Blank Monthly Calendar Template PDF 2024 (Free & Printable Download)

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A well-organized monthly schedule is crucial in today's hectic environment. It can be difficult to locate the ideal blank monthly calendar template given the growing popularity of the PDF format and the demand for customisable templates. 

This post presents three different sorts of templates 2023, each with a description and free printable blank monthly calendar template pdf resources, and explains why you need a blank monthly calendar template PDF format. These templates can help you remain on track whether you're organizing professional activities or arranging your own timetable. Find the ideal template for your needs by exploring the world of blank monthly calendars.

Usages of A Blank Monthly Calendar Template PDF

Effective personal scheduling is crucial for managing work, projects, social media, and even meal planning.

Personal scheduling: A blank monthly calendar template PDF helps organize personal commitments, appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, tasks, and goals, ensuring timely fulfillment and effective task management.

Work schedule: Blank monthly calendar template helps manage work responsibilities, prioritize tasks, and boost workflow by visually representing schedule and meetings.

Project management: A monthly calendar template PDF aids project management by outlines goals, milestones, deadlines, and workload division, ensuring timely completion and visual representation of schedules and work plans.

Social Media Planning: Social media is a crucial marketing tool for businesses, enabling content creation and advertisement posts. Using a monthly calendar template helps businesses allocate time for posting and maintain consistency, promoting growth.

Meal planning: A blank monthly calendar template aids in dietary goals and food planning, simplifying grocery shopping, promoting a healthy diet, and saving time.

Blank Monthly Calendar Template PDF (Printable & Free Download)

The Vertex free Blank Monthly Calendar Template pdf is a simple, effective tool for users to effectively plan their month. It has a polished appearance, neutral colors, legible fonts, and lots of room for appointments and events. Compatibility is ensured by the PDF format, which also makes it simple to download, print, or edit digitally. It's a flexible and adaptable template that may be used for a variety of personal and business applications.

Monthly blank calendar

By simply choosing a different theme in Excel, you may modify the calendar's color and typefaces with this blank monthly calendar template that supports themes. Go to Page Layout > Colors or Fonts, respectively. It is a good practice of converting the Excel format to PDF for easy printing or sharing the blank monthly calendar template with friends.

#1 Sunday Start

Template 1  Blank Calendar Colorful Design

A Blank Calendar Colorful Design is a free editable blank calendar template PDF for planning and tracking commitments. Available on websites like Calendar Labs, Vertex42, iMOM, and Printsbery, these templates can be easily customized and downloaded in Word or PDF formats. Canva offers diverse monthly calendars with vibrant designs for personal and professional applications.

Blank Calendar Colorful Design

Printable: Yes, it is printable

Download resource: Calendar Labs

Template 2  Simple Universal Calendar

These calendars can be customized and used for personal or professional purposes. Wall calendars, which can be found on platforms like Etsy, offer a tangible option for display. On the other hand, digital calendars can be accessed through numerous calendar apps, providing a convenient electronic alternative. For those seeking customization, websites like National Pen offer the opportunity to order personalized calendars.

Simple Universal Calendar

Printable: Yes

Download resource: Canva

Template 3  Bubbles Appointment Calendar

The Bubble Appointment Calendar presents a delightful poster-sized wall calendar that lets you pop a bubble each day for a fun and interactive experience. While this calendar does not offer specific appointment scheduling features, its bubble design adds a touch of enjoyment to your daily routine. Moreover, Colourbox provides a vector stock illustration featuring a captivating calendar adorned with an enchanting bubbles sticker pattern, offering a visually appealing option for those seeking a creative touch in their appointment calendars.

Bubbles Appointment Calendar

Printable: Yes

Download resource: Microsoft

#2 Monday Start

Template 1  Creamy Yellow Childish Calendar

The "Creamy Yellow Childish Calendar" radiates a vibrant and playful aura that is sure to add a touch of whimsy to your planning routine. With its charming illustrations and creamy yellow color scheme, this calendar exudes a sense of fun and creativity. Designed to infuse your scheduling endeavors with joy, the "Creamy Yellow Childish Calendar" offers a delightful and lighthearted approach to organizing your days and embracing a childlike sense of wonder.

Creamy Yellow Childish Calendar

Printable: Yes

Download resource: Canva

Template 2  Simple Blue Monthly Calendar

The "Simple Blue Monthly Calendar" embodies a clean and minimalist design, making it an elegant choice for your organizational needs. With its soothing blue color scheme and straightforward layout, this calendar exudes simplicity and clarity. The "Simple Blue Monthly Calendar" provides a practical and uncluttered approach to planning, allowing you to focus on your monthly schedule with ease. Its refined design and ample space for notes make it a versatile companion, whether for personal or professional use.

Simple Blue Monthly Calendar

Printable: Yes, the template can be printed.

Download resource: WPS Template



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Template 3  Sparkly Pink Geometric Yearly 2023 Monday Start Calendar

The "Sparkly Pink Geometric Yearly 2023 Monday Start Calendar" is a dazzling combination of style and functionality. With its vibrant pink hues and eye-catching geometric patterns, this calendar radiates a sense of energy and glamour. Starting each week on Monday, it provides a comprehensive overview of the entire year 2023, allowing you to plan and organize with ease. The sparkly pink design adds a touch of excitement and sparkle to your scheduling, making it a truly standout piece.

Sparkly Pink Geometric Yearly 2023 Monday Start Calendar

Printable: Yes

Download resource: Canva

#3 No Days (Truly Blank)

Template 1

The "Blank Monthly Calendar" unveils a captivating and elegant appeal with its dark and mystic design. This calendar, shrouded in a sense of mystery, offers a blank canvas for you to infuse with your own plans and inspirations. Its dark color palette and sophisticated aesthetics create an atmosphere of refined elegance that is sure to inspire creativity. With its clean and uncluttered layout, the "Blank Monthly Calendar" provides ample space for organizing your month, allowing you to tailor it to your unique needs.

Blank monthly calendar

Printable: Yes

Download resource: Microsoft

Template 2  Professional Monthly Calendar

The "Professional Monthly Calendar" presents a simple and polished design, showcasing a sophisticated color palette in shades of beige. This calendar embodies a sense of professionalism and neatness, offering a refined and organized approach to your monthly planning. With its clean layout and professional aesthetics, the "Professional Monthly Calendar" provides a versatile tool for staying on top of your schedule in a sleek and elegant manner. Its neutral beige colors exude a sense of calm and professionalism, creating a conducive environment for effective planning.

Professional Monthly Calendar

Printable: Yes

Download resource: WPS Template

Template 3  Floral monthly calendar

The "Floral Monthly Calendar" is a delightful blend of nature's beauty and organizational functionality. With its enchanting floral designs, this calendar infuses your monthly planning with a touch of elegance and charm. Each month is adorned with vibrant and intricately crafted floral illustrations, creating a visually captivating experience. The "Floral Monthly Calendar" offers a perfect balance between aesthetics and practicality, providing ample space for jotting down important dates, events, and reminders.

Floral monthly calendar

Printable: Yes

Download resource: Microsoft

How Do I Edit a Blank Monthly Calendar in PDF?

To edit a blank monthly calendar in PDF template using WPS Office, follow these steps:

Step 1: Start by opening the PDF Monthly Calendar Template in the WPS Office. You can download WPS Office here:

Step 2: Once the PDF is open in WPS Office, navigate to the Fill and Sign tab. This feature allows you to add events, mark dates, and make various edits to the calendar.

Edit Monthly PDF Calendar using WPS PDF tools

Step 3: After you have finished editing, save the PDF. You can also share the calendar with others or enable collaboration for seamless teamwork.

With WPS Office, you can easily customize and personalize a blank monthly calendar in PDF format to meet your specific needs and preferences.


Q1: What formats are the calendar templates available in?

Calendar templates are available in various formats, making it easy to customize and print based on individual preference. The available formats include PDF, Word, Excel, and PPT. Try WPS Office for versatile options of blank monthly calendar pdf templates.

Q2: How to make an online fillable monthly calendar 2023?

To make an online fillable monthly calendar for 2023, you can use WPS Office. It offers a range of tools and features to create and customize monthly calendars with fillable fields. With its user-friendly interface and extensive PDF templates, WPS Office makes it easy to design and share interactive calendars for personal or professional use.

A Full-Featured PDF Solution - WPS Office

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