AI Privacy Policy

These AI Privacy Policy form a part of the WPS Office Software Privacy Policydescribing how we collect, use, and share the information generated during your use of AI service. Other content (Including but not limited to your personal information rights, etc)will still be executed according to WPS Office Software Privacy Policy.

Before using AI service, it is recommended that you read AI privacy policy carefully and continue to use AI service after fully understanding and accepting it.


1. Definitions

(1)AIrefers to any feature(s) or functionality made available by WPS Office through the API of Azure Open AI provided by Microsoft that utilize data models trained by machine learning.


2. What Information Do We Collect

 We will collect your Non-Personal Data(Non-Personal Datais the data that cannot be used to identify you) for providing AI service,including:

(1)Your Content Data

You may provide input to the AI services (Input), and receive output generated and returned by the AI services based on the Input (Output), Input and Output are collectively Content(the same below).

(2)Your operation data

Such as the time, frequency and click data of your use of AI Service.

3. How We Use Your Non-Personal Data

We process your information for following specific purposes and only process non-personal data related to achieving that purpose:

(1) to provide the Services, which include troubleshooting, customizing, identifying, supporting.

(2) to improve and develop our Services.

(3) to protect the security and prevent criminal activity.

(4) to comply with our legal obligations.

We may at our own discretion, collect, use, process, transfer or disclose Non-Personal Data for other purposes as well.


4. Who We Share with

We will share your content data(only referring to your “Input” data)with the AI Services Provider Microsoft in order to support you to achieve basic AI service. You can find and read the Data Protection Policy of Microsoft at the following url:





5. Special Notice

(1) Please do not provide any personal data (including but not limited to the data that reveals personally identifiable information, racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs or trade union membership, health data or data concerning sex), business secret and other sensitive data in any Input to AI. Otherwise, all the legal consequences caused by this shall be borne by yourself.

(2) If you choose to use AI service, WPS shall regard your choice as consent of Data Protection Policy of Microsoft (Licensing Documents (microsoft.com)). WPS will not assume any liability that results from a breach of Microsoft data protection policy.

(3) If you choose to use AI service, you may not use AI features in a manner that violates any Azure Open AI policy of Microsoft(Microsoft Azure Legal Information | Microsoft Azure).WPS will not assume any liability that results


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