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10 Simple Sales Pipeline Excel Templates

September 30, 2022

Growing your business and scaling your customer base requires a sales pipeline excel template. If you're a startup just off the ground, you might not have the money to buy new tools, such as a CRM.

However, even if you're just looking to start with your 10 templates, you need to keep track of your prospects and deals. Interested in tracking your sales for free? If you are using Excel, Google Sheets, or another app, try a sales pipeline excel template.

1.Sales Chart Individual Sales Person Chart Template

With this template from the Sales chart, you can customize your pipeline spreadsheet as needed. You can adjust both your deal stages and your win probability formula to create more accurate forecasts.

2.Store Sales Data Analysis Template 

To increase your team's performance and generate powerful sales results, generating daily, weekly, and monthly sales reports are perhaps the most powerful action you can take. Try this store sales data analysis template!

3.Sales Clerk Performance Report Template

In a sales report or sales analysis report, you can find out how the company is doing in terms of its sales activities. The report analyzes the sales funnel and sales executive stages over time and shows the trends in sales over time.

4.Sales Plan Timeline Template 

A good sales plan timeline template is essential for achieving sales and marketing goals. Tracking progress toward strategic goals is more effective when a sales plan is presented on a timeline with clear objectives each month, quarter, or annually.

5.Sales Situation Sheet Template

Sales account for a large portion of a business's earnings. At the end of every accounting period, accurate information should be collected through proper monitoring. Try this sales situation sheet template!

6.Creative Sales Schedule Template

In order to create a Startup Balance Business, a creative sales schedule template is needed. The sales sheet records information such as cash, requiring it to be reported on the balance sheet. 

7.Individual Sales Report Template

To optimize individual sales performance and ensure healthy business growth, managers and sales representatives need to have access to modern sales analysis reports.

8.Sales Volume Report Template

Modern sales reporting software has made it easier for businesses to report sales volume than ever before. Sales Volume Report Template provides interactive reports in the form of professional dashboards that are easy to create and understand by anyone without requiring any technical expertise.

9.Daily Sales Report Template

A retail store or other small business can use this daily sales report template to track daily sales. A tab containing sample data is included in the template, and a tab containing blank data is also included.

10.Sales Staff Next Week Schedule Template

It can be challenging to keep track of all the tasks and responsibilities involved in a typical workday. Your team needs a well-planned schedule to achieve all their weekly targets. Must try this Sales Staff Next Week Schedule Template!

Final Thoughts

I hope you would enjoy the above sales pipeline excel templates that can help to manage your sales reports. WPS offers these templates, so what you’re waiting for? Go and download the WPS Office and enjoy its bundle of online templates. 

15 years of office industry experience, tech lover and copywriter. Follow me for product reviews, comparisons, and recommendations for new apps and software.