10 Free Contractor Invoice Templates PDF (Blank and Printable)

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If you need to invoice your customers for contracting services, WPS Office has you covered with a variety of free invoice templates that can be easily customized. Whether you need a printable contractor invoice template form or a free contractor invoice template download, we have a variety of options to suit your invoicing needs. Our templates are designed to be user-friendly and customizable, allowing you to easily create professional invoices for your contracting business.  Check out our most popular downloadable free contractor invoice templates below or search our complete collection of templates here.

Best 10 Downloadable Free Contractor Invoice Templates

Look at our most frequently used templates below, or browse our whole selection of templates here.

1 .  Fresh Green Invoice Form

Fresh Green Invoice Form.pdf is a professional, visually appealing invoice template for small businesses, ensuring accurate invoicing and lasting client impressions.


  • Modern and tidy design.

  • Simple to read and comprehend.

  • It can be used in a variety of organizations.


  • There isn't sufficient space for further information.

Fresh Green Invoice Form

2 .  Professional Odometer Disclosure Statement

The Professional Odometer declaration Statement.docx is a meticulously developed form which allows for a professional and legally compliant statement of a vehicle's odometer reading during the ownership transfer process. This detailed document serves as confirmation of the vehicle's mileage and assures legal compliance.


  • Provides a professional, honest image during vehicle sales.

  • Save time and effort by using this form instead of zero-odometer disclosure statements.

  • Guarantees that vehicle purchases and transfers are legal.


  • Limited only to vehicle sales/transfers.

  • Offers limited customization options

Professional Odometer Disclosure Statement

3 .  Invoice Simple Modern

Invoice Simple Modern.docx is a sleek and modern invoice intended for fast billing and includes essential information such as item descriptions, quantities, pricing, and the total amount.


  • Invoice Simple Modern.docx offers a professional invoice design.

  • User-friendly template which is simple to use and customize.

  • Invoice Simple Modern.docx suitable for diverse businesses.


  • The template provides limited space for additional details.

  • Suitable for basic billing and may not accommodate complex billing circumstances.

Invoice Simple Modern

4 . Invoice Gelombang Biru

Invoice Gelombang Biru.docx, an invoice template with a fascinating blue wave has been designed primarily to provide a professional and visually appealing contract invoicing solution for small businesses. It includes important information such as the firm name, billing address, item descriptions, quantities, pricing, and total amount.


  • Easy to use and modify.

  • It can be used in a variety of businesses.


  • Limited space for additional information.

  • Unsuitable for professional businesses with formal appearances.

Invoice Gelombang Biru

5 . The invoice with Hours and Rate

The Hours and Rate Invoice.xlsx is a comprehensive template created for businesses that bill clients based on the number of hours performed and the rate charged. This template simplifies the invoicing process by incorporating important information such as the client's name, project name, hours worked, rate, and total amount.


  • This is useful for companies who charge by the hour.

  • The total sum is simple to calculate based on the hours worked and the rate.

  • It can be tailored to meet individual invoicing requirements.


  • It may not be suitable for businesses that do not charge by the hour.

  • Customization choices are limited.

The invoice with Hours and Rate

6 .  Clearly Business Invoice Form

This template is a simple and professional-looking invoice used for contract billing purposes. It has details such as company name, billing address, item description, quantity, price, and total amount.


  • Professional format.

  • Simple to read and understand

  • It can be used in a variety of businesses.


  • There isn't much room for further information.

  • It may not be suitable for companies which require a more creative or modern look.

Clearly Business Invoice Form

7 . Invoice Simpel Hijau Pastel

Invoice Simpel Hijau Pastel.docx is a user-friendly and visually beautiful invoice template ideal for billing. This template has a simple design with a pastel color scheme, resulting in an attractive inviting invoice format. It contains important information such as the company name, billing address, item descriptions, quantities, pricing, and total amount.


  • Invoice Simpel.docx simplifies billing details with a straightforward layout.

  • Pastel color enhances invoice's elegance and visual appearance.

  • This template can be applied to a variety of industries and business types


  • There isn't sufficient space for extra information.

  • It might not be appropriate for companies that need a more professional or formal presentation.

Invoice Simpel Hijau Pastel

8 . Fresh Blue Invoice Form

Fresh Blue Invoice Form.pdf is a professionally designed invoice template with a blue theme, allowing businesses to create concise, straightforward invoices with essential information for clients' understanding and tracking.


  • Blue-themed invoice template offers a modern presentation.

  • Simple to read and follow.

  • It can be used in various kinds of businesses.


  • There isn't much room for further information.

Fresh Blue Invoice Form

9 . Modern Fresh Contract Invoice

The Modern Fresh Contract Invoice.xlsx is a professional invoice template designed for billing clients, addressing customer and company information, including project descriptions, hourly rates, hours performed, and total amount owed. It ensures legal compliance and addresses the invoicing needs of service providers and small businesses.


  • Template offers a contemporary and visually appealing invoice layout for professional appearance.

  • Organized, easy to understand, and facilitates payment processing.

  • Ideal for businesses needing contract invoices.


  • Template offers limited customization options.

  • It may not be appropriate for companies that demand a more creative or unique look.

Modern Fresh Contract Invoice

10 . Simple Yellow Invoice Form

The Simple Yellow Invoice Form.XLS is a simple, easy-to-use invoice template for quick and efficient billing, gathering crucial information like company details, goods/service descriptions, and total amount.


  • Simplifies invoice generation with its straightforward design.

  • The template covers all essential billing elements

  • Suitable for various businesses.


  • Offers limited customization options.

  • Unsuitable for businesses seeking a unique and creative appearance.

Simple Yellow invoice

How to Design an Invoice For Contract Work Using a Free Invoice Template?

A carefully planned and professional invoice plays an important role in client billing, as it ensures timely payments and positively represents your company. Here’s how small business owners can design an effective Invoice using free contractor invoice template PDF:

Step 1. Choose the right invoice format for your business needs.

Step 2. Ensure invoice title clearly indicates purpose.

Step 3. Create an attractive professional summary to personalize invoice design, including thank you notes, job details, or promotional offers.

Step 4: Include all necessary information for clients to make payments, including company, client, invoice number, and date.

Step 5: Include task descriptions, quantities, rates, and applicable taxes/reductions.

Step 6: Ensure invoice is grammatically correct and free of spelling errors.

Step 7: Create a clear, easy-to-read invoice layout using legible fonts, organized sections, and ample white space.

Take a Closer Look at Contractor Invoice

Definition of Contractor Invoice

A contractor invoice is a document that outlines services and charges, ensuring effective communication, prompt payment, accurate records, and tax compliance. It reflects professionalism, commitment to charging appropriately, and helps businesses maintain a professional image.

Benefits of Using Free Invoice Template Invoice For Contract Work

There are several benefits of using invoice processing for small businesses. Here is a list of benefits with short descriptions:

  • Great for legal reasons: Invoices are important legal documents that can help small businesses keep track of their financial transactions and protect them in case of disputes

  • Keep customers happy: Invoices enhance customer relationships by providing clear, accurate information about purchased products or services.

  • Keeping things professional: Invoices can help small businesses maintain a professional image by providing a clear and concise summary of the transaction

  • Showcasing your brand: Invoices can be customized to include a small business's logo and branding, which can help promote their brand and increase brand recognition

  • Maximizes visibility: Automated invoice processing offers real-time financial transaction visibility for small businesses.

  • Improves vendor relationships: Invoice processing enhances vendor relationships and reduces errors.

  • Reduces errors and inefficiencies: Automated invoice processing saves small businesses time and money.

Key Elements

  • Company Information: Include your name, contact details, physical address, and website or social media links.

  • Client Information: Include the client's name, contact information, billing address (if different), and any other relevant details.

  • Invoice Number: Assign a unique identifier to each invoice for easy tracking and reference.

  • Date of Invoice: Mention the date when the invoice was created to establish a clear timeline.

  • Services Rendered and Charges Due: Provide a detailed description of the services provided and the corresponding fees or charges.

  • Payment Terms: Clearly outline payment terms, due dates, methods, late fees, discounts.

  • Total Amount Due: Summarize the total amount due, including any taxes or additional charges.

  • Payment Details: Provide client payment instructions, including bank details and online options.


Q1. What's the difference between the online invoice generator and the contractor templates?

The online invoice generator is a digital tool that allows users to create invoices online, providing a convenient and automated way to generate professional invoices. On the other hand, contractor templates are pre-designed invoice templates specifically tailored for contractors, offering a ready-made layout and format that can be customized with contractor-specific details.

Q2. How to calculate the total cost on a contractor invoice?

Calculating the total cost on a contractor invoice involves adding up the costs of all the services or items provided. Follow these steps:

  • List the individual items or services provided, along with their corresponding costs.

  • Add up the costs of each item or service to determine the subtotal.

  • If applicable, include any additional charges such as taxes, discounts, or fees.

  • Subtract any applicable discounts or deductibles.

  • Include any applicable taxes or fees.

  • Add or subtract any other relevant adjustments.

  • The resulting sum will be the total cost of the contractor invoice.

Q3. Can I print out the contractor invoice templates?

Yes, you can print out the contractor invoice templates for physical documentation or sharing with clients.

Q4. Does Google have a free invoice template?

Yes, Google offers free invoice templates that you can use to create professional invoices.

Q5. Can I download a blank invoice?

Yes, you can download a blank invoice template from various sources online to customize and use for your invoicing needs.

Q6. Can I create an invoice for free?

Yes, you can download a blank invoice template from various sources online, such as WPS Template store, to customize and use for your invoicing needs.

Q7. ls there a free invoice maker app?

Yes, there are free online platforms such as WPS Template store that allow you to create and send invoices for free, providing a convenient solution for small businesses and freelancers.

Simplify Your Invoicing with Free Contractor Invoice Templates

WPS Office offers a comprehensive collection of free contractor invoice templates to edit and print. Whether you need a blank template or a downloadable option, WPS Office has you covered. With these templates, you can easily design professional invoices for your contracting business. Additionally, WPS Office provides answers to common questions and offers contractor invoicing software for your convenience. Create, edit, and print your invoices with ease using the free contractor invoice templates from WPS Office.

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