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Quickly fill cells with multiple methods

Uploaded time: August 27, 2021 Difficulty Beginner

Quickly fill cells with multiple methods

Quickly fill cells with multiple methods

As for beginners, they usually enter data manually when they first use Spreadsheet. It is time-consuming and also easy to cause mistakes. So today we are going to learn a few tips to help you quickly fill in the data in the worksheet.

· Fill contents down into the table

Take this table as an example, select the area that needs to be filled, first click the Home tab, then click the Fill button-and then select Fill down. (Notes: The shortcut key is Ctrl+D.)

· Fill contents right into the table

Take this table as an example. Select the area that needs to be filled, and then click the Home tab first-and click the Fill button and then click Fill Right. (Notes: The shortcut key is Ctrl+R.)

In this way, we can fill contents right into the table.

The way to fill contents up and fill contents left into the tables are also similar. Therefore, we won’t go into details here.

· Fill contents across sheets

Suppose we now need to fill this column of names of this sales sheet to Sheet2 and Sheet3. How are we going to realize it?

1. Select the corresponding column of data, and then select Sheet2 and Sheet3 with the mouse while holding the Shift key.

2. Click the Fill dropdown menu first, and then click Across sheets, there you can see the popup window titled Fill Across Worksheets.

3. Select the filling mode you need, click OK.

Now you have successfully filled those names into other Sheets. Easy your work with WPS Spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel.

· Fill a Linear Series into Cells

Suppose our boss wants us to number the following data from 1 to 10000. And there also needs to be an interval of 5 between each number. How can we realize it? In fact, when we are dealing with this kind of regular data, we can use the Series filling feature.

First, enter the number 1 in cell A2, click the Fill drop-down menu, and find found the Series bottom. Then we can see the dialog box pops up.

Here is the explanation for each parameter.

  1. Linear refers to linear regression, which can be simply understood as a continuous value separated by the same data between numbers (e.g. 5, 10, 15, 20).Growth can be simply understood as a sequence of numbers that have an exponential growth value based on existing data (e.g. 3, 6, 12, 24).

  2. Step value represents the fixed growth value.

  3. Stop value represents the value at the end of filling.

  4. According to the boss’s requirement, we need to number the cells from 1-10000 from top to bottom. Therefore, in this case, we have to check the box of Columns first. The boss wants a fixed interval of 5 between each number. This can be easily solved by the Linear feature. Enter 5 as the Step value and 10000 as the Stop value. Then, we can quickly generate a set of numbers from 1 to 10000 at fixed intervals of 5.

GIF (4).gif

· Flash Fill

The Flash Fill of the WPS Spreadsheet can automatically learn the rules according to the data entered in the form, and also quickly fill in the other needed data.

For example, we now want to change the data in column B to a format that hides the middle four digits. First fill in the corresponding information in the first cell, select the area that needs to be filled, click the Fill drop-down menu, and select Flash Fill. Its shortcut key is Ctrl+E.

In this way, we can quickly fill in all the remaining data.

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