10 Free Printable One-on-One Meeting Template PDF

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Navigating the one-on-one meetings at work can frequently feel like a time-consuming chore. But what if there was a way to make these crucial discussions more efficient without losing effectiveness? Good news - we've got just the solution you've been looking for.

In this article, we're handing you ten practical, easy-to-print PDF templates for your meetings, all for free! Plus, we'll show you the best ways to use them, helping you speed up your work process and make the most of these essential interactions. Ready to give your productivity a boost?

Let's dive in!

10 Best One-on-one Meeting Template PDF

1. Cornell Two-Column Note

The Cornell Two-Column Note is a specially designed template with a well-known note-taking system. The page is divided into 'Cues' and 'Notes.' The 'Cues' section serves as a quick reference area for highlighting keywords or phrases, whereas the 'Notes' section offers more detailed information about the meeting's discussion points, decisions made, and assigned action items. It's an efficient way to jot down important points during a meeting, making recall and review easier later.

Best for

This template best suits managers and employees who engage in frequent one-on-one meetings and prefer to maintain a structured, organized record of the discussions.

2. Simple Fresh Pink Meeting Minutes

The Simple Fresh Pink Meeting Minutes template introduces a unique aesthetic to recording meeting minutes. It’s designed for comprehensive note-taking, including essential details such as the meeting's purpose, attendees, key discussion points, decisions, and assigned tasks. The pink theme adds a dash of vibrancy, making minute-taking more enjoyable.

Best for

This template is best for individuals responsible for taking minutes during meetings and who want a mix of professional and visually engaging design.

3. Medical Progress Note

The Medical Progress Note template is meticulously designed for healthcare professionals. It provides an organized way to document essential elements of a patient's progress, including their current condition, diagnosis, treatment plans, and progress over time. It ensures a thorough, systematic approach to patient documentation, which is crucial in healthcare.

Best for

This template is optimal for healthcare professionals, such as doctors, nurses, and therapists, who conduct regular meetings with patients and require a structured means of recording medical progress.

4. Simple Fresh Blue Meeting Attendance

The Simple Fresh Blue Meeting Attendance template is designed to streamline meeting attendance tracking. The attractive blue design makes the task visually appealing, while the systematic layout allows for efficient logging of each attendee's name and the time they attended the meeting.

Best for

Any organization that requires an efficient, visually appealing tool for maintaining accurate attendance records for their meetings will find this template beneficial.

5. Annual Meeting Schedule Plan

The Annual Meeting Schedule Plan template is a valuable tool for organizations that hold annual meetings or conferences. It offers an orderly way to schedule all important meetings throughout the year, ensuring no crucial appointments are missed. Each meeting can be noted with essential details such as date, time, location, and purpose.

Best for

This template is best for corporations and organizations that must plan annual meetings or conferences systematically, ensuring a comprehensive overview of the year's significant events.

6. Simple Blue and White Meeting Agenda

The Simple Blue and White Meeting Agenda template helps to establish a clear, concise agenda for any type of meeting. This straightforward and professional template offers sections to lay out the meeting's objectives, list topics for discussion, and allocate the time required for each topic.

Best for

This template is most suitable for business meetings where a well-structured agenda is crucial for the successful flow and outcome.

7. Company Annual Meeting Quotation

The Company Annual Meeting Quotation template offers companies an efficient way to calculate and present the potential costs associated with organizing annual meetings. It includes areas to detail all the expected expenses, from venue rental to catering and equipment hire, providing a comprehensive financial overview.

Best for

This template is best suited for companies that need a detailed, organized system for estimating and presenting the expenses related to their annual meetings.

8. Meeting Sign-In Sheet

The Meeting Sign-In Sheet template provides an efficient system for capturing crucial information about meeting attendees. It includes fields for name, title, organization, email, and phone number, ensuring you gather all necessary contact and professional information from participants.

Best for

This template is most suitable for events and meetings where capturing accurate attendee information is paramount.

9. Company Meeting Schedule

The Company Meeting Schedule template assists in planning and organizing company meetings. It provides an organized, chronological view of all scheduled meetings, making it easy for everyone to keep track of upcoming meetings.

Best for

Companies with regular meetings and an efficient, organized system to schedule them would find this template most beneficial.

10. Meeting Agenda

The Meeting agenda template is designed to gather crucial information from an employee before a one-on-one meeting. It serves as a precursor to the meeting, enabling managers to understand the employee's perspectives, concerns, and discussion points before the meeting.

Best for

This template is best suited for managers seeking to enhance the productivity of their one-on-one meetings with employees by understanding the employee's concerns and perspectives beforehand.

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How to Organize a One-on-one Meeting?

One-on-one meetings between managers and employees are vital for improving communication, fostering employee development, and enhancing productivity. For these meetings to be efficient, they should be a consistent part of your team's routine and conducted in a structured manner. Here, you should use the WPS Cornell Two-Column Note template.

The Cornell Two-Column Note template is a note-taking system that divides a page into two columns. The right column is for detailed notes, while the left is for questions, comments, or keywords related to the notes. This method ensures efficient note-taking and is an excellent checklist tool for one-on-one meetings.

Preparing for the Meeting

1. Topic Collection

Start by identifying all the topics you want to cover during the meeting. Topics could vary significantly, depending on the goals of the meeting and the employee's role. For instance, a meeting with a project team member might revolve around project status, individual contributions, challenges, and upcoming tasks.

On the other hand, a meeting with an employee seeking career advancement may involve discussions about performance, future goals, skills development, and potential opportunities. Write these topics in the left column of your template.

2. Detailed Discussion Points

After listing the topics, you must break each into detailed discussion points. These points will guide the conversation during the meeting.

For example, if the topic is 'project status,' the detailed discussion points might include a project timeline update, an evaluation of current progress, roadblocks, and strategies to overcome those challenges. Note these details in the right column adjacent to each topic.

During the Meeting

1. Notes and Insights

As the conversation progresses, you should be actively listening and taking notes. Record critical information, insights from the employee, and key decisions made during the meeting.

Make sure to hit these notes down in the right column of your template alongside their related topics or discussion points. It will make it easier for you to recall and review later.

2. Questions and Clarifications

In the template's left column, note any questions, doubts, or clarifications that arise during the meeting. It will ensure you address these issues immediately or in a follow-up conversation. Keeping a record of unanswered or unresolved questions is crucial in maintaining open and effective communication.

Post-Meeting Actions

1. Action Items

Towards the end of your meeting, take some time to summarize the action items. It may include tasks assigned, any necessary follow-ups, or commitments you or the employee made. The summary of action items provides a clear roadmap for what needs to be done post-meeting.

2. Reflective Notes

Finally, remember to reflect on the meeting. Write down your thoughts about what worked well and what areas need improvement. These reflections can guide you in making future one-on-one meetings more productive and engaging.

Whether changing how you phrase your questions, adjusting the meeting's pace, or providing more specific examples when giving feedback, these notes can be invaluable for enhancing your management skills.


1. What Is the Benefit of One On One Meeting?

The benefits of one-on-one meetings include improved communication, enhanced relationships, increased productivity, direct feedback exchange, personal development focus, team culture reinforcement, and opportunities to address concerns promptly.

2. How to Do 1 On 1 Meeting with The Manager?

Effective one-on-one meetings with a manager involve setting clear agendas, ensuring two-way communication, discussing career goals and feedback, and fostering an open, positive environment for exchange.

3. What Are the Disadvantages of One On One Meetings?

One-on-one meetings may have disadvantages like losing focus, miscommunication if not handled properly, or excessive time without delivering equivalent value.


Incorporating structure into your one-on-one meetings can significantly enhance productivity and effectiveness. Using our free one-on-one meeting templates, you can streamline your notes, organize your thoughts, and ensure all essential points are noticed. These templates save you time and serve as a crucial tool in managing your tasks and improving your professional communication skills.

Among all the resources we have visited during research, WPS offers the ideal options for one-on-one meeting template PDFs for free. With WPS's free one-on-one meeting templates, you can easily organize your meetings and track critical information without incurring any cost. Given its user-friendly design and efficient layout, WPS is the best tool for enhancing the value of your one-on-one meetings and driving your professional success.

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