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10 best examples of spreadsheet excel

August 30, 2022

10 Best Examples Spreadsheet excel are used for different purposes according to the requirement. It is used for the classification of data. The data that is to be managed is inserted into the spreadsheet in tabular form. This data is stored after applying calculations. All the necessary data calculation formulas are already available in the spreadsheet templates.

There are 10 Best Examples Spreadsheet Excel that are free to download and have formula. These free sheets are downloaded from the WPS office. There are several templates that are convenient to use. These templates can be modified and updated. the organization of data in each cell contributes to the formation of whole reports that are significant for different purposes.

Colorful Excel Schedule

This spreadsheet template is used for setting and tracking the milestones in an organization. The organization of milestones is editable in this spreadsheet template.

The Minutes of the Meeting

This template is used for managing time for different tasks. The tasks can be written down in chronological order and date and time can be assigned to each task.

OKR Spreadsheet Weekly Checklist

This spreadsheet template can be used as a checklist. The objectives can be mentioned and deadlines can be assigned to each work.

Travel Carry-on List

This spreadsheet template is used as a travel checklist. Individuals or the agents of the companies can also use this for organized travelling. The luggage essential list can also be maintained in this.

Sales Performance Report

This template is used for the better recording of data related to sales management. Sales can be organized through this spreadsheet and performamnce can be tracked.

Store October Merchandise Sales Monthly Report

This template is used for maintenance of record of merchandise. There sales and storage is recorded and automatic graphic report is also made in the form of charts.

Diet and Exercise Schedule

This diet and exercise schedule is used for better management of health. It helps in achieving the health goal. This can be used by nutritionist and gym trainers.

Purchase Request Form for Items

Purchase request form is often used by retailers to list the items that are indeed or out of stock. All the high in demand are products are often mentioned in this spreadsheet excel.

Construction Schedule Gantt Chart

This construction schedule spreadsheet is used for maintaining the construction process under observation. Through this all the construction material is listed for better and smooth construction. The charts are also automatically constructed in this spreadsheet.

Annual Budget Statem

This spreadsheet is used for constructing better  annual budget statements. All the fiscal expenses and incomes are mentioned in this.

The free to download spreadsheets are a perfect for better hustle free management. These best example spread sheet excel are free sheets. These templates are proven to be highly effective and are used for both individual and organizational use. These spreadsheet help the managers as well are analyst to store and extract data for highly effective management. WPS office should  be downloaded for getting samples that are user friendly.

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