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10 special excel templates for employee annual training plan

April 27, 2023

It is worthwhile to spend a little time looking at the built-in excel templates because they can save you a lot of time. You can use a template to make consistent workbooks that you can customize for particular purposes. Employers can obtain information from workers about a particular course by using an employee training information form. Use our 10 special excel templates for the annual Employee Training Plan Form, whether you're a manager or an employee, to collect the data you need to effectively train your staff! Ten special templates for annual employee training are listed here for you.

Chart of Training Effectiveness (by department) Template

The influence of training on employees' knowledge, skills, performance, and the business's return on investment is measured by the Chart of Training Effectiveness (by department) template. Before the training, the goals and objectives should be decided upon, allowing for precise measurement.

Corporate Training Implementation Plan Template

The corporate Training Implementation Plan template is designed for people who want to generate training plans based on cooperative implementation. This template is now easily available for downloading.

Employee On-the-job Training Form Template

The employee on-the-job training form is designed beautifully for employee training. This template works great if you are an employee searching for a good training plan.

New Employee Orientation Training Follow-up Form Template

The new employee orientation form is designed beautifully for employee orientation. This template works great for the orientation of the employees. Get this template now for free.

Staff Training Record Template

Now you can record your staff while training using this template. This template is specially designed for keeping a record of the staff training.

Dark Training Record Template

For keeping a training record, this employee training plan template is available. You can use it on your mobile phone now. This spreadsheet is easily available for your phone, laptop, and pc.

Employee Training Log Template

An excel template called the Employee Training Log makes it easy to track and manage employees who are undergoing training to improve their abilities. Corporate workers, in particular, have the opportunity to expand their skill sets in large organizations.

Employee Productivity Calculator Template

There is a template that acts as a calculator called a training productivity calculator. Now you can calculate the percentage of productivity of each employee on training using this template.

Employee Registration Form Template

The employee training registration form is a template that serves as a registration form. Using this template, you can now register the employee for training.

Employee Entry Management Form Template

The employee training entry is managed by using this training plan template. This spreadsheet works on the free-to-download formula.

The bottom line

Excel template, a spreadsheet program, is used to record and examine numerical and statistical data. Consider searching for Excel templates for staff yearly training programs but coming up empty-handed. We got something for you then. WPS's office! It provides extremely cost-free templates. Each is simple to download. Many of them are even available for free download. If you don't want any more problems, stop searching everywhere and accept this offer from the WPS office now.

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