Top 12 Blank PDF Resume Templates With Free Download

July 31, 2023 2.2K views

A resume reflects a business-oriented document that communicates a person's skills, expertise, achievement, and work history. This way, an employer makes an informed decision by analysing a resume. Whether a professional nurse or digital marketing specialist, you’ll always require a powerful resume that speaks for you.

Despite unique and impressive designs, many people prefer blank pdf resume templates. Therefore, this informative post will present you with the most demanding top 20 blank pdf resume templates. You can enjoy these templates free of cost. Let’s explore these unique resume templates.

Why You Need Blank PDF Resume Templates

As a job seeker, you’ll always require a well-structured pdf resume. If you’re a beginner and need to create a resume from scratch, a blank pdf resume template is good to go. These blank pdf resume templates allow one to place information without hassle accurately.

These templates are time savers, as you only have to enter the relevant information and download a resume. In one way or another, these templates will minimize your effort and accelerate the job-hunting procedure. Further, you don’t want excessive graphics to overshadow your capabilities. That’s why this sophisticated approach is just right to bring yourself into the limelight.

Try these top-rated blank pdf resume templates if you want to switch data within a single click.

Source to Download Free Blank PDF Resume Templates

WPS is perfect for making a resume using free blank pdf resume templates. From its customer support to functionality, it has fully equipped tools to offer a seamless experience. Moreover, it’s the best free office suite that guarantees unlimited blank pdf resume templates. Using a customisable technique, you can edit these resume templates your way.

It has exclusive features to support professional resume building. Its blank pdf resume templates support 45 languages. Additionally, these templates integrate six segments: Personal Information, Experience, Education, Skills, Languages, and Summary.

It helps you create your personalized resume in just 5 minutes. What’s more interesting is that you can get practical guidelines on building a professional resume.

With its flexible editor, advanced tools, and free blank pdf resume templates, you can build brand-new resumes in just 5 minutes. You can have college resume templates if you lack experience. Above all, recruiters will love your resume and instantly decide about hiring.

Most Popular Blank PDF Resume Templates

1- Modern Black Resume

2- Creative Resume Template

3- Basic Resume Template

4- Charming Black Resume Template

5- Contemporary Resume Template

6- Green Resume Layout

7- Sunny Yellow Resume Template

WPS Trending Blank PDF Resume Templates With Free Download

1- Simple Resume for Minimalist

This template usually offers a minimalistic approach to complete your resume building task. Besides, this basic template is perfect when you need to bring focus to the mentioned information.

Due to its fully customisable and easy-to-navigate characteristics, this template from WPS has become quite popular.

Also, you can conveniently add your work history and educational background without imparting any cluttered look.

2- Black Simple Resume

It’s a modern yet sophisticated template to bring your resume into the limelight. It lets you add a profile photo along with relevant information.

This sophisticated blank pdf resume template lets you add your education, work experience, and personal skills.

You can also add your personal information and summary in the left corner.

Its minimalistic template and well-organized layout offer what the recruiter will value.

3- Creative Resume for Graduates

This holographic pattern is trendy these days. Let’s start your resume building journey with this perfect template.

This spectacular resume template has a mild holographic representation at the left corner. Moreover, you can add your Educational Background and work experience systematically.

You can add personal information and skills in the left corner, which occupies two-thirds of the space.

4- Simple Modern Resume

Let your resume define your skills, expertise, and work experience. Customize this amazing template to land a professional-looking resume.

This blank pdf resume template has a modern yet sophisticated scheme. In this decent and highly readable layout, you can fill all relevant information without giving it a cluttered look.

You’ve got plenty of space and ideas to integrate valuable information into your resume. Likewise, you can add your interests which otherwise get no space on other resume templates.

5- Creative Red Resume for Working

Your work is valuable. That’s why use a systematic and advanced pdf resume template to describe it. Chase your dream by opting for this unique and highly recommended template.

This red-and-white oriented resume template will get recruiters’ attention instantly. This resume layout is divided into two segments.

The left column integrates Summary, Education, and Work Experience. In contrast, the right column gives an insight into your skills, professional and special.

Additionally, you can add much information without delivering any stuffed appearance to your resume.

Steps to Download WPS Office

It’s a free editor tool that lets you build a professional resume in just a few minutes. Even you can get expert tips and guidelines on creating an outstanding resume. WPS also houses a cover builder to create a targeted cover letter indicating why a recruiter should choose you.

Let’s not waste a moment and install it right away. For this, all you need to do is to follow these simple steps;

  • Within a few seconds, a web page will appear with a “FREE DOWNLOAD” button. Click on it to initiate the downloading process.

  • Follow the instructions carefully and install WPS safely on your laptop or PC.

Choose WPS for Unlimited Access to Trending Blank PDF Resume Templates

Many resumes are not parsable to the ATS. As a result, the software will dump your resume directly into the trash box. We understand that you don’t want to face this utmost disappointment. That’s why WPS has launched trending blank pdf resume templates.

Utilising them allows you to avoid too many graphics and divert focus on the content. Many resume templates fail to provide sufficient space for the content. But with WPS, one can get sufficient white space to fill out relevant content.

Try WPS's unique blank pdf resume templates to upscale your job hunt!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send my resume in a Words file?

ATS loves your resume in pdf form. The pdf file is readable by the ATS. Besides, pdf files don’t play with the formatting. Therefore, it’s better to send your resume in a pdf file.

What is the difference between a resume and a CV?

A pdf resume gives a brief insight into your professional and educational life. A CV is a bigger picture, illustrating your work experience and educational background in detail.

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