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August 11, 2022

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When planning an event or managing a project, a to-do list can help you prioritize and keep track of your progress. Breaking down your goal into bite-sized chunks and organizing your time can be easier when you list out all the necessary steps in one place. 

A To-Do List Template is a perfect tool for keeping track of all your tasks, from school assignments and work projects to grocery lists and household chores.

For further customization, the Excel To-Do List Templates are perfect. Also, you can use them to calculate various formulas for tracking your priority level, progress status, and several completed tasks:

  • To-Do List Templates can be downloaded in PDF format then printed.

  • Google Docs files are perfect for real-time collaboration and automatic syncing with a team or partner at work.

  • Download the Word files if you wish to tackle your tasks offline.

What is a To-Do List?

It is a tool that helps you organize your tasks. Using it, you can keep track of everything that you are responsible for in one place. Ensure that the list is comprehensive. 

Only after you have exhausted all the tasks can you begin prioritizing, adding due dates, and seeing a light at the end of the tunnel can you begin to prioritize them.

To some, it feels like to-do lists have been around forever. From the beginning of time, people have jotted down stuff on scraps of paper. The reason for that is that there is always something to do.

As time has gone on, something has only become more complex and dense. We use it as a map to guide us in an increasingly hectic world, starting with food and shelter.

To-do lists will reveal some tasks that are not as important as others, so you can schedule your time more efficiently. There will be others that stand out as critical. 

You can schedule your time wisely and accomplish what must be accomplished when you have a deadline attached to these important tasks.

The Need for a To-Do List Template

Taking a look at your day should convince you that to-do lists are valuable. There are so many things to do there, aren't there? You have tasks to complete, bills to pay, places to be, and people to meet, no matter if you are working or just living your life.

Working from home can make the list seem endless, especially if it all gets blurry together. So you can see the whole picture, it's best to jot down those items, or better yet, put them in a template.

You should now be able to see how a to-do list template will help you stay organized. Therefore, you're more likely to get your work done since it's more manageable. It feels good to cross the items off your to-do list once you have an outline to guide your actions.

It gives you a sense of moving forward rather than just tackling whatever task you have at the moment when you are organized. You will feel motivated and less overwhelmed by doing this. A to-do list is the first step in creating a plan. Plan and you'll save time when you execute it, according to studies.

Improves memory: You won't be able to store all the information in your memory, regardless of how good it is. 

Productivity is improved:Prioritizing allows you to separate the wheat from the chaff and focus on tasks that matter, without wasting time on useless tasks. Among other things, to-do lists can help you manage your time better.

Improves focus: Distractions keep productivity at bay because they are distracting. It is helpful to keep yourself on track by having a to-do list. 

Motivates you:Checking off each item on your list provides a sense of accomplishment as you reach your goals. The cumulative effect of that builds motivation.

Reasons for Using To-Do List Templates

1. Personal usage

Despite our preference for creative chaos, we sometimes feel the urge to organize a variety of things. To make sure we don't forget anything, we make a to-do list the day before we travel, when packing for a business trip or a family trip.

A more organized lifestyle is, however, preferred by some of us. Every issue is treated as a separate project with tasks, and the entire week is planned. We are all responsible for managing our own lives, so it seems like a business-like approach.

2. Business usage

Teams that perform well track their projects and tasks properly. Smart companies, however, opt to go paperless and implement online solutions instead of generating piles of paper.

The task management apps they use work as templates for to-do lists in this case. Cloud-based applications allow each team member to access them from anywhere. No matter where users are, they can keep track of their task list with these tools.

Ways of Organizing Tasks?

Each of us maintains a different workflow and has different needs and expectations. So there's no one way to manage tasks that will suit everyone. 

If we're not sure we've made the right choice, it's a good idea to give other options a try before making a final selection. When we use a tool that works for us, we can accomplish more.

Which are the best methods for creating a highly organized and top-notch to-do list?

Put your manual skills to use 

Those who are familiar with crafting and prefer scratching tasks off of paper will love this. Create a DIY task list by drawing columns with task name, due date (or duration), priority, and a place for notes on progress. 

Template for printable checklists 

There are many printable list templates online if you prefer ready-made solutions. Most decent daily to-do list templates are free, but some are fancier and require a download fee. 

A planner 

A book-shaped planner is ideal if you want all your tasks in one place. Calendars and notepads can be either predefined calendars or blank ones,

A spreadsheet

Traditional solutions are available for those who prefer them. Despite their age, Excel or Google spreadsheets still work well when dealing with a variety of tasks,

Apps for to-do lists 

Ideal for individual use or team use to monitor business activities. Automatically track your tasks with them. The app lets you create a list and a description for each task, and then set due dates, priorities, and descriptions. 

Where to Find To-Do List Templates?

For those who wish to prepare a to-do list from scratch, there is a wealth of ready-made, printable templates on the Internet.

1. Vertex42 

In 2003, Vertex42 began offering spreadsheet templates, calculators, and calendars to its users. Besides Microsoft Excel, Open Office, and Google Sheets, they also offer documents in other formats. Also available are tutorials for various levels of Excel advancement.

Additionally, they provide many free templates for to-do lists. They can all be printed and downloaded in PDF or Excel format. Listed below are simple yet complete task lists for both personal (and family) as well as business use. Others serve as goal trackers, while some are prioritized. 

2. OnPlanners

The OnPlanners website offers a variety of weekly to-do lists and daily planners. From organizing daily family chores to writing down your weekly plans, you can use them for many things. 

They also offer templates for daily to-do lists, if you're into detailed planning. It is free to download OnPlanners templates; however, an email address is required before downloading.

3. Printsberry

Templates for planners are available on Printsberry. With their printable to-do list templates, you can manage family matters, plan events, or create a pre-trip checklist. Some templates have priority columns; others have just one column per day.

There are also templates for daily task lists and family chore charts in addition to weekly to-do lists. All of them can be downloaded in PDF format and printed; you can also customize their formats.

4. 101 Planners

There is more to 101 Planners than just a list of tasks and checklists. The tool creates custom to-do lists for you based on your preferences. Choosing a template (such as several columns, a background, a checklist, the first day of the week, etc.) is the first step.

As a result, each column can be dedicated to a particular purpose, e.g., the task name, progress notes, deadlines, etc. To-do list templates can be downloaded and printed in various formats.

5. Templatelab

To help you stay organized, Templatelab offers 47 to-do list templates. There are many blank ones, but you can also find some that are prepared for a specific purpose, such as a wedding or a Christmas to-do list. Spreadsheets are perfect for keeping track of assignments.

You cannot customize these templates, but you can print them. The downloads are free, but a Google Ad is displayed before the process begins.

6. Templates by Canva

We all use Canva daily. We can streamline the simple content design with its easy-to-use interface and a wide variety of graphic resources. 

In addition to to-do list templates, this platform also offers checklists for a variety of purposes and weekly to-do lists. The Canva creator can also be used to create your own.

7. Miro

Despite its focus on teams, Miro is a great tool for individuals as well. Aside from making the tool easy to use, it also provides a wide range of templates that streamline its use. You can use Miro's free plan if you want to go paperless and are eco-friendly.

8. Todoist

Todoist is the most frequently selected to-do list app for business and personal use. Your tasks will be perfectly organized with the help of the tool, which works as a checklist template.

To manage daily and weekly assignments from anywhere, you can use its web version or desktop app; it also offers a mobile app. Assign a priority, include notes to increase transparency, track progress, and mark completed tasks.

9. Weje 

The Weje workspace allows for team collaboration and is free to use. There is a template library where users can pick up ready-made patterns and share them with their colleagues. 

Cards can also be used to supply information to a blank online canvas. To-Do cards can be used for task details, priorities, and notes on a To-Do list, for example. 

There is also the option of uploading or inserting related information directly from the Web, as well as drawing, adding notes online, and leaving comments for collaborators.

10. MasterBundles

As one of the most popular marketplaces on the entire digital marketplace, MasterBundles has a wide selection of products, useful guides, and interesting articles. 

Hundreds of solutions are available here for a variety of projects. Among them are presentations, logos and templates, font packages, illustrations, icons, and clipart.

Using MasterBundles planner templates is the best way to organize your work correctly. This digital marketplace offers products ready for full customization or printed planner versions.


With, you can edit templates to meet your needs and print them immediately. You can download Excel, Sheets, or Numbers-compatible designs for inventory, tasks, checklists, price lists, posters, and more. You can download these templates for free. 


You can organize your most important tasks in Microsoft Excel with a to-do list. A new task can be added, along with dates, and other notes. You can assemble all your tasks in one spreadsheet

A to-do list in Excel can simplify your work process and store all your information, whether you are preparing a move-in checklist or a project task list. 

A simple task list and daily to-do list can be planned using Excel. You might not be able to use Excel when you have multiple teammates and tasks to handle. There are too many manual tasks, no team accountability, and collaboration is difficult.

Managing tasks, tracking deadlines, following work progress, and fostering team collaboration make sense with a robust to-do list tool. Fortunately, you can download WPS Office. It brings all of these to the table and so much more.

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