How to customize draw borders for tables

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How to customize draw borders for tables

How to customize draw borders for tables

Graphic skills

When using WPS Spreadsheet to create tables, we may want some of the cells in the table to have borders and some without borders.

To do this, we can use the Draw Border functions to customize the drawing of cell borders, which could be also used in Microsoft Office Excel and Openoffice.


Take this table as an example. 

1. Click the Home tab. 

2. Click the Draw Border drop-down button. 

3. Select the Draw Border option in the drop-down menu. The mouse cursor will turn into a brush style.

4. Now we click the border of the cell to draw borders for the cell. 


We can also set the Line Color and Line Style. Select SlateGray Accent4 in Line Color, and select a thick line in Line Style. Then select the cell to be drawn. Now we can draw the Outside Borders of the selected cell area. 


If we want to draw all the borders of the cell, click on the Draw Border Grid, and then select the needed cell area to complete the drawing of all the cell borders.



If we want to cancel the borders we drew, click Erase Border and select the cells to clear borders.



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