4 unique features of WPS Office

March 18, 2022

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Do you know of any features in WPS Office that Microsoft Office doesn't have? In this article, you will learn about 4 unique features in WPS Office.

An introduction to the unique features of WPS Office Spreadsheet:

Cross of the cursor

1. Click the View button, and choose the Reading Layout drop-down button to select a color you like.

Built-in color picker

1. Right-click on the shape you want to change the color, choose Shape Fill drop-down button, select the Eyedropper button and click on the shape you want to draw the color.

Smart form

In general, we draw tables with fixed ranges. If you fill in more data than the table limit, you need to manually add rows and columns. In WPS Office Spreadsheet, smart forms have two advantages over regular forms.

1. When the data exceeds the range of the original table, the smart table will automatically expand to fit the data. Meanwhile, it will automatically add color blocks to the cells.

2. The smart table has the filtering function by default, saving users the trouble of manual settings.

Cells merge

Cells merge is relatively simple in Excel, and many complex cells mergers need to be completed manually by users.

WPS has more diversified functions of merging cells. Take Merge Content as an example, it will automatically retain all cell contents while keeping the original location format unchanged.

There are also some common functions, such as Merge and Center, Merge Cells , and Unmerge Cells, and so on.

What is Eyedropper in WPS Office

An Eyedropper is a tool for picking up colors. Its symbol is often represented by a straw. You can click on a color to pick it up. In Adobe Color Picker, you can select colors based on HSB (Hue, Saturation, and Brightness), RGB (red, green, and blue) color models, or specify colors based on their hexadecimal values.

Until now, we have learned the unique features of WPS Office. If you're interested in more detailed operations about WPS Office, feel free to refer to WPS Academy!

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