Conditional formatting in Excel—Highlight

December 14, 2021

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We can use conditional formatting to highlight specific contents quickly. Here we take a sales table as an example.

Open your Spreadsheet, and click the Conditional Formatting drop-down button in the Home tab to get a menu.

We are going to talk about Highlight Cells Rules.

We have several more specific rules here, and we take Greater Than as an example.

We can use this rule to highlight the cells that satisfy the condition we set.

1. Select the cell range for which you want to set rules. Click Greater Than to get a pop-up dialog.

2. Click the Select icon and select a cell as a condition, or enter the condition. Here we enter 150000, which means that the cells greater than 150000 will be highlighted.

Then select the highlight format that you want in the drop-down menu.

3. If you need more formats, you can click Custom Format to get another dialog. Here we set it Pattern as green for example. Then click OK. Then all the cells greater than 150000 are highlighted as green.

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