Background settings in WPS Presentation

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Background settings in WPS Presentation

Background settings in WPS Presentation

A suitable background will make your Presentation more aesthetic and vivid when editing a presentation.

Take this presentation as an example.

Click Edit, head to the Tools column, and select the Design menu, where you can customize the background effect.

You can take a solid color as your background or use an image to be your background.

How to set the solid color background effect?

At Background Color, multiple colors are available for you to choose from. Select any icon here to set this color as your background.

If you want more than that, Image background can help you make a more exquisite presentation.

At Image Background, select the picture you want to set. Then, click OK.

If the picture size is too large to set, you can tailor it to fit your need.

How to set the page background in batches?

For example, if we want to apply the background of the first page to all pages. Click Apply to all slides.

If you find the background on the current page is inappropriate, click Clear current background.

You can also clear all backgrounds in batches. After clicking Clear current background, click Apply to all slides again.

On WPS PC, you can customize the color and transparency of backgrounds. Come and try it.