How to use the draw table tool

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How to use the draw table tool

How to use the draw table tool

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WPS Writer's draw table feature allows us to use the mouse to draw custom tables directly in the document. So, how can we do it?


Click this table in the document. Click the Table Tools and the Draw Table button, and then the mouse cursor will become a brush, then we can draw tables in the document as needed.

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If we now want to draw a 3X4 table, hold down the left button on the mouse. At this point, the table dotted lines will appear on the page, and a floating window will appear in the bottom right corner to indicate the specifications of the table. When the specification is 3X4, release the mouse to generate the table. After drawing, we need to click the Draw Table button again to exit the drawing mode.

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If we need to add rows and columns, just click the plus signs on the right bottom of the table.

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We can merge cells by erasing the borders of cells. Click the Eraser button, and the mouse cursor will turn into an eraser. We can press and hold the left button of the mouse, select the cell border we want to delete, and release the mouse to erase the border.

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Click the Delete drop-down menu to delete the table area according to our actual needs.

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If we need to adjust the width and height of the table, we can click the Table Tools tab and then click the Table Properties button to change the settings.

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