.  This feature is particularly useful when dealing with large amounts of text data. By wrapping the text, you can ensure that it remains visible and readable without resizing the cell or losing any content.


Let's use the following example table to demonstrate text wrapping:

Step 1: Identify the cell that contains the text you want to wrap. In this example, we want to wrap the quote of Maya Angelou, which is located in cell B3.

Step 2: Right-click on the selected cell (B3) to open the context menu. From the menu, choose "Format Cells" to open the Format Cells dialog box.

Step 3: In the Format Cells dialog boxnavigate to the "Alignment" tab. Under the "Text control" section, you will see the option "Wrap text." Check the box next to "Wrap text."

Step 4: Click "OK" to apply the Wrap text changes and close the Format Cells dialog box.

Wrap Text Keyboard Shortcut

There is a quick and convenient keyboard shortcut to enable text wrapping for a selected cell or range of cells. Instead of going through the Format Cells dialog box, you can use the following keyboard shortcut to wrap text:

Alt + H + W

Here's how to use the keyboard shortcut for wrap text:

Step 1: Select the cell that you want to apply Wrap Text to.

Step 2: Press and hold the Alt key on your keyboard.

Step 3: While holding the Alt key, first press the letter H and then the letter W (in sequence).

Step 4: Release the Alt key.

The text wrapping option will now be applied to the selected cell(s), and the row height will adjust to fit the content automatically.

How to Make Manual Line Break

Sometimes, you may want to control where the text wraps within a cell manually. Excel allows you to insert line breaks at specific points, creating new lines within a cell. This can be helpful when you want to structure the text or have better control over how the content is presented.


To make a manual line break in Excel, follow these steps:

Step 1: Select the cell in which you want to add a line break.

Step 2: Double-click on the cell to enter the edit mode, or press F2 on your keyboard.

Step 3: Move the cursor to the position where you want to have the line break.

Step 4: Press Alt+Enter. This will create a manual line break at that point.

You can repeat this process to add multiple line breaks within the same cell.

What if Excel Wrap Text Not Working:

If you find that your Excel Wrap Text is not wrapping properly, there could be a few reasons for this issue. Here are some possible solutions to troubleshoot and fix the problem:

Cell Format:

Ensure that the cell is wide enough to accommodate the wrapped text. If the cell is too narrow, the text may not wrap as expected. You can manually adjust the column width by dragging the column boundary or double-clicking it to fit the text.

Merged Cells

If the text still doesn't wrap after adjusting the column width, check if the cells are merged. Text wrapping won't work correctly in merged cellsUnmerge the cells and try wrapping the text again.

Font Size

Very large font sizes may prevent text wrapping in smaller cells. Reduce the font size if necessary to ensure proper wrapping.

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How to Remove Wrap Text Formatting

To remove text wrap formatting from a cell in Excel, follow these steps:

Step 1: Select the cell or cells that have text wrap formatting.

Step 2: Go to the "Home" tab on the Excel ribbon.

Step 3: In the "Alignment" group, click on the "Wrap Text" button to toggle off text wrapping.

After disabling text wrap, the content in the selected cells will return to its default layout, and the text will no longer wrap within the cell.

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FAQs about how to wrap text in Excel

Q1. Is text wrapping consistent across different versions of Excel?

Yes, text wrapping is a standard feature in Microsoft Excel, and it is consistent across various versions of the software. Whether you are using an older version like Excel 2010 or the latest version like Excel 365, the text wrapping functionality remains the same.

Q2. What are some creative ways to use text wrapping for visual impact in Excel?

Text wrapping can be used creatively to create visually appealing designs in Excel. For example, you can wrap text around shapes or images, create labeled diagrams, or build attractive infographics directly within cells.

Q3. Are there any limitations or issues to be aware of when using text wrapping in Excel?

While text wrapping is a handy feature, it may lead to some challenges when printing or exporting data to other formats. Long wrapped text may not be fully visible in printed documents or when exporting to PDF. Therefore, it's essential to preview your content before finalizing any documents.

Wrap Text - Make your Sheets more Reader-Friendly with WPS Office

In conclusion, wrapping text in Excel is a game-changer for better data presentation and readability. Whether using the Wrap Text feature or inserting manual line breaks,  you can create visually appealing and well-structured content. For an elegant and feature-rich alternative to Microsoft Office, consider WPS Office, providing a user-friendly interface, compatibility, and cost-effectiveness with its free version. Don't miss out on this valuable Excel tip! Download WPS Office and transform your data management experience today.

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