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Best 10 unique sales and commission structure templates excel

August 11, 2022

Most of the Excel templates only contain limited functionality with only basic formulas. WPS Office has unique sales and commission Excel templates that function more like software solutions and generate comprehensive, automated results from essential user input. Our unique range of Excel templates includes solutions for accounting, financial statements, management accounts, cash flow, personal finance, fixed assets, costing, and many more.

Are you looking for a simple sales and commission structure excel template? Then, you are at the right place; here, you’ll find the 10 best and most unique templates in this article.  Each template corresponds to a different sales commission calculation scenario.

1.Sales Commission Calculator Excel Template

It is the best Excel template of sales commission structure for business; in most companies, salespersons are paid a percentage of their sales as a commission. Each sales team member's performance is dynamically calculated. Using our sales commission calculator, it will be simple to figure out how much money you'll make from each sale.

Try this template in WPS and save in Word doc:

2.Daily Sales Report Excel Template

This daily report Excel template shows a summary of the entire day. It is a general and easy-to-understand daily sales report template. Its format will help you draft a good, easy, and understandable design sales report. At the forefront, the quality of any good report is that anyone can understand it.

Try this template in WPS and save in Word doc:

3.Product Price List  Excel Template

Businesses involve selling of products and services, it is essential to have a template to include the prices of products. This sales commission structure Excel template helps you to carry out all necessary activities successfully and you can easily download it.

Try this template in WPS and save in Word doc:

4.Duty Roster Excel Template

This  duty roster excel template enables you to define, schedule clearly, and divide the different tasks of any team member, such as school teacher for a summer camp, housekeeping maid, auto-duty security guard, doctor's aid, and more. This way, all the Roster Templates camp members would know when their services are needed monthly, weekly, or daily.

Try this template in WPS and save in Word doc:

5.Sales Personnel Commission Calculation

This template with predefined formulas helps quickly calculate personnel commission based on different criteria and conditions. For example, you can calculate the sales target, amount of completion, the base of commission, and the total amount of commissions in the table form of the excel template.

Try this template in WPS and save in Word doc:

6.Annual Analysis & Summary Report Of Sales Data Excel Template

This Unique Sales Commission Structure Excel Template is available in the consolidated annual sales data report Excel Template to record and analyze sales data for a year. Analysis summary report excel template in the year of sales data to make your work easier.

Try this template in WPS and save in Word doc:

7.Sales & Purchase Form of Goods Excel Template

It is the best sales commission structure Excel template for keeping track of business sales and purchases, eliminating confusion for the vendor, overbilling, incorrect quantities of goods, payments coming in, and goods going out. This template helps companies present an organized, professional appearance when dealing with customers.

Try this template in WPS and save in Word doc:

8.Sales Commission Settlement List Excel Template

This sales commission structure Excel template helps you to calculate sales, total commission, date, quantity, sales of payment, amount of sales, and more. In addition, it specifies the appropriate commission percentage in chart form. It is easy to use and improves work efficiency in Excel templates.

Try this template in WPS and save in Word doc:

9.Creative Sales Statistic Sheet Excel Template

It is a unique type of sales commission structure Excel template which allows you to visualize a salesman's monthly or yearly sales distribution. By downloading this you can easily keep track of sales and profits with a creative sales statistic. You calculate the sales of income per product and compare monthly sales between salesmen via charts and tables.

Try this template in WPS and save in Word doc:

10.Simple Creative Sales Budget Excel Template

This template of sales commission structure Excel helps you to track and manage your business expenses. So, you can make the best strategic decisions for your company with a business budget template. It also helps you to creates a yearly sales plan, compare data overtime and across the product with cash income, expected income via charts.

Try this template in WPS and save in Word doc:

Calculating sales and commission in a sales company is one of the important things. It’s okay to develop and create custom templates in Excel. No doubt it is time-consuming. The main challenges are generating a copy, managing different versions, and sending the correct data to the right rep.

WPS Office has solved many problems and provides software, tools, templates, and more solutions. For more advanced scenarios, to eliminate or add sales commission Excel sheets altogether, download and use WPS Office for free more useful templates like these.

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