Clear and avoid duplicates entries in WPS Spreadsheet

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Clear and avoid duplicates entries in WPS Spreadsheet

Clear and avoid duplicates entries in WPS Spreadsheet

Clear and avoid duplicates entries in WPS Spreadsheet

When using WPS Spreadsheet to process a large number of data, it would be troublesome to find duplicated items manually. Here are some tips to delete duplicates.


· Option One

Select a range of cells. Get into the Data tab, and click the triangle next to Highlight Duplicates. Pick Set from the drop-down list. Duplicated cells within the selected range will be highlighted. To clear the highlight color, we just need to click the Set button. 


· Option Two

Select cell range (A2:C14). Get into the Data tab, and click the Remove Duplicates button. As we can see, some data in the 5th and 14th are duplicated. To delete them, click Select All and Remove Duplicates in the dialog box Remove Duplicates.



How can we avoid inputting duplicated data? 

Take this spreadsheet as an example.

1. Select the column starting with Product Name.

2. Click Data.

3. Click the Reject Duplicates Entries drop-down button.

4. Click Set. Then, there will be a warning dialog Reject Input Duplicates.

5. Press Enter. 

In this way, the entries in the sheet can be continued.



If we want to avoid duplicated entries, what should we do?

1. Get into the Data tab and click the drop-down button next to Validation. 

2. Now we can see the popup window Data Validation. 

3. Choose the Error Alert tab and change Style to Stop. In this way, when we double-press Enter, we cannot enter the duplicated items.



Finally, if we want to clear the related setting, click the triangle symbol of the Reject Duplicates Entries button, and choose Clear in the drop-down menu.

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