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The Ultimate Guide: How to highlight text in Excel

August 1, 2022

One of the most common and fundamental Excel operations is to highlight text. Text may be quickly highlighted with ease. Additionally, there are several options on how to achieve this. This article includes 8 methods for easily highlighting text in Excel so that you can take use of all the options.

Excel's highlight text using the font colour:

Under the Home ribbon is a specific tool for highlighting text. In addition to being highly straightforward to use, it is also very accessible. To highlight your words with this tool,

1.The range of cells you want to highlight should be chosen.

2.Afterward, select the Home ribbon.

3.Go to the Font group now.

To highlight the text you've chosen with colour in this group, click the Font Color icon.

The same Excel function can also be used in various ways. This method is simple to use and takes much less time. That's all you have to do:

1.Determine the cells' range.

2.Right-click the mouse.

A pop-up list will appear as a result of this. The Font Color symbol is prominently displayed at the top of the list.

3.Simply click the Font Color icon.

Highlight text using keyboard button:

Text may be easily highlighted using just your keyboard. That's all you have to do:1.First, pick a cell.2.To highlight cells, press any of the Arrow Keys while holding down SHIFT.

Highlight text using mouse button:

A mouse makes it simpler to highlight text than a keyboard does. That's all you have to do:1.Choose a cell.2.To highlight the cells you want to focus on, left-click and drag the mouse.

Highlight text using format cells:

We can format whatever we need inside Excel spreadsheets thanks to the fantastic Format Cells tool. It is also quite simple to use. That's all you have to do:Wherever you wish to apply text formatting, choose the range of cells.1.selection of cells2.To enter the format cells dialogue box after that, use CTRL + 1.3.Within the dialogue box, choose the Font ribbon.4.Select a colour from the Color box now.5.At last, click the Ok button.

Highlight text using cell styles: 

Excel also has a feature called Cell Styles that you may utilise. You may quickly highlight both your words and your cells with this tool. That's all you have to do:1.To highlight the texts inside the cells, choose the range of cells.2.Then choose cell styles from home ribbon.You will notice a number of formatting choices to highlight cells and the content inside of them after selecting the Cell Styles command. Out of the list,Click the Warning Text link.3.Your words will be highlighted in red as a result.

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