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3 basic usage scenarios of WPS office software

July 31, 2023

Do you know in what scenario WPS software is the best choice? There are so many advantages and features in WPS office software, such as low memory usage, fast running speed, multiple cloud functions, powerful plug-in platform support, and free online storage space and document templates, etc..

Scenario One: The first choice for ordinary office workers

WPS office software is the first choice for ordinary office workers who only use basic functions. It is user-friendly for users with low computer configuration, especially for some of companies and families with old computers. WPS office software can be used well, but also solves the problems that some users do not know how to activate office.

Scenario Two: All users can select the favorite template in the Template Store

If you often need to use the Word, PPT or Excel template in the Template Store, you can also choose to use WPS office software.

Scenario Three: Beginners who are using office software for the first time

For beginners, it is recommended to use WPS office software, which is easy to download and install. Its concise environment is more suitable for beginners, which is obvious in formulas learning.

Gettingmore and more popular, WPS office software is constantly improving our office efficiency and making our work and study in our daily life more convenient. If you want to know more about WPS office software,feel free to refer to WPS Academy!

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What is Template Store

Template Store is a unique feature in WPS office software designed to let you find templates you like, preview and install them on your store with a single click. Template Store's main purpose is to be inexpensive, easy and fast.

 Note: Join the membership of WPS office software and you can select all kinds of templates in WPS office software.

WPS is an office software suite that can realize the most commonly used text, forms, presentations, PDF reading and other functions of office software.

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