Top 7 AI PDF Summarizers With Free Features And Benefits

July 5, 2023 4.4K views

Do you find reading many PDFs a big task? Are you always short on time? Don't worry, we have a solution for you. This article is all about AI PDF summarizer tools that can help save your time. These tools are a game-changer, whether you're studying or working. Want to find the best AI PDF summarizer tool? Dive into this article, and let's make your reading easy and quick!

The Benefits Of Using An AI PDF Summarizer Free

In our modern, technologically advanced world, managing and understanding vast amounts of information can be challenging and AI PDF Summarizer are there to the rescue. These tools are revolutionizing the way we interact with extensive digital documents, leading to enhanced comprehension and scalability.

Time Efficiency

The use of an AI PDF summarizer significantly reduces the time spent on lengthy documents. It extracts the key points, condensing the contents into a comprehensive summary, thereby enabling swift perusal instead of laborious reading of entire documents.

Heightened Productivity

With an AI PDF summarizer, individuals are able to maintain their productivity by avoiding time-consuming deep dives into extensive texts. By providing succinct summaries, users can swiftly glean the essential information, thereby enhancing overall efficiency and productivity.

Facilitates Decision-Making

The summarizer's capability to distill complex, long documents into precise summaries enables users to quickly assimilate critical information, facilitating more informed decision-making. As a result, this tool can help speed up business processes and aid in swift, data-driven decisions.

Improved Comprehension

By highlighting key points and filtering out extraneous information, allows for better retention and application of the information, particularly when dealing with dense, complex texts.

Enhanced Collaboration

An AI PDF summarizer can be instrumental in fostering effective collaboration. When working on team projects, a quick summary allows all members to grasp the essentials, ensuring everyone is on the same page. Organization

The AI PDF summarizers not only condense information, but also often categorize it into various sections or topics, making it easier for users to navigate through the document. Scalability

An AI-based PDF summarizer is an essential tool for businesses dealing with an overwhelming amount of data. This feature is vital for scaling operations, enabling businesses to process vast amounts of data efficiently, improving accessibility and readability.

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Top 7 AI PDF Summarizers Online & Offline

1. WPS AI PDF Summarizer (Auto Summarize Free)

WPS AI PDF Summarizer is an innovative feature incorporated into the WPS Office suite, revolutionizing the way we approach office productivity. This AI integration enhances the document handling process by simplifying content creation, summarizing extensive documents, and providing user-friendly interface and functionality. Specifically, its ability to summarize PDF documents and present crucial information in a concise manner greatly benefits users, making WPS AI an invaluable tool in the modern workspace.

WPS AI PDF Summarizer

Key Features

AI-Generated Content

WPS AI PDF Summaerizer excels in generating professional content for diverse requirements, whether it's crafting meeting summaries or planning event details. By leveraging its sophisticated natural language processing abilities, it comprehends user needs and produces high-quality text efficiently.

PDF Summarization and Key Information Extraction

The advanced PDF summarization capabilities of WPS AI are one of its most notable features. Whether it's a complex report or lengthy PDF, WPS AI swiftly identifies key points and presents a summary, significantly reducing reading time and enhancing information absorption.

Translation and Query Resolution

WPS AI breaks down language barriers in the global workplace through its multilingual translation feature. Additionally, it serves as a personal research assistant, ready to tackle any content-related inquiries about your documents.

Document Optimization

The AI PDF Summarizer also offers document optimization, refining the formatting, tone, and style to meet professional standards. It can reformat and rewrite documents on request, enhancing readability and overall coherence.

  • Integrates seamlessly with WPS Office suite.

  • Automates tasks, enhancing office productivity.

  • Provides efficient PDF summarization, saving time.

  • Supports diverse tasks from content creation to translation.

  • Breaks language barriers with multilingual translation.

When comparing WPS AI PDF Summarizer with OpenAI's ChatGPT, both offer impressive features. However, the integration of WPS AI directly into an office suite provides additional advantages, specifically for PDF summarization. Its ability to efficiently condense lengthy PDF documents into easily digestible summaries enhances productivity and saves valuable time, offering clear benefits for all users.

2. ChatGPT PDF (Online & Offline)

ChatGPT is an innovative and powerful AI PDF summarizer chatgpt chatbot developed by OpenAI. Leveraging GPT-4 architecture, it is designed to interpret and respond to text inputs in a human-like manner. With the integration of PDF GPT, ChatGPT has expanded its capabilities to offer efficient and intelligent document summarization, particularly for PDF files.

This breakthrough in AI-powered document processing makes it a valuable tool for those seeking to condense lengthy content into manageable, concise summaries. Although it traditionally supports text-based input, the integration of PDF GPT has paved the way for direct file processing, creating a more user-friendly and efficient AI tool.

ChatGPT PDF Summarizer

Key Features

Direct Summarization from Books or Chapters

Users can now get summaries directly from books or chapters without the need for manual text input with the help of ChatGPT PDF summarizer. This makes processing large amounts of text more efficient and user-friendly.

Internet Information Expansion

ChatGPT can harness the power of the internet to expand on queries, ensuring summaries are well-rounded and comprehensive, offering a deeper understanding of the content.

Human-like Summary Generation

Thanks to its advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) abilities, ChatGPT can produce summaries that mimic human-like text, making the content easier to understand and more engaging to read.

Handling Large PDFs Efficiently

With the implementation of PDF GPT, ChatGPT can effectively process and summarize large PDF documents, making it a powerful tool for document summarization.

  • Fast document summarization.

  • Direct PDF upload capability.

  • Expanded summaries using internet information.

  • Summaries that mimic human writing style.

  • Effective processing of large PDFs.

3. Intellippt (An Intelligent PDF Summarizer)

Intellippt is a modern, AIPDF summarizer tool designed to simplify complex content into easily understandable text. This smart tool uses sophisticated algorithms to break down extensive, intricate sentences into concise ones, enhancing both readability and comprehension.

The platform is specially tailored to help presenters, enabling the transformation of detailed PDF content into powerful Powerpoint presentations with minimal effort. Intellippt delivers convenience, speed, and high-quality outputs, ensuring a smooth user experience and providing users with a valuable tool to support their professional needs.

Intellippt PDF Summarizer

Key Features

AI-Powered Summarizing

Intellippt leverages advanced algorithms to convert complex content into summarized text that is more readable and understandable. This makes the tool especially handy for those handling lengthy documents and requiring swift summaries.

PDF to PPT Conversion

Catering particularly to presenters, Intellippt simplifies the complicated process of transforming PDFs into Powerpoint presentations. This feature provides an effortless way to visually represent your information, enhancing the impact of your narrative.

Customizable Summary Size

Intellippt allows users to adjust the summary size according to their preferences. With a slider, users can easily determine the length of the summarized output.

Fast Processing

With Intellippt, a PDF to Powerpoint conversion can be completed within minutes, reducing the time typically spent on creating presentations.

3,000-Character Support

In the free version of Intellippt, users can summarize text up to 3,000 characters at a time.

  • Simplified interface for easy operation.

  • AI-assisted precision in summaries.

  • Saves time by automatically summarizing texts.

  • Suitable for students, professionals, and presenters.

  • Adjustable summary sizes based on user needs.

4. ChatPDF (Online PDF Summarizer)

ChatPDF is a powerful AI PDF Summarizer offering a unique, user-friendly way to understand and digest the information in long PDF documents. The website is well-known for its incredible accessibility and simplicity, where users only need a web browser to access its service. Designed with academic success, professional efficiency, and knowledge expansion in mind, ChatPDF makes the learning process seamless and convenient by providing summarized content from textbooks, research papers, reports, proposals, historical documents, and more. The platform provides excellent privacy and security measures, ensuring users' data is always kept confidential and securely stored.

ChatPDF Summarizer

Key Features

Chat History Access

ChatPDF offers a convenient sign-in feature, enabling users to view their previous interactions. This feature ensures you don't lose the track of past summaries and information that you found valuable.

Text-Prompt Summarization

This feature transforms how users engage with their PDF documents. By entering text prompts into the ChatPDF platform, the AI summarizer will digest and return the relevant information, breaking down complex PDFs into understandable and concise summaries.

PDF Files and URLs Summarization

Flexibility is key with ChatPDF. Whether you have a physical PDF file or a PDF accessible via a URL, the platform is capable of extracting and summarizing information from both sources. This feature ensures you can gain insights no matter how or where your document is stored.

Comprehensive Learning Tool

ChatPDF is not just a summarizer—it's a full-fledged learning tool. With the power to comprehend textbooks, handouts, and presentations effortlessly, it aids in transforming how users learn, providing them with quick and succinct content that's easy to understand and remember.

Secure Data Storage

Security is paramount in the digital age, and ChatPDF does not take it lightly. Your data is kept confidential in secure cloud storage, and should you ever wish to remove it, the platform allows for easy deletion of your data at any time.

  • Simplifies understanding of complex PDFs.

  • Prioritizes data security with easy deletion options.

  • Multilingual, facilitating global access.

  • Enhances academic learning and professional efficiency.

  • Accessible on multiple devices through a web browser.

  • User-friendly, chat-like interface.

5. LightPDF (Online with Free AI Summarizer)

LightPDF AI for Docs is an innovative online tool that leverages artificial intelligence to extract, summarize, and generate insights from various document formats like PDF, Word, Excel, and PPT. Its multi-platform, multi-language support and user-friendly interface are designed to elevate the way businesses and individuals interact with their documents. The tool provides a free, secure, and efficient means to access critical data, offering a range of features from conversion tools to an AI-powered chat function, all geared toward enabling smarter and more efficient work.

LightPDF Summarizer

Key Features

AI-Powered Document Chatbot

LightPDF AI for Docs features an intelligent chatbot capable of providing succinct and relevant responses to user queries. It navigates through the content, analyzes it, and delivers clear answers, thus assisting with tasks such as market trend analysis, financial reports, and business proposals.

Multi-Document Support

This tool accepts a range of file types, including searchable and scanned PDFs, Word, Excel, PPT, and ePub files. It helps users to gain quick understanding and insights from these documents.

Summarization and Analysis

The application generates concise summaries, tables, conclusions, and outlines from uploaded documents, enabling users to understand the main points without reading the entire text.

Multi-platform & Multi-language

LightPDF AI for Docs is accessible from any device with an internet connection and supports over 100 languages. It can be used seamlessly on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

PDF Tools

Aside from chat functionality, this application also offers a variety of PDF tools, such as conversion to and from PDF formats, editing, compressing, and adding watermarks.

  • No cost for usage, with limitless uploads and chat sessions.

  • Automates document analysis and summarization to save time.

  • Easy-to-use interface, accessible for all skill levels.

  • Aids in organizing ideas and enhancing learning.

  • Strict privacy policies ensure document confidentiality.

  • Applicable to various use cases in business, academia, and personal projects.

6. Summarize Me (Online AI Summarizing tool)

Summarise Me is a powerful web and PDF summarization tool powered by OpenAI's advanced GPT-3.5-turbo technology. It is designed to streamline the process of extracting crucial insights from web pages and PDF files, offering short, concise summaries that facilitate quick understanding of the content. While user-friendly and highly accessible, the tool emphasizes that summaries are AI-generated and might not always guarantee complete accuracy.

Summarize Me PDF Summarizer

Key Features

AI-Powered Summarization

Summarize Me employs GPT-3.5-turbo, a highly sophisticated AI model, to distill extensive information into easily digestible summaries. This AI model can sift through a variety of content types, providing a quick overview of the core points.

Web and PDF Compatibility

Whether it's a website or a PDF file, Summarize Me can handle both. Users can either input a URL or upload a PDF file to get a succinct summary of the content. The platform can handle PDF files of up to 20 MB in size, approximately equivalent to 3,000 pages.

Customizable Summary Length

Summaries can be tailored to a specific length to suit individual user needs. For web pages, the summaries can go up to 300 words, ensuring an optimum balance between brevity and detail.

Improved Token Counters

To increase reliability, Summarize Me has updated its token counters, which minimizes call failures to OpenAI. This feature enhances the tool's overall stability and performance.

Enhanced Error Handling

To ensure a smoother user experience, error handling has been incorporated, particularly during PDF processing. This helps catch and resolve issues more efficiently.

  • Uses powerful AI for efficient information summarization.

  • Compatible with both web pages and large PDF files.

  • Offers adjustable summary lengths.

  • Improved token counter enhances reliability.

  • Mobile-friendly interface for users on the go.

  • Robust error handling ensures a smooth user experience.

  • Easy-to-use with quick summary generation.

7. Genius PDF (Easy for PDF Analysis)

Genius PDF is an AI-powered document assistant designed to streamline the comprehension and analysis of PDF documents. Catering to students, professionals, and anyone with a thirst for knowledge, Genius PDF leverages advanced AI technology to parse complex texts, making knowledge acquisition and data analysis simpler and more efficient. It also ensures data safety with a secure cloud storage system. Available in three flexible pricing plans, Genius PDF can revolutionize workflows and elevate productivity for all users.

Genius PDF Summarizer

Key Features

AI-Powered Text Analysis

Genius PDF uses advanced artificial intelligence to read and understand documents, transforming lengthy and complex texts into easily comprehensible information. It is able to read and respond in any language, making it a versatile tool for international users.

Secure Cloud Storage

With Genius AI PDF Summarizer, your confidential data is kept safe. It features a secure cloud storage system that can be accessed and deleted at any time, giving you control over your information while ensuring its safety.

Flexible Pricing Plans

Genius PDF offers three pricing plans that accommodate varying user needs. Whether it's the number of questions per month, number of pages, or the number of users, you can choose the plan that fits your needs best.

Student-Focused Learning Enhancement

For students, Genius PDF transforms the way textbooks, handouts, and academic articles are studied, saving hours of laborious reading.

Tool for Curious Minds

For individuals with a curious mind, Genius AI PDF summarizer offers a gateway to an ocean of knowledge. Explore historical documents, literature, and poetry in any language, easily and efficiently.

  • Effortless AI-driven PDF comprehension.

  • Supports multiple languages.

  • Provides secure cloud storage.

  • Offers flexible pricing plans.

  • Tailored solutions for students, professionals, and curious minds.

  • Time-saving and productivity-enhancing.

Top 7 AI PDF Summarizers Compared (Free & Paid)

Summarizers Name




Website Link


WPS AI enhances office productivity

 by summarizing lengthy PDF documents into concise information.

Varies (Part of WPS Office Suite)

Web, Windows, Mac



ChatGPT PDF is a powerful AI tool

 that provides concise and efficient document summarization.

Freemium model (Free access with

 optional paid tier)

Web, Windows, Mac



Intellippt is an AI-powered PDF

 summarizing tool that simplifies complex content and is tailored for



Web, Windows, Mac



ChatPDF offers a user-friendly way

 to summarize and digest information in long PDF documents.

Freemium model (Free access with

 optional paid tier)



LightPDF AI for Docs

LightPDF provides AI-powered extraction,

 summarization, and insight generation from various document formats.

Freemium model (Free access with

 optional paid tier)

Web, Windows, Mac


Summarize Me

Summarize Me uses GPT-3.5-turbo

 technology to provide concise summaries of web pages and PDF files.

Freemium model (Free access with

 optional paid tier)


Summarize Me

Genius PDF

Genius PDF is an AI-powered document

 assistant that simplifies comprehension and analysis of PDF documents.

Flexible pricing plans

Web, Windows, Mac

Genius PDF


Q1: Can ChatGPT Summarize Research Papers?

Yes, ChatGPT can summarize research papers using natural language processing, proving beneficial in academics. Yet, it should be used responsibly due to potential flaws. WPS Office AI Version on your laptop can further enhance productivity.

Q2: Which AI Can Summarize PDF And Answer Questions As ChatGPT?

WPS Office AI, a tool incorporated within the WPS Office suite, can summarize PDFs and respond to queries, similar to ChatGPT. Leveraging advanced AI techniques, it helps users comprehend and interpret documents with ease. Therefore, WPS Office AI is a great alternative to ChatGPT, providing a seamless blend of productivity and AI-powered capabilities.

Q3: How Do I Get ChatGPT To Summarize A PDF?

  • Open OpenAI's site on your device's browser and hit "Try ChatGPT."

  • On the ChatGPT main page, key in your prompt, mentioning the desired word count.

  • Copy the content from your PDF file.

  • Paste the copied content for summarizing and press "Enter" for ChatGPT to start summarizing.


AI-powered tools such as WPS AI, ChatGPT, Intellippt, ChatPDF, LightPDF, Summarise Me, and Genius PDF are revolutionizing document management with unique, user-friendly features.

Specifically, the WPS AI PDF Summarizer shines in this arena, with its capacity to concisely summarize PDFs within an integrated office suite, including Writer, Spreadsheets, Presentations tools, and a bundled PDF Toolkit. It's not just a summarizer; it's a complete solution for efficient document management. Give the WPS AI PDF Summarizer a try to experience a smart, AI-driven workspace transformation.

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