Change a style for several headings with one click

November 8, 2021

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When doing desktop publishing (DTP) tasks, do you know how to change a style for several headings at the same time? The Replace function could help you.

As we can see, the document on illustration involves several headings of the same style.

Here are the steps to change their styles with one click.

1. Go to Homeclick the Find and Replace drop-down buttonchoose Replace. (Shortcut key: Ctrl +H)

2. Go to the Find what input box Click FormatStyle.

3. Choose Heading 2 in the popup window. (Notes: Heading 2is the style of headings shown in the previoius GIF.)

4. Go tothe Replace with input box → Click Format Style.

5. Choose Heading 4in the popup window. (Notes that “Heading 4” is the target style that we want to apply on the headings just now.)

Change a style for several headings with one click (4).gif In this way, all titles of the 'Headings 2' style are changed as those of 'Headings 4'.

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