Create a chart from scratch

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Create a chart from scratch

Create a chart from scratch

In this lesson, we've learned the following key points.

1. How to create a table border and insert slashes in the table header?

You can click the Drow Border button to draw table lines manually or the All Borders button, which provides many border styles.

Then, select the target cell, press the shortcut key Ctrl+1, and select Border; choose a diagonal border and click Insert so that you can insert a slash in the table header.

2. How to merge or unmerge cells?

WPS Spreadsheet provides more ways to merge cells, which helps you deal with the table with special structure easily. Click the Home tab > Merge and Center, which provides a variety of merging and splitting methods, such as Merge Same Cells and Unmerge and Fill.

Among them, Unmerge and Fill is a unique function of WPS, which can cancel the merged cells as well as fill the cell content automatically.

3. How to beautify the table with simple steps?

To make a form look beautiful, we need to learn several tips.

First, set the favorite font, font size, and color to the cell; choose the appropriate background color to fill the cell, and center the text.

Second, use the Format Painter to quickly apply the specific cell format to other cells.  Format painter can not only copy the format but also copy the cell's row height and column width.

4. How to apply the built-in style of the WPS Spreadsheet with one click?

We can quickly beautify the table by using the Format as Table and Cell Style, which provide users with a variety of built-in styles within the system to meet different needs, and you can also customize the style.

Select the table area, click on the desired style, and instantly beatify the table.

PS: If you need to clear the format of a cell quickly, you can use the Clean function, which can selectively clear the cell format, such as All Formats Contents Comment and Specials.

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