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Convert pages to word doc on windows

July 22, 2022

It is time that you know the best way to convert pages to Word in a few easy methods. If you are a businessman and require that your employees know how to use this function of Word to improve their documents, you must learn to handle all the tools of this program. For this reason, it is essential that you acquire information by convert pages to word free.

You must discover what converting pages to Word offers quickly and manage to use this program perfectly. Next, you will know the best and most effective methods that will guide you to convert pages to Word with ease.

How to convert pages to Word?

If you need to learn how to convert pages to Word, it is essential that you patiently follow the steps below. This way, you can also know what convert pages to Word 2010 provide.

1. Open the document of the pages you want to convert into a Word format

2. Click on file, then go to Export and select Word where the submenu is

3. Click where the Word tab is, then click on the arrow shown on the left of advanced options.

4. Select your favorite Word document shape from the options provided so that the page document can be compatible with all recent versions of Word. Choose docx to make page documents as compatible as possible with Word 1997 to 2004.

5. Click on Next, and then you must write the name for the file where the Save as field is.

6. Indicate where you want to save the file using the Where field, then click Export. This way, your page document will be easily converted to Word.

How to convert pages in Word using a converter?

Ideally, you learn to convert pages to Word with a converter. This will give you more options for using this type of tool.

1. First, enter your internet browser and go to the search engine you like the most.

2. Then, enter various search terms such as pages to words or convert pages to words to locate various online services you can use to convert pages to word a document.

3. Click select or Browse to select the page file you want to convert

4. Select docx or doc where the format dropdown is located, if applicable.

5. Indicate how you want to be notified when the website is finished converting into a word document

6. Click where it is convert; this will enable the website to convert the page documents to a Word format.

How to Convert Word Pages on Mac?

You must learn this method of converting pages from Word to Mac easily to perform this function smoothly in your work. When you learn to convert pages to Word on Mac, you will feel confident performing this function on your documents.

  1. Find and open your page document on Your Mac Using Finder.

  1. As soon as the pages open, click on Files, where it is located in the menu bar as shown below.

  1. Next, select Export to where the dropdown menu is and then click on word.

  1. Then, a menu will open within the pages; expand Advanced Options so you can select between docx or the doc format from before. Then click Next to continue.

  1. Finally, select the location where the file is saved and then click on Export.

If with all the methods that have been explained before where converting pages to Word are specified, you have managed to learn new functions that will help you in your university work. It would help if you discovered what convert pages to Word 2016 offer so that your knowledge is more complete.

If you need how to convert pages to Word 2013 to perform a specific job, don't worry because you can find support in several guides. Currently, Word has many modern tools, such as convert pages to Word to documents so that you know how to use this program efficiently.

You can get excited to find out about convert pages to Word online by going to the WPS Academy website. If you go to this platform now, you will have the facility to download WPS Office without having to pay anything.

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