WPS AI as an AI Paper Writer [A Completed Guide]

January 9, 2024 5.6K views

As AI paper writing tools have been on the rise for the past couple of years, the writing process has become more streamlined, efficient, and accurate. This AI writing will also help improve your work efficiency, which can be achieved by WPS AI.

WPS AI offers an efficient AI paper-writing tool that can help you write essays and research papers for both educational and professional purposes. If you are thinking about how to use this tool to your benefit, worry not because we are here to make that easy for you.

In this article, we will give you a complete guide on how to use WPS AI paper writer to make your work easy and generate high-quality essays and content for research papers. Read on to find out.

Part 1: How to Use WPS AI for Paper Writing

Start Your Essay with WPS AI

If you want to start writing essays with WPS AI, read the below-mentioned steps to find out the detailed procedure.


Step 1. First of all, open WPS Office and create a new document in the WPS Docs.

WPS document screen

Step 2. As soon as you open the document screen, you will see a widget named “WPS AI”. Click on this widget, and you will find another widget appearing on the document screen. Type “@AI”, and you will be prompted to give commands to write prompts for AI paper writing.

WPS AI screen

Step 3. Input the prompt to “write the paper about “XX” OR Write an essay about”.

WPS AI input

Step 4. Click on the send button in the input field or press Enter button to generate a response to the prompt you have written.

WPS AI generating content

Step 5. Once the response has been generated, you can edit it or adjust the prompt. You can do this by clicking on “Return” at the end of the response.

WPS return option

Step 6. Input the prompt (According to your requirement to adjust the prompt, for example, your essay is about AI writing, you want it to give you a guide on the format and structure).

Such as:

Act as a college student. You can say that write an essay about AI writing.

Step 7. The essay structure you have already written will be changed to the updated settings.

WPS AI paper writing

Modify Your Paper with WPS AI

Once you have written your essay or paper with the WPS AI, you can tweak it and modify it according to your specific needs. WPS AI allows this within the app where you can just follow the steps mentioned below to modify your paper and make it better and better till it matches your needs.

Step 1. Once you have generated a document and saved it on your PC, you can open your document in WPS.

WPS document open

Step 2. In the main document window, go to the top main menu and activate WPS AI by clicking “WPS AI”

WPS AI marked

Step 3. Choose how you want to modify the document and choose the best option that suits your needs.

WPS modifying options

Step 4. Click on the send button, and the text will be regenerated.

WPS generating screen

Step 5. You can modify the text multiple times until you are satisfied with the result and can use it in your paper.

WPS change content

This example shows that WPS AI can process a whole text of the paper. You can also do more things, including grammar checking, summarizing the topic you have written, and so on.

Part 2: More Writing Abilities of WPS AI

In addition to writing papers, essays, poetry, and stories, WPS AI can also be used to create many other genres. These include blog writing to SWOT analysis, which makes WPS AI your creative assistant that is always by your side to make things easier for you. Below are some more writing abilities of the WPS AI writer.

Read on to find out how many other ways WPS AI can help you.

Use WPS AI for Blog Post Writing

One of the unique features of WPS AI is its ability to write engaging blog posts both for educational and marketing purposes. You can use WPS AI writer in the same way as you used it for paper and easy writing by following the same steps as used above.

WPS AI writer will provide you with web-optimized content that will help you drive traffic and increase your customer base. Below is a step-by-step guide you can use WPS AI to write blog content.


Step 1. Open WPS Office on your PC and create a new document in the WPS Office.

WPS template

Step 2. Go to the top menu of the WPS Office and activate WPS AI from the widget provided.

WPS AI red marked

Step 3. A widget will appear on the document screen of the window, and you can start inputting your prompt by typing “@AI”. By typing this, you will get a list of options to choose from the type of content you want to write.

WPS blog write

Step 4: You can then start writing your prompt for writing a blog post on the topic you want.

For example, in this case, you can write it as “Write a blog post about XX”

WPS AI input screen

Step 5. Generate the response to a blog post prompt by clicking on the send button.

Use WPS AI for Job Description

If you are an organization looking to hire talented staff for your work, you don’t have to write all the descriptions by yourself when WPS AI is there to do the job for you. WPS AI job description generator will help you ditch the need to manually write job descriptions and will help you write well-structured and web-optimized job descriptions.


Step 1. Open WPS Office and create a new document

WPS template main

Step 2. Activate the WPS AI by clicking on the “WPS AI” option available on the top menu.

WPS main window

Step 3. Input the prompt like “Write a job description about XX job title”

WPS input about job description

Step 4. Generate the response as mentioned above, i.e., by clicking the send button the required response will be generated in the document you are writing in.

WPS AI job description

Part 3: Why Choose WPS AI

WPS AI is the best AI writing tool available to the general audience who wants to write stories, blog posts, poems, job descriptions, and essays or papers. However, with a lot of options available on the Internet, you will be looking for the things that set WPS apart from other AI writing tools on the market.

Below here are some of the unique benefits WPS offers its users. For example:

  1. The interface is quite easy to use

  2. You can write about any topic on the earth and get the required output

  3. AI-generated facts and research based on factual results

  4. Use of creative language that is crucial for essay and paper writing

  5. You can get versatile output that is suited to every type of writing

  6. You can improve the quality of already-written content

Part 4: How to Download WPS AI?

WPS AI can’t be downloaded now, but the first version is releasing soon on the To get the WPS AI as soon as it is released, you can follow the below-mentioned detailed steps.

Step 1. Go to the website and find the login form available to get the latest version of the WPS AI as soon as it is released. You will have to provide your Name, email, and occupation or industry you belong to register your spot on the waitlist of the WPS AI.

WPS AI login form

Step 2. Once the form has been filled, you will be directed to a new window where you can see the message confirming that you have been added to the waitlist of the users wanting to download WPS AI.

WPS AI message

Step 3. After sending the details, you will be added to the waitlist, and whenever the WPS AI has been released into the market, you will get a notification on your provided email that your software program is ready to download.

FAQs about AI Paper Writer

Q.1. Can AI Paper Writer replace human researchers and authors?

No, currently, no AI can replace human researchers and authors because of their inability to think with emotions. But yes, it can make it easier for people to write.

Q.2. How does AI Paper Writer ensure accuracy and reliability in research?

AI Paper Writer, like other AI-based tools, relies on a combination of techniques and processes to ensure accuracy and reliability in research. These include training on vast amounts of data, quality control during training, and verification and fact-checking of the provided information.

By using these approaches along with ethical considerations and transparency, the AI Paper Writer evaluates the stability and accuracy of the generated content.


Till now, you have found out how to use WPS AI for essay and paper writing. This WPS AI paper writer uses multiple algorithms and datasets to analyze the content of the generated essay and paper, so one thing you can be sure about is the accuracy of the provided information.

Moreover, the WPS Office suite makes it easier to handle the WPS AI writer and generate information that you find more relatable. WPS AI also helps you modify the information you have already produced or tweak it to change the point of view or genre of the generated information.

Plus, unlike other AI tools available on the market, WPS AI is completely free to use with more functionality and ease of use than other tools used for AI writing.

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