10 Best Printable Grocery List Template PDF

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Do you often need help with your grocery shopping? Say goodbye to those issues! This article introduces you to the game-changing 'Free Grocery List Template PDF' from WPS Office. These templates will transform your shopping trips into a breeze, making it easier to track what you need. Discover how to simplify your grocery buying and inventory tracking like never before!

10 Grocery List Templates PDF Free Download

    1. Simple Grocery Checklist

The "Simple Grocery Checklist" is a straightforward and efficient tool designed to make grocery shopping an easy, organized, and stress-free experience. This template serves as a guide, listing all the essential items you need to buy, such as dairy products, bakery items, proteins, fruits, and more. You can track what you need and have already picked up, all in one place.

It is designed to streamline the shopping process and ensure you remember everything crucial. Furthermore, this simple grocery checklist is very flexible - you can easily add or remove items based on your needs.

Best For

This "Simple Grocery Checklist" is best for anyone who desires an organized, straightforward grocery shopping experience. It is especially beneficial for students living independently, busy professionals, or anyone who values efficiency and convenience when it comes to grocery shopping.

A great feature of this template is that it can be saved for recurring use. It allows you to update the checklist based on your weekly needs rather than creating a new one from scratch every time. Furthermore, the template can be exported as a PDF, making it easy to share, print, or view on any device for your convenience while shopping.

    2. Simple Grocery List

The "Simple Grocery List" is a comprehensive, easy-to-follow template to facilitate your grocery shopping experience. This template provides an organized way to jot down all the items you need to pick up on your next visit to the grocery store. It encompasses various items, ensuring that you have everything you need for your daily meals, snacks, and home necessities.

The template is divided into different sections, each carrying a clear heading to help you streamline your shopping process. One of its many useful features is the ability to export the list as a PDF. It can be particularly helpful to print or share it with others.

Best For

The Simple Grocery List template is not just for a specific group of individuals. It can be used by anyone who needs an organized way to do their grocery shopping. Therefore, it is suitable for students learning to manage their groceries, teachers who want a structured list to follow, busy professionals who need to streamline their shopping, families for their weekly grocery haul, and anyone else who shops for groceries.

    3. Blue Shopping List

The "Blue Shopping List" is a charming and organized template to facilitate your shopping experience. It employs an appealing blue color scheme that gives it a stylish aesthetic and an effortless way to keep track of your grocery needs. The layout is divided into several sections, each with a clear heading, making it simple to navigate and find what you're looking for.

You can easily save your lists for future reference or ongoing updates. In addition, the template allows for exporting as a PDF, making it convenient to share your list with others or print it out for a physical copy.

Best For

This template can serve various individuals effectively. It's perfect for students living away from home who need to manage their grocery shopping independently. It's also beneficial for teachers who juggle busy schedules and need a reliable method to keep track of their grocery needs. Furthermore, the template is an excellent tool for individuals or families seeking a structured and visually appealing way to manage their shopping lists.

    4. Flat Design Shopping List

The "Flat Design Shopping List" is a beautifully crafted, minimalist design template. It is a comprehensive tool to help you plan your shopping effectively. Each section has a clear, bold heading making it easy to navigate.

The template also provides checkboxes for each item, allowing you to mark off items as you purchase them. The flat design ensures it is clutter-free and easy on the eyes, making shopping planning a breeze. It's a great tool to track what you need to buy and avoid impulse purchases, ensuring you get everything you need and stick to your budget.

Best For

The Flat Design Shopping List template is perfect for anyone who likes to stay organized and efficient. It's ideal for students living alone who need to plan their meals and keep track of their spending, for busy professionals who want to streamline their shopping process, or even for families to ensure they've got everyone's needs covered.

If you prefer a physical copy or want to take it to the store, the template can be easily exported as a PDF, maintaining its clean design and layout for printing. It ensures that you always have access to your shopping list, whether digitally or physically, to keep your shopping trips efficient and organized.

    5. Black Friday Shopping List

This Black Friday Shopping List Template is an organized and systematic plan that allows you to jot down all the items you wish to purchase during the Black Friday sales. The template includes sections where you can list your items, mention the quantity needed, and note the stores offering sales on these items.

You can also export it as a PDF document to have a digital copy on your mobile device or print it out. With this template, you can tackle the Black Friday sales organizationally.

Best For

This template is versatile and can be used by anyone - students, teachers, homemakers, professionals, or anyone planning to make the most of their Black Friday shopping. It simplifies shopping by providing a structured approach to noting all shopping details in one place.



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     6. Family Shopping List

The "Family Shopping List" template is designed to create an efficient and organized method for families to handle their grocery shopping. This interactive template facilitates clear communication and covers everyone's grocery needs. A dedicated section for each family member makes it easy to note and manage individual preferences and necessities.

The template has distinct sections, each titled with a family member's name, where they can add the required items. This way, everyone participates in the shopping process, ensuring their needs are addressed.

Best For

This template is best for Families. It's designed to facilitate family collaboration and could also be a great tool for roommates living together, ensuring all shared necessities are purchased, and personal preferences are respected.

The "Family Shopping List" template can be saved for continual use, which makes updating the list for future grocery trips a breeze. Moreover, this template can be conveniently exported as a PDF.

    7. Fresh Green Blooming Shopping List

The "Fresh Green Blooming Shopping List" template is an innovative tool for organizing your grocery items efficiently. The refreshing green shades of this template add an aesthetic and lively touch to your routine grocery planning.

The template is interactive, where each item listed under the different sections can be checked off once purchased. This handy feature helps track what has been bought and what still needs to be picked up from the store.

Best For

The "Fresh Green Blooming Shopping List" is a universal tool, perfect for anyone and everyone. Be it a student living away from home trying to manage their groceries, a teacher juggling between school and home needs, a busy professional, or a homemaker, this template proves to be a helpful companion for everyone.

You can save your shopping list for future reference, export it to share with others, or print it for an old-fashioned paper list. One of the best features is that this template can be saved and exported as a PDF.

    8. Purple Shopping List

The "Purple Shopping List" is an innovative and stylish template to enhance your grocery shopping experience. This template features a striking purple theme, making your shopping list visually attractive and easy to refer to. This user-friendly design organizes your list into separate sections with clear headings, thus streamlining your shopping process.

The template layout is intuitive, ensuring you get all the items. Each section is demarcated, allowing you to categorize your grocery list according to your preference.

Best For

The "Purple Shopping List" template is versatile and suitable for anyone who wishes to make their shopping process more organized and efficient. It is perfect for students living away from home, busy professionals, homemakers, teachers, and anyone who needs an organized and structured shopping list.

This template is flexible and user-friendly. It can be saved for future reference, allowing you to make amendments and additions per your changing needs. The "Purple Shopping List" template can be effortlessly exported as a PDF.

    9. Excel Price List Quotation Template

The Excel Price List Quotation Template is a highly interactive, user-friendly tool designed to conveniently manage and organize product prices. The spreadsheet utilizes the power of Excel, integrating functions, conditional formatting, and color-coded categories for easy viewing and updating.

The functionality and convenience offered by the template make it an effective solution for managing grocery lists or any other lists of purchasable items.

In addition, this template can be exported as a PDF file. This feature ensures you can easily share your price list with others, print it out for physical reference, or even send it to suppliers or stores for quotations or order placement.

Best For

The Excel Price List Quotation Template benefits a wide range of users. Whether you're a student trying to manage your food budget, a teacher planning for class materials, or anyone else who needs to track their grocery or shopping expenses, this tool is an excellent choice.

    10. Excel Black Friday Shopping List Template

The Excel Black Friday Shopping List Template is an easy-to-use, versatile tool designed to assist in planning and organizing your shopping during the massive sale event. With this template, you can make an extensive list of products you plan to purchase, priced according to your budget.

It incorporates fields for product names, categories, original prices, Black Friday prices, and the total amount saved. The template also includes a cumulative total field that auto-updates based on the items and their prices. Color-coded fields enhance the visual appeal and make it easy to identify the areas that require your attention.

Best For

While anyone can find value in using this Excel template, it's especially beneficial for budget-conscious shoppers who want to maximize their Black Friday shopping. Students can use this template to plan their spending effectively, ensuring they stay moderate while taking advantage of the sales.

You can even export this template as a PDF, which is useful if you wish to share your list with others or print it for easy reference while shopping.

How Do I Customize My Groceries List Template?

Step 1: Make a normal shopping list with the stuff you buy almost every week. Arrange this list like the aisles in your favorite grocery store.

Step 2: When you're ready to go shopping, look at your list. Cross out anything you don't need to buy this week.

Step 3: Go through your food plan for the week, recipe by recipe. If you need anything from a recipe that's not on your list, add it.


How Do I Simplify My Grocery List?

Plan your weekly meals and jot down the necessary ingredients to simplify your grocery list. Utilize delivery services or shop during off-peak hours to avoid crowds and save time. Then, consider using coupon apps and splitting your shopping into smaller, more manageable trips to enhance efficiency and savings.

Benefits Of Using A Grocery List Template

The Grocery List Template provides numerous benefits, including carrying your list wherever you go, swiftly generating a fresh list from your previously saved items, and distributing the list among other household members. This tool maximizes time efficiency and deters unplanned purchases by providing a well-defined shopping strategy before entering the store.

What Is A Typical Grocery Budget?

As per the information provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2021, which is the most current data, U.S. households spent an average of $5,259 per year, roughly $438 each month, on groceries and food consumed at home. Nevertheless, these figures have been somewhat undervalued, considering that the prices for home-cooked food escalated by 11.4% between 2021 and 2022. Therefore, contemporary expenditures are likely to be higher.


The article introduces a selection of ten unique and highly practical 'Grocery List Template PDFs' offered by WPS Office. These comprehensive and easy-to-use templates can significantly enhance grocery shopping efficiency and ensure you get all essential items. Notable features across these templates include clear categorization, visually appealing designs, the ability to mark purchased items, and the convenience of PDF export for printing or sharing.

With its innovative suite of Grocery List Template PDFs, WPS Office has proven to be an indispensable tool for individuals and families alike. Its offering goes beyond basic templates to incorporate thoughtful design and user-friendly features that simplify grocery shopping and budgeting. With its variety of templates, WPS Office ensures a solution for every need, whether you're shopping for a family, planning for a big sale event like Black Friday, or need to manage price lists.

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