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Use the fill handle to quickly enter data

Uploaded time: September 18, 2021 Difficulty Beginner

Use the fill handle to quickly enter data

Use the fill handle to quickly enter data

AutoFill can help us quickly enter some regular data, which is an essential skill in using WPS Spreadsheet to deal with different data. It includes Fill Numerical Value, Fills Data, Fill Text, Custom Text Filling, and Fill Formulas.

Take this table as an example. If we want to fill in the numbers 1 to 10 in column A, select cell A2 and move the cursor to the lower right corner of cell A2. At this time, the cursor will turn into a small black solid cross. Press and hold the left mouse button. Drag the key down. Then a number will be displayed in the lower right corner when dragging. Now release the left mouse button when the number becomes 10.

If the value in the cell is text + number content, by default, dragging down with the fill handle will Fill Series. Hold down the Ctrl key and drag it down with the fill handle to change the default filling method to Copy Cells.

As for the AutoFill of ordinary text, just select cell D2 and drag the fill handle to fill it down. In addition to copying the cell content, users can also choose whether to fill the format. Here we choose Fill Without Formatting.

When the starting cell content is a date, the filling options will become more abundant. Select the E2 cell and drag it down, then click Auto Fill Option in the lower right corner. Select Fill Months, and the cell range will be filled in the order of months. Select Fill Years to fill in the order of the year.

Sometimes we may need to use some special text for filling, then we can add it as a custom sequence. Click the Options button under Menu. Switch to Custom Lists in the popup Options dialog box. Now enter the needed sequence content in the List entries. Then click the Add button to add it to the Custom Lists. Finally, click OK.

After the custom sequence is set, we place the cursor on the F2 cell since the content of the F2 cell is an element in the custom sequence. Drag the fill handle and drop it down to fill. Now we can realize the AutoFill of the custom sequence.

The AutoFill of the WPS Spreadsheet can also be applied to formulas. If we want to sum, place the cursor in cell G2, then enter the formula =A2+10. Press Enter to get the answer, and then pull down the fill handle to complete the filling of the formula.

These are some practical skills on AutoFill. Did you get it?

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