Clear and Avoid Duplicates Entries in WPS Spreadsheet

September 28, 2021
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When using WPS Spreadsheet to process a large number of data, it would be troublesome to find duplicated items manually. Here are some two options to delete duplicates.  


· Option 1:

1. Select a range of cells.

2. Get into the Data tab  click the Highlight Duplicates dropdown button

3. Pick the Set option from the drop-down list. Then, duplicated cells within the selected range will be highlighted.

4. Right-click to select the fifth row  choose Delete in the popup menu

如何删除重复项 素材 (1).gif

· Option 2:

1. Select cell range (A2:C14).

2. Get into the Data tab  click the Highlight Duplicates dropdown button  choose Remove Duplicates.

3. Uncheck the Select All box, and check the Product Name option (the column where we check the duplicates).

4. Click the Remove Duplicates button. 

如何删除重复项 素材 (2).gif

WPS Spreadsheet could be an alternative to Microsoft Office Excel. Includes 100's of built-in formulas, pivot tables, and more. Includes advanced animation, slide transitions, and support for video, images, audio, and even Flash.

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