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The best AI Spelling and Grammar Check tool - WPS Office AI Spell Check

March 20, 2024

WPS Office elevates your writing experience by introducing the innovative "AI Spell Check" feature. This cutting-edge functionality delivers a unique document refinement experience, offering professional guidance across four proofreading dimensions: correctness, clarity, delivery, and engagement. Users can gain clear insights into their texts and effortlessly make necessary modifications, enhancing their overall document quality.

WPS AI Spell Check

AI proofread your text in four dimensions.


"Correctness" is one of the fundamental aspects that a spelling check tool must ensure. It typically includes the following checks:

  1. Spelling accuracy: Ensuring that words are spelled correctly according to the language's standard dictionary. 

  2. Grammar correctness:  Verifying that the sentence structure and grammar adhere to the rules of the language. This includes checking for proper verb tense, subject-verb agreement, and sentence structure (such as avoiding sentence fragments or run-on sentences).

  3. Punctuation correctness: Ensuring that punctuation marks are used appropriately and according to the rules of the language. This involves checking for correct placement of commas, periods, apostrophes, quotation marks, colons, semicolons, etc.

    Checking Correctness

WPS AI Spell Check can accurately identify the types of spelling errors mentioned above. When typing, if an error occurs, it will automatically underline it in red.


"Clarity" refers to the tool's ability to ensure that the corrected text is clear, easy to understand, and effectively communicates the intended message. This includes:

  1. Sentence Structure: Providing corrections or suggestions to improve the structure of sentences, making them easier to read and understand.

  2. Conciseness: Identifying and suggesting ways to eliminate unnecessary words or phrases, reducing redundancy and improving readability.

  3. Coherence: Ensuring that the flow of the text is logical and coherent, with smooth transitions between ideas and paragraphs.


Checking Clarity

Typically, if there's an error in clarity in your content, WPS AI Spell Check will mark it with a blue underline in real-time. You might not understand why such clarity suggestions are made; clicking the exclamation mark icon next to the suggestion will provide the reason. You can choose to accept or dismiss the suggestion.


"Delivery" in spelling check primarily ensures that the content can be conveyed effectively to the reader. This includes:

  1. Word Choice: An inappropriate word choice can potentially lead to a misinterpretation of the entire sentence. WPS AI Spell Check suggests alternative words or phrases that may enhance clarity or convey the intended meaning more effectively.

  2. Tone and Style:  Tone and style are important in spell check because they shape the overall impression and effectiveness of the written message. WPS AI Spell Check offers recommendations to align the tone and style of writing with the intended audience or purpose, ensuring clarity and appropriateness.

Checking Delivery

Determining whether sentence delivery is appropriate is often hard to define manually and depends on the formality of your writing. It's recommended to specify the type of content by Click the Set Goals button, which helps AI Spell Checker provide more accurate suggestions.


"Engagement" in AI spell check ensures that the user remains actively involved and interested in the current text. This envolves:

  1. Word Choice: WPS AI spell check tool not only identifying misspelled words but also suggesting alternative words that might better fit the context or convey the intended meaning more effectively for a better engagement.

  2. Detail Enrichment: WPS AI Spell Check has the ability to go beyond simple spelling and grammar corrections by offering suggestions to enrich the details and depth of the text. This could include recommending synonyms or providing additional information to add depth, precision, or nuance to the writing. 

    By enriching the details, the tool helps users create more engaging and compelling content, keeping them actively involved and interested in refining their writing to achieve the desired impact.

  3. Emotional connection: WPS AI Spell Check can also choose words that evoke emotions and build a connection with your audience.

    Checking Engagement

Set goals to get tailored writing suggestions

Prior to starting the proofreading process, users must choose the type of document they want to refine. The settings interface provides five categories to choose from: Academic, Business, General, Email, and Creative. This ensures that the proofreading suggestions are aligned with the characteristics of the document.

Academic:Rigorous, Objective, Accurate, Concise, and Structured.

In the academic section, users need to select proofreading features that align with the type of document and writing format.

Business: Practical, Concise, and Clear.

General: Simple, Understandable, Vivid, and Engaging.

Email: Concise, Clear, Polite, and Formatted.

Creative: Diverse, Distinctive, Vivid, Novel, and Resonant.

In order to choose the correct proofreading features, users must select options that align with their writing intent, target audience, and text format. There are four distinct categories to choose from.

INTENT:For instance, when the user's document falls under the business category, considering that business articles should be concise and practical, in the writing intent section, the user can select the "Convince" option.

AUDIENCE:To ensure readability for both sellers and buyers, in the target audience section, the user can choose "General" to ensure the text's simplicity.

FORMALITY:Finally, business articles must adhere to formal and standardized writing, so in the text format section, the user can select "Formal" to ensure the absence of slang or informal language.

(Brief introductions to each option are provided below the respective gray words.)

Real-time Identification

Proofreading your document using the AI Proofreader feature is simple. Begin by selecting the desired text or the entire document, and then click on the AI Proofreader banner. Afterwards, a window will appear on the right side of the interface, asking you to choose the appropriate category in the document type selection interface.

Modification suggestions: red indicates correctness, blue clarity, yellow delivery, and green engagement.

Clicking on a modification suggestion takes the user to the relevant section in the original text, while the right-side window displays a brief overview of the modification and two optional choices.

User-Friendly Correction Options

Users can accept or reject suggestions. Accept changes by clicking "Accept", or dismiss them if no changes are needed.For users seeking clarification on modification reasons, an info button in the upper right corner of the card provides detailed explanations.

Additionally, users can easily keep track of the total number of modification suggestions available in the window. These suggestions are categorized into four different types. In cases where there are multiple suggestions of a particular type, there is an option to accept all suggestions with just one click. This option is located at the top of the right-side window.


WPS Office AI Spell Checker empowers you with intelligent document refinement. Address correctness, clarity, delivery, and engagement for comprehensive improvement. Accept or reject suggestions based on your needs for a personalized and efficient editing experience. Enjoy a more convenient and intelligent way to write with confidence.

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