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Ctrl+E smart filling

Uploaded time: September 27, 2021 Difficulty Beginner

Ctrl+E smart filling

Ctrl+E smart filling

After getting in touch with WPS, we know that Ctrl+C copy and Ctrl+V paste are two shortcuts, which can easily improve office efficiency. Few people know about Ctrl+E smart filling, which can intelligently identify the pattern by comparing the charactersrelationship and quickly fill cells. Next, I will introduce the usage of the smart filling shortcut key Ctrl+E.

· 1. Extract characters

In this table, we want to extract all the names in the sentences. First, enter the name that appears in the content of A1 in cell B1, click the Home tab, then click the Fill drop-down button. In the pop-up drop-down menu, choose the Flash Fill option, the shortcut key is Ctrl+E.

· 2. Replacement character

Use smart filling Ctrl+E to replace some characters of the original string in batches. In this worksheet, we want to encrypt the phone number. Enter the encrypted mobile phone number format in cell C2.After inputting it, we can press the shortcut key Ctrl+E for smart filling.

· 3. Add characters

Using smart filling Ctrl+E, we can add extra characters in batches based on the original characters. In this worksheet, select cell C2, and in this cell, we add double quotation marks to the book's title.After inputting, we press the shortcut key Ctrl+E for the smart filling to add double quotation marks to all book titles.

· 4. Combining characters

Smart filling Ctrl+E can help us merge data scattered in different columns into the same column. Take this worksheet as an example. We will merge the characters from column A to D into column E. After inputting, press the shortcut key Ctrl+E to merge the scattered data of each columnquickly.

· 5. Recombinant character

Smart filling Ctrl+E can help us reorder the original characters. In this worksheet, we select cell B2 and change the order of the name and team number. After inputting, we can press the shortcut key Ctrl+E for smart filling.

The above operation needs to be noted that when using Ctrl+E, the arrangement of the original data needs to be as regular as possible. If your data is irregular, Ctrl+E may not achieve the effect you expect. What a powerful feature! Easy your work with WPS Spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel.Did you get it?

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